Saturday, August 28, 2010

Venus enters Libra, Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Venus goes into Libra Tuesday, August 31. Venus will now be leaving Virgo, its sign of debilitation, and entering its own sign Libra, as well as getting away from the influence of Mars. Therefore the significations of Venus will improve in the coming week. However, the relief is short-lived, since Mars will pursue Venus into Libra shortly (on Sept. 5) and thus the planet of Aggression and Violence will still continue to spoil the planet of Harmony and Agreement for several weeks yet. While changing signs on Tuesday, Venus is weakened and its significations are vulnerable. Venus will stay in Libra through to the end of the 2010. (For more on the Venus transit in Libra, see article in the Sept-Oct Newsletter).
Uranus and Jupiter are getting closer together: this coming week they will be separated by less than 2 degrees. The exact conjunction will be on Sept. 18. Both planets are retrograde, therefore the energy has the quality of "going back over" things. Uranus as the planet of "The Unexpected" plus Jupiter as the planet of Law and therefore Judges has manifested as surprising judicial decisions having to do with past events: a recent example is the federal judge who ruled against Obama's approval of money for embryonic stem cell research. Watch for more Judicial Review, and potential for Surprises in this area, in the coming weeks.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Full Moon Conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

The Full Moon will be Tuesday, August 24, @ 7 degress Aquarius. The energies of the lunar month of Shravana come to a head, but this year the actual Full Moon will be in the lunar sign of Shatabishak.
The Full Moon will be conjunct Neptune within a few degrees. Moon and Neptune together, especially in Aquarius, a sign that cares about society, is favorable for Sympathy for the Masses, and will result in more Concern and hopefully more Aid to Pakistan and elsewhere in the world where it is needed.
But Moon and the Planet of Dreams can also create Lack of Realism and a lot of Confusion, which is especially a problem now since Mercury, planet of Reason, is retrograde (see previous post), and simultaneously Opposite in the Heavens to Neptune.
The Full Moon- Neptune combination is exactly where the Natal Moon of the USA Birth Chart lies, which will likely bring us a major News Story this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Since Mercury, planet of the Media, is both retrograde and opposite Neptune, there is likelihood of Error or even Deliberate Deception, and we have to be careful of getting the information correct.
Venus and Mars are still in graha yuda (planetary war: within 1 degree of each other) until Tuesday, while Jupiter, also retrograde, is only 2 degrees away from Uranus, which continues to create unstable conditions for Financial Markets, as well as making it difficult for Agreement and Compromise. Therefore the Tension and Antipathy between various partisan groups continues through the week. The situation will ease somewhat when Venus breaks away by entering Libra on August 31.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venus Conjunct Mars, Mercury Goes Retrograde

Venus is conjunct Mars, within 1 degree, August 17-24. The exact conjunction is Friday, August 20, @ 19 degrees Virgo. The planet of War and Destruction, overwhelming the planet of Balance and Harmony, makes for problems in general. Venus is simultaneously debilitated, i.e., weakened, in the sign Virgo. Mars and Venus, being the two gender planets, when together in the Heavens create Excitement and Passion, but are not conducive to Balance and Harmony.
Meanwhile, Jupiter, the other main Benefic, while traveling retrograde, is slowly getting closer to conjunction with Uranus, planet of Disruption, in the early degrees of Pisces. Venus and Jupiter are the Brahminical Planets, signifying Truth and Wisdom. Venus and Jupiter are also both Money Planets, signifying Finance and Prosperity. Both planets are under stress. The coming two weeks are not favorable for either Wisdom or Prosperity.
Mercury will go Retrograde for 3 weeks starting Friday, August 20, @ 25 degrees Leo. The planet of Communications, The Media, Rationality, and Business Transactions will be traveling "backwards" in the zodiac until Sept. 12 in the sign of Governments and Rulers. The usual precautions for retrograde Mercury periods should be observed starting at the end of the week: Check to make sure that the Message got Through, that what was Intended is what got Understood, Careful re any Business Transactions, Check your Math, Expect Delays in Communications, Malfunctions with Equipment, People are less Rational, etc. The potential for screw-ups in the Government, Misinterpretation and Gaffes in the Media, is high during the coming weeks.
Mercury Retrograde periods are Favorable for Editing, Finishing Past Business, Paying Old Bills, Catching up on Past Correspondance, etc.

Venus Conjunct Mars, Mercury Goes Retrograde

Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Moon, Venus afflicted by Malefics

The New Moon will be on Monday, August 9, @ 23 degrees Cancer. This begins the Hindu month of Shravana, but this year the culmination of the month's energy will not fall in the lunar sign for which the month is named: the Full Moon will be in Shatabishak, a nakshatra known for Secrecy.
Venus will be exactly conjunct Saturn on Sunday, Aug.8 @ 7 deg. Virgo. Venus is debilitated in Virgo (its significations are weakened). For the coming week, Venus will be "sandwiched" between Saturn and Mars, two malefic planets, while simultaneously opposite Jupiter and Uranus (On Monday, Aug.9, Venus will be exactly opposite Jupiter). Thus, the significations of Venus are harmed. Harmony and Agreement are difficult to achieve. Females, Love, and Relationships suffer.
Venus is the planet of Values, which are under attack. The past week has brought the issue of Same-sex marriage again into the national spotlight.
Venus and Jupiter are both planets of Prosperity, and with the influence of malefic Mars and Saturn, as well as Uranus planet of Sudden Events, signify continued Bad News and Fluctuations in the Financial Sector.
Venus= Celebrities, some of whom are also likely to be going through a difficult week.
On Thursday- Friday, Aug. 12-13, the Moon will be in Virgo, adding more activation to the energy pattern of Venus-Mars-Saturn opposite Jupiter-Uranus, and therefore more likelihood of major events.