Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Scorpio

Mercury ends its retrograde period on Wednesday, Dec. 29, @ 25 deg. Scorpio. After 3 weeks of apparent backwards motion, Mercury will slowly resume normal forward movement in the zodiac. The effects of Mercury Retrograde can still linger for a week or so while the planet gets back to normal progress in the Heavens. Therefore continue to be vigilant re communications, business transactions, etc.
Mercury will stay in Scorpio until January 8. The planet of Data and Information in the sign of Secrets and Research is good for Investigations, Analysis, etc. Since Mercury is the Media, it is expected that the news organizations, pundits, talking heads, etc. work on getting a better understanding by going back over the past year's events, as well as trying to analyze the future.
Mercury is the planet of Signatures. It is not recommended to sign anything while Mercury is in its Retrograde Phase. The U.S. Congress managed to pass and the president signed into law several key pieces of legislation in the past week. But due to Mercury being Retrograde at the time of signing, there will be Delays and Problems in putting the new laws into effect.
Venus will enter Scorpio on Saturday, January 1. After spending 4 months in its own sign Libra, Venus will be changing signs on New Year's Day. The planet of Love, Harmony, and Finance will enter the sign of Secrets and Investigations, where it will join with Mercury, planet of Information. The potential for a revelation about a scandal is high. Some potential events: Wikileaks will release its file on Bank of America.... or another secret celebrity love affair will hit the news.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice, Mercury enters Scorpio

The Full Moon will be Tuesday, Dec.21, @ 5 degrees Gemini. This Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, starting before Midnight PST, on Monday Dec.20. Eclipses signal changes coming, especially related to the part of the natal chart that the eclipse falls in. In the chart of the USA, the eclipse is in the 7th house of Relations with Other Countries, and nearly in exact opposition to the USA Ascendant Degree. The point of the eclipse is sensitive to subsequent transits for many months. Mars will transit through Gemini starting at the end of July 2011. There is a strong likelihood of Hostile Action with a Foreign Country at that time.
Tuesday, Dec.21 is the Winter Solstice. As seen from the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun reaches its lowest point relative to the Southern Horizon. The solstice as well as the days before and after are considered Weak and therefore Unfavorable for initiating any important projects.
Mercury,still in Retrograde motion, backs into Scorpio Wednesday, Dec.22. The borderline between a Water sign (Scorpio) and a Fire sign (Sagittarius) is called Gandant and is a point of weakness. A planet transiting through one of these parts of the zodiac becomes ineffectual. The significations of Mercury will suffer this week. It is a poor time for Communications, Transactions, or for Signing anything. Along with the other factors operating in the coming days (eclipse, winter solstice), this week is unfavorable for doing anything of importance.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mercury conjunct Mars conjunct Pluto conjunct Rahu

Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Rahu are all closely packed together in the sign Sagittarius during this week. The energy pattern is very powerful for Transformative Events.
Mars, the planet of Action and Aggression, together with Pluto, a planet with a Shiva-like quality of Destruction-Transformation, can create Violent Events. Rahu (one of the eclipse points) also has a transformational quality. Mercury is the planet of Communication, therfore Data, Information, and News. Mercury is retrograde presently (see previous post), i.e., not behaving normally. Mercury is also the planet of Business and Business Transactions, as well as The Internet, all of which have been Under Attack (Mars) during the past week. This energy pattern intensifies over the coming week.
Mars will be exactly conjunct Pluto and Mercury on Monday, Dec.13, @ 10 deg. Sagittarius, with Rahu close by @ 8 degrees. Mercury, being retrograde, will back up to and exactly conjunct Rahu on Thursday, Dec. 16. All of this action is happening within a couple of degrees of the Ascendant Degree of the USA Chart, indicating strong potential for "Game-Changer" type events for this country.
The Moon will transit through Pisces and add Activation to the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction, on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 13-14. This energy pattern for Sudden, Unexpected events, connected with the Significations of Jupiter, together with the Mercury/Pluto/Mars conjunction happening in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius, sets the stage for major happenings on Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Jupiter enters Pisces, New Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde

Jupiter returns to Pisces on Sunday, December 5: after over a month being "stuck" in the last degree of Aquarius, Jupiter returns to its own sign Pisces this week, where it will be transiting until early May 2011. Jupiter's significations are boosted by this position, as are the significations of Pisces.
As soon as Jupiter enters Pisces it will be in conjunction with Uranus, which is now at 2 degrees Pisces. The combination of Uranus, planet of Rebellion, with Jupiter, planet of Faith, gives renewed Hope to the Revolutionaries. Jupiter is the energy of Expansion, combined with Uranus the planet of Sudden Events, in the water sign Pisces, increases the potential for Extreme Weather and Ocean Events over the coming months. Jupiter is also Law, therefore Judges, and Uranus as "The Unexpected" will show up as more Controversial Decisions from the Courts in the coming weeks.
Mars, transiting in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius, will once again influence Jupiter through is forward square aspect. The energy of Mars, planet of War and Aggression, in inimical aspect to the Jupiter-Uranus combination, presents a powerful potential for Violence during the coming week.
The New Moon will be on Sunday, December 5, @ 19 degrees Scorpio. This marks the beginnning of the lunar month of Margshirsh, named for Mrigrashira, the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, on Dec. 21. The Dec. 21 Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, therefore tainting the lunar month with some weakness for accomplishing anything significant.
Mercury will go Retrograde on Friday, December 10, @ 11 degrees Sagittarius. This Merc Retro period will be highly problematical, because the planet of Rational Thought while "backwards" in the Heavens will simultaneously be conjunct with Mars, the planet of Combat. The usual problems of Merc Retro periods, i.e., Delays, Misunderstandings, Mistaken Communications, etc., will be Aggravated by the Forcefull Impatient Energy of Mars. The potential for Confrontations, Angry Reactions, Argument, etc. is high. Since this is happening in the Fire Sign Sagittarius, which is known for Self-Righteous Defense of its own point of view, the likelihood for contentious debate is increased. Mercury will be retrograde through Dec. 29. (for more details, get the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).