Saturday, July 31, 2010

Venus enters Virgo, Mars opposite Uranus

Venus will enter Virgo on Sunday, August 1. Venus in Virgo is considered debilitated, i.e., weakened and liable to display the downside of its character. Venus will also be combining with two natural malefics, Mars and Saturn, as well as being opposite to and influenced by Uranus and Jupiter. The significations of Venus are vulnerable and likely to suffer over the coming weeks. Venus is also moving into position opposite to Uranus, planet of Sudden Changes (exact opposition Friday, August 6). Venus as the planet of Value and Finances in its weakened state indicates Upcoming Trouble in the Financial Sector, more Bad News re World Economies, Swings in the Markets, etc. Venus will be in Virgo throughout the month of August.
Mars is now exactly conjunct with Saturn, while simultaneously opposite to Uranus. Mars as the planet of War represents Destruction, and when combined with Saturn the planet of Form and Structure while both are simultaneously opposed by and influenced by Uranus the planet of Sudden Change, creates a energy pattern prone to cause disasters. Over the past week there have been a number of examples, ranging from major fires in Russia to devastating floods in China and Pakistan. This energy pattern remains strong for the coming week.
Mars will be exactly opposite to Jupiter on Tuesday, August 3. The planet of Actions and Aggression is opposed by the planet of Beliefs and Truth. Various groups of people throughout the world are fighting for their beliefs. In the chart of the USA, Mars and Saturn combine in the 10th house of The Ruler, i.e., the Democrats in power, who find themselves Opposed by the Beliefs of Others, lately taking form as the dust-up over Arizona's new anti-imigration law. This energy pattern gets a further boost from Venus coming into Virgo, since Venus +Mars =Passion. Venus as the planet of Harmony and Agreement is of no help this month (see Venus in Virgo, above). The belligerence and arguements will get even more extreme in the coming week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mercury Opposite Neptune, Mars and Saturn Opposite Uranus

Mercury, transiting in Leo, is Opposite to Neptune in Aquarius; exact on Monday, July 26. The planet of Rational Thinking is opposed by the Planet of Dreams and Illusions. There is a Strong Potential for Confusion and Delusion that started during the past week and continues through the first part of the week: making this a Poor Time for Making Decisions. Mercury also represents The Media, which is again likely to make Mistakes or engage in Deception this week.
Mars will be exactly conjunct Saturn @ 6 deg. Virgo, while simultaneously exactly opposite to Uranus @ 6 deg. Pisces on Friday and Saturday, July 30-31. Mars and Saturn together = planet of Combat and Destruction combined with planet of Structure and Control, while both are opposed by Uranus, planet of Sudden Events, Rebellion, Anarchy, etc. Mars and Saturn combined also signifies Concentrated Action and Enforcement.
The Moon enters Pisces on Friday, July 30, adding yet more energy to the Uranus side of the opposition, and making for what promises to be a very volatile end of the month.
There is a High Probability for Sudden and Violent Events.
(For more Discussion, listen to this week's podcast, posted Monday afternoon, July 26)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Planets Changing Signs: Mars enters Virgo, Mercury enters Leo

Mars enters Virgo on Monday, July 19. As soon as Mars enters Virgo it will contribute its energies and significations to the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Mars + Saturn puts the planet of Attack together with the planet of Control, while both are opposite to the planet of Sudden Change and Rebellion. The result is likely to be Explosive. Events can be expected in both the Natural Arena (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc.) as well as the Human Arena (Violence against Governments, Military Battles, etc.) Mars opposite Uranus is particularly known for Accidents, Disaster, Revolution, etc. This energy pattern continues while Mars is in Virgo for the next 7 weeks, until September 5.
While Mars is changing signs over the next few days its energy is Weakened: The Planet of Action is moving from one House to the next, resulting in Uncertainty re Results of Actions. Example: the recent Action of installing a new cap on the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico; will it work? The upcoming planetary combination of Mars opposite Uranus indicates a sudden and likely unfavorable outcome.
Mercury enters Leo on Friday, July 23. The planet of Decisions, changing signs, is weakened during the later part of this week. Combined with the trouble that Mars can give, we see that this week has a strong potential for problems. Mercury will be in Leo for an extra long time, until the end of September, since it will be going retrograde for three weeks starting August 20. Mercury in Leo is favorable for "Big Thinking", High Ideals, Government Decisions.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Total Solar Eclipse on Sunday

The New Moon on Sunday, July 11, will be a Total Solar Eclipse, @ 25 deg. Gemini in the Sidereal Zodiac. This New Moon begins the Lunar Month of Ashada in the Hindu Calendar. Due to the eclipse, the energy of the lunar month is harmed. The eclipse will only be visible in the southern part of South America and over the southern Pacific Ocean. Although no other planetary positions are directly involved, total solar eclipses have a reputation of foretelling Dramatic Events, even Disasters. The forthcoming lineup of planets beginning in another week and lasting through August is also indicative of powerful events coming up (see article in the current issue of the Astrology Newsletter).
In your personal Vedic Astrology Chart, if you have natal planets or a sensitive point at or close to 25 degrees Gemini, or opposite at 25 degrees Sagittarius, you have a high potential for major changes/events in the coming months.
Venus has been opposite Neptune over the past week, causing Confusion and Scandal over Venus significations, notably with Financials and Celebrities. Venus, the planet of Harmony, is also suffering due to being in Leo with Mars, making coming to Agreements difficult. Venus significations will improve in another week when Mars leaves Leo and Venus gets away from the direct opposition with Neptune.
Friday, July 16, the Moon will enter Virgo, adding additional activation for the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which will then be within 1 degree of exact, making likely more events that challenge and disrupt the Established Order.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Venus enters Leo, Mercury enters Cancer, Uranus Retrograde

Venus changes signs and enters Leo on Sunday, July 4 (East Coast: 1 am Monday). Planets changing signs are generally weakened during the transition. While changing signs Venus is also Gandant, moving through the "dead zone" between a water sign and a fire sign. Therefore Venus suffers from July 3-6. Venus will remain in Leo through the remainder of July.
Upon entering Leo,Venus combines energy with Mars for the next two weeks, until Mars leaves Leo on July 19. The combination of Mars with Venus, especially in a Fire sign, leads to a lot of Excitement and Passion, but does not help in coming to Agreements. Mars is Sports, and Venus is Entertainment, so the last week of the World Cup should be pretty intense.
This coming week, while Venus is in the early degrees of Leo, it will be opposite to Neptune, which is on the other side of the zodiac, at 4 degrees Aquarius. The exact opposition is Thursday, July 8. The significations of Venus are challenged by Neptune the planet of Dreams. Neptune's Unrealistic Idealism, potential for Confusion, and even Deception, will affect Human Relations, Romance, Celebrities, Agreements, Treaties, and Finance, resulting in Disillusionment and Disappointment during the coming week.
Mercury changes signs and enters Cancer on Tuesday, July 6. Mercury the planet of the rational mind doesn't do so well in an emotion-driven water sign. Thus the significations of Mercury are at a disadvantage while Mercury transits through Cancer, until July 23.
Uranus turns Retrograde, Monday July 5. The planet of Sudden Changes hangs motionless in the Heavens during this week. Simultaneously, Saturn the planet of the Status Quo is slowly moving into direct opposition to Uranus, creating a lot of Tension. Since stationary planets are especially strong for effects, the liklihood of Upsets, Rebellion, Unexpected Events, Explosions, etc. will be high through the coming weeks. This pattern intensifies further starting when Mars joins with Saturn, in opposition to Uranus, on July 19.