Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mars enters Sagittarius

Monday, Nov. 29, Mars will enter Sagittarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. The new position of Mars changes the planetary pattern in a number of ways, giving rise to a multitude of effects.
Mars in Sagittarius puts the planet of Aggression and Combat in a Fire Sign which has a reputation for Not Backing Down from a Confrontation. Sagittarius is the sign of Philosophies and Beliefs expressed from a Personal Point of View, i.e., Self- Righteous and Arrogant. The energy pattern is to Defend One's Beliefs, with Force.
While changing signs Nov. 28-30, Mars is Gandant: a planet transiting from a Water Sign (Scorpio) into a Fire Sign is like going through a "pot hole" in the Zodiac. Since Mars is the planet of Action and a natural malefic in Vedic Astrology, this is a potentially dangerous situation.
As soon as Mars enters Saggitarius it is in a square aspect to Uranus, which is transiting in the early degrees of Pisces. The planet of Action and Combat is affecting the planet of Sudden Changes. This increases the potential for explosive events during the coming week.
Mars entering Sagittarius will immediately join Mercury, which entered the sign last week. The association of Mars with Mercury puts the planet of Aggression together with the planet of Communication, Reason and Ideas, making for Hasty Decisions, Arguments, and generally Bad Communication. Mercury represents The Media which will be especially Exciteable and Belligerent.
When Mars leaves Scorpio it will free up Venus, which has been suffering from a papakatari yoga created by Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Virgo. This is good news, since while it is still transiting in Libra Venus will no longer have it's energy "cut off" and will be better able to function in making possible Agreements and Compromise.
In the chart of the USA, Mars entering Sagittarius puts it in the Ascendant of the chart, immediately opposite to the USA natal Mars, and simultaneously opposite to and affecting all of the USA natal Gemini planets. Thus the Mars transit has a strong influence on this country for Aggressive War-like Actions during the coming weeks.
Mars will be in Sagittarius for 6 weeks, until January 8.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Full Moon in Taurus, Mercury enters Sagittarius

The Full Moon will be Sunday, Nov. 21, @ 5 deg. Taurus. This is the culmination of the energies of the lunar month of Kartika, good for Defeat of the Enemy. This Full Moon will be opposite to the Mars-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio; the exact opposition will be Monday, Nov. 22. The Full Moon energizes the combination of Mars and Mercury indicating Impulsive Speech, Arguments, and Conflict.
Mercury will change signs and enter Sagittarius on Thursday, Nov. 25. Mercury's significations will benefit when the planet escapes the influence of Mars. But the relief will be short-lived: Mars will also enter Sagittarius 4 days later, on November 29; the planet of Aggression and Conflict will then resume its association with the planet of Reason and Communications.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Venus goes Direct, Jupiter goes Direct, Mercury conjunct Mars

Thursday, November 18, Venus and Jupiter will both return to normal forward motion in the zodiac. Jupiter, planet of Wisdom, Prosperity, Judgement, etc., has been "traveling backwards" in the Heavens since last July. Venus, planet of Romance, Sociability, Finance, Guidance, etc., has been "in reverse" since Oct. 9. The retrograde motion of a planet delays and distorts the significations of that planet. When the planet resumes normal Direct Motion amongst the stars its energy pattern likewise returns to normal.
However, for a while longer, Jupiter and Venus are still at a disadvantage for other reasons: Jupiter @ 29 degrees Aquarius, is "stuck" at the borderline between two signs, Aquarius and Pisces; its energies are divided and not able to manifest clearly. Thus Wisdom and Judgement will likewise be divided for the next several weeks, until Jupiter is fully into Pisces in the 2nd week of December. Meanwhile Venus @ 3 deg. Libra, is "trapped" between two malefic planets: Saturn is in Virgo, the sign prior to Venus, while Mars is still in Scorpio, the sign after Venus. This is called "Papakatari" in Vedic Astrology; the trapped planet's energies are unable to manifest fully. This condition for Venus continues until Mars leaves Scorpio at the end of November.
Saturn's sextile aspect on Mars is exact Saturday-Monday, Nov.13-15. The planet of Limitation is restraining the planet of Action, making for a lot of Frustration, as has been evident during the past week with the G-20 meeting in Seoul. This energy pattern is problematic for making progress, and will continue to be strong this week.
Mercury is conjunct Mars this week; the exact conjunction will be @ 23 deg. Scorpio on Saturday Nov. 20. The planet of Reason and Rational Decision is heavily influenced by the planet of Aggression and Combat, further contributing to the frustration and resultant anger caused by Saturn's influence on Mars. Mercury is the planet of Communication, therefore The Media, and Mars is Impatient, resulting in Speaking before Thinking. Not much hope for reasonable discussions during the coming week.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mars and Mercury in Scorpio

Mars and Mercury will be together in Scorpio for the next three weeks, until Nov. 25.
The planet of Action and the planet of Information combine in a sign known for Secrets, Inquiry, Investigations, and Research. Since Mars is in a sign that it rules, the significations of Mars are powerful. Mars is the planet of War and Destruction. Mercury is the planet of Communication and therefore the Media. Attacks on and by the Media are to be expected. The energy for Disagreement and Arguement is strong. Scorpio is a sign that does not back down from its position.
Additionally, Saturn currently in Virgo is sending its energy to Scorpio via Saturn's special "3rd house aspect" (60 degrees, or sextile aspect) which is considered a full-force aspect in Vedic Astrology. Saturn's controlling energy tends to aggravate Mars, creating frustration and a build-up of pressure that threatens to "blow." This energy pattern can manifest on the Earth plane, such as a volcanic eruption (as Indonesia has already experienced), and other forms of Sudden Violence (such as bombs in Mosques, etc.). In Human Relations, it is something to be careful of.
In your personal astrology chart, the Actions and Relationships related to the house containing the sign Scorpio need to be closely monitored during the next three weeks.