Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jupiter enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Scorpio, Libra New Moon

Jupiter "backs into" Aquarius in the sidereal zodiac on Sunday, Oct. 31. Jupiter is nearing the end of its retrograde period. The planet of Truth and Wisdom is at a disadvantage while moving in reverse and simultaneously changing signs. Therefore this is not a good week for making decisions.
Mercury will enter Scorpio on Thursday, November 4. Mercury will then be with Mars, already in Scorpio, for three weeks until Nov. 25. Mercury in Scorpio is good for Research, Insight, and Investigations, but Mercury, planet of Communications, with Mars, planet of Aggression, tends towards Anger and Argument.
The New Moon will be Friday, November 5, at 19 degrees Libra. This begins the lunar month of Karttika. It also marks the beginning of Diwali, the Five day Hindu "Festival of Lights," celebrating Lord Rama's Homecoming.
November 2: Election Day in the USA: the Moon (significator of The Public) will start out at the end of Leo, and be opposite to retrograde Jupiter. By the evening the Moon will have moved into Virgo, and be opposite to Uranus in the Heavens. Uranus's influence on the Moon will give Excitement, Surprises, and Unexpected Results. (For more on the election, listen to this week's podcast, posted on Monday, Nov.1)
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Venus Combust, Jupiter Changing Signs

This week Venus will be Completely Combust the Sun, i.e, the planet will be so close to the Sun that it will become invisible. The way that the Earth and Venus are traveling in their orbits with respect to the Sun makes Venus appear to be moving across the disc of the Sun. As it does this, Venus will disappear from the Western Horizon as the 'Evening Star' and reappear in the East before Sunrise as the 'Morning Star' starting Nov. 2.
Venus is one of the planets of Guidance; when we can't see it, we don't know which Direction to Take (the Ancients while traveling at night depended on Venus to determine East and West). Simultaneously Venus is still Retrograde, i.e. 'backwards' in the Zodiac. Therefore, astrologically speaking, the significations of Venus are completely hammered for the coming week.
Jupiter is changing signs next week: while moving retrograde (i.e., in reverse) the planet is now nearing 0 degrees in Pisces, about to exit that sign, and will enter the final degree of Aquarius on Oct. 31. A planet located in the first or last degree of a sign is considered Weak. Jupiter is the planet of Truth and Wisdom. Thus, both planets of Guidance are compromised this week, making this a Poor Time for Making Decisions.... just in time for the Midterm Elections!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Planets Changing Signs: Mercury enters Libra, Mars enters Scorpio; Full Moon in Aries

Mercury enters Libra on Saturday, Oct. 16. The planet of Reasons and Rationality does well in the sign of Balance and Equality. Mercury joins with Venus, the ruler of Libra now traveling retrograde in its own sign, for the next 3 weeks, until Nov.5.
Mars enters Scorpio, a sign it owns, on Tuesday, Oct. 19. The significations of Mars, as well as Scorpio, are strong for the next 6 weeks, until Nov. 29. Mars as the planet of Action and Combat does well with Scorpio's energy of Willful Determination. Scorpio is also the sign of Secrets and Investigation; Mars is Insight: watch for announcement of New Investigations, Exposure of Wrong Doing, etc. in the coming weeks.
The situation with Venus in Libra, planet of Agreements in the sign of Fairness, improves in the coming week when Mars separates from Venus. The Passion of Mars and Venus gets replaced by the combination of Mercury and Venus, which lends itself better to Compromise and Agreements.
The Full Moon will be Friday, Oct. 22, @ 5 degrees Aries. This is a powerful Full Moon, and marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Asvina. The Full Moon will be further strengthened due to its despositor Mars being strong in the other sign it rules, Scorpio. The Energy for Actions will be Heightened at the end of this week.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Venus Retrograde

Venus is now in its retrograde phase for 6 weeks, from October 8 until November 18. Venus appears to be moving in reverse direction in the zodiac from night to night. When a planet is retrograde it is at its closest to the Earth, bright in the Heavens, and therefore powerful. The significations of Venus are emphasized, but are not behaving normally.
In Vedic Astrology Venus rules over Love, Devotion, Pleasure, Luxuries, Sociability, Art, Beauty, Finances, Agreements, and Counseling. Since the planet is strong but simultaneously "going backwards" all of these areas are subject to Review during the next 6 weeks. This is Not considered to be a good time for Getting Married, or for making Important Purchases, or for trying to make Agreements. It can be favorable for Reconsidering a Relationship, Reconnecting with Someone, Reworking a Contract or Partnership.
Venus is the planet of Value and Worth; during the Venus retrograde period the reverse energy pattern impells us to Re-evaluate the Value of things. One powerful example of this energy on the world stage is the current Review of Mortgages and Foreclosures now under way in the Banking Sector of the USA.
The entire time that Venus is in its retrograde period it will be in Libra, its own sign. Libra is an Idealistic sign particularly concerned with Fairness, Social Justice, Equality, Balance, etc. These themes are also emphasized now and during the coming weeks. In your personal Vedic Astrology Chart, the significations of the house that contains the sign Libra will require careful consideration during this time period.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

New Moon: Shardiya Navaratri, Venus Retrograde

Thursday, October 7, will be the New Moon @ 20 degrees Virgo This marks the beginning of the Hindu month of Ashvina, named for the Full Moon falling in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Ashvini on Oct. 22. The energy of the month is considered auspicious for New Beginnings, Laying Foundations, Initiations, etc.
The New Moon also marks the beginning of Shardiya Navaratri, the 9-day Hindu festival celebrating goddess Durga's victory over the demons. It is therefore important for doing Puja and Ceremony invoking Durga and requesting Victory for one's Efforts (in India: the New Moon and Navaratri begins after Thursday midnight/ Friday Oct.8).
Venus will be exactly conjunct Mars on Sunday, Oct. 3, @ 18 deg. Libra. Although Venus is strong in its own sign, Mars is a more powerful planet and overwhelms Venus. The significations of Venus continue to suffer until Mars leaves Libra on Oct. 19. The two gender planets combining result in Strong Passions and are predisposed towards Argument.
Venus will go Retrograde on Friday, October 8, @ 19 deg. Libra. (retrograde: the appearance of the planet going backwards in the Zodiac) This week the planet appears to hang motionless in the Heavens, considered a powerful indication for the significations of Venus. But Venus still suffers from the conjunction with Mars. Venus as the planet of Relationship going "in reverse" indicates Reconsideration of Relationships. Venus as the planet of Values going "backwards" means Reconsidering the Worth of things: thus this is Not a good time for making major purchases. Financial Markets are also likely to see "re-valuing". Venus will be retrograde until Novemeber 18.