Saturday, January 29, 2011

Venus enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn, New Moon in Capricorn

Venus enters Sagittarius on Saturday, January 29: for the next few weeks the planet of Art, Pleasures, Agreements, Advice and Finance will transit through the sign of Beliefs, Ethics, and Philosophies. Sagittarius is a basically Postive sign and this transit should be mostly good, especially for the USA, which is a Sagittarius Rising nation. Venus will join with Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, "the Dragon's Mouth," indicating increased Desires and Ambitions having to do with Venus's significations. This can result in everything from a further Boost in the Finance Sector to Heddonistic Indulgence.
Mercury enters Capricorn on Sunday, January 30: the planet of Rational Thought in the sign of Practical Goals is also good, except that now Mercury will be with Mars, planet of Combat, which makes for Arguments. Mercury is in one of Saturn's signs, while Saturn is in Virgo, one of Mercury's signs. Two planets in each other's signs sets up a Parivartana Yoga; a combination where the two planets reinforce each other's energies. Thus Saturn, the Reality Check Planet, and Mercury the planet of Thinking, reinforce each other for more Realistic Decisions over the coming weeks.
The New Moon will be Wednesday, February 2, @ 19 deg. Capricorn. This begins the lunar month of Magha, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon falls in on Feb. 17. The energy of Magha connects with Government, Authority, and Lineage. These themes are already prominent in the news this past week. This New Moon is closely conjunct Mars, contributing a distinctly Mars flavor for the coming four weeks: more Conflict, Impatience, Reactivity, and The Demand for Results.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturn Retrograde

This week, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, Saturn goes retrograde @ 24 deg. Virgo. Each year for 4-1/2 months Saturn appears to go backwards from its normal motion in the zodiac. Saturn will be retrograde until mid-June.
The significations of Saturn are affected. The planet of Structure and Organization moving in reverse indicates a time of Re-structuring and Re-organizing. It is a time of dealing with Unfinished Business, or Re-working something that isn't working right.
In your personal astrology chart: pay attention to the meanings of the house in the chart containing the sign Virgo. Saturn while Retrograde indicates Postponements and Setbacks, and Unforeseen Obligations and Responsibilities. Generally, it is not a favorable time for starting new projects or making much headway in the area of life it is affecting.
In the chart of the USA, Saturn is transiting in the 10th house, the house of the Ruler of the country, the Authority of the Government. In a democracy such as the USA, this represents the President and the Party in Power. Since the natal chart has Saturn in this position, the transit of Saturn in the USA chart is re-emphasizing its natal position. In Western Astrology this is termed "The Saturn Return". It is considered a time of Fateful Changes, which will set the course for the coming decades. But while Saturn is retrograde, the energy pattern is for Backing Up, Reconsidering, Re-examining; we can expect, as is already apparent from the political situation, that there will not be much forward-moving activity during the coming months.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Full Moon in Cancer, Mars Combust Sun

The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, January 19, @ 5 degrees Cancer. This marks the culmination of the lunar month Paushya, considered an auspicious month in the Hindu calendar. This Full Moon will be opposite to Mars, which is currently transiting in Capricorn. While Mars and a powerful Moon are opposite each other during Wednesday and Thursday the Emotional Level is Extremely Reactive, prone to Excitement, Confrontation, and need for Physical Expression: be Careful of situations that would prompt an over-reaction.
Mars is conjunct the Sun, i.e., Combust, for the next several weeks. When a planet gets within 6 degrees of the Sun is becomes "invisible", incapable of being seen at night neither after sunset nor before sunrise. The significations of the planet are considered harmed due to being "burnt up" by the Sun. But simultaneously the Sun's energy and significations are enhanced by the other planet, in this case Mars. The Sun-Mars conjunction is a very forceful one, combining the planet of Action and Violence with the planet of Government and Authority. The combination for the next four weeks is in the pragmatic goal-oriented sign Capricorn, making the energy pattern purposeful, aimed at achieving results.
Comment: recently the news has been full of the "discovery" that Western Astrology's signs do not correspond with what is actually in the Heavens. This is not news to the Vedic Astrology community, which uses the Sidereal Zodiac, based on the actual obervable positions of the planets amongst the stars. Read this article for more on the difference between the Western (Tropical) Zodiac and the Vedic (Sidereal) Zodiac.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Mars enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mars enters Capricorn January 8, Saturday. Mars is considered Exalted in this sign: the planet of Action and Results does well in the sign of Practical Goals and Acheivements. The next six weeks are more favorable for getting something accomplished.
In President Obama's astrology chart, Capricorn is the Ascendant. In this position Mars will also be affecting several of his natal planets. The planet of Action promises to keep him energized over the next several weeks. But Mars is also the planet of Conflict and Combat: while it transits through his first house and influences so many natal planets he will also experience the downside of Mars, keeping Mr. Obama embattled over the coming weeks.
Mercury changed signs, entering Sagittarius on January 7. The planet of Rational Thought and Logic will now manifest its energy through the sign of Truth, Law, and Beliefs. Since Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, its Truth is always from a Personal Point of View. Sagittarius fights against Other's Truth when it doesn't agree. We need look no further than the USA Congress over the coming weeks for expression of Mercury in Sagittarius.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Moon with Mars, Jupiter conjunct Uranus

The New Moon will be Tuesday, January 4, @ 19 deg. Sagittarius. The Full Moon will also be a Partial Solar Eclipse, which will not be visible in the USA. This lunation marks the beginning of the lunar month of Paushya, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Pushyami, that the Full Moon falls in (on January 19). Since Pushyami is considered one of the most auspicious signs in the lunar zodiac, this lunar month is positive for beginning new projects. The energy of the month is boosted by the New Moon being conjunct Mars, the planet of Action, which is still in Sagittarius for another week.
Meanwhile, Venus has now entered Scorpio (see previous post) which changes the expression of the planet of Love and Agreement from its former placement in Idealistic Harmony-seeking Libra to the more Restless, Secretive, Goal-oriented Scorpio.
In the chart of the USA, Scorpio is the 12th house of Hidden Actions. Venus transiting here for the next few weeks suggests Secret Dealings or Secret Agreements. Since Mercury, planet of the Media, is also in Scorpio, there is the potential for Scandal.
Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct @ 3 deg. Pisces, on Tuesday, Jan. 4. For the past few weeks Jupiter the planet of Increase has been closely conjoined with Uranus the planet of Unexpected Events in a Water Sign giving the world Intense Weather Events and Flooding. This energy pattern continues through January and February, promising more problems from Mother Nature. Other types of manifestations of Jupiter+ Uranus include: Controversial Judicial Decisions, Hope and Optimism for Radical Factions, Sudden Changes in the Financial Sector (for more discussion on Jupiter and Uranus, get the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).