Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Foretells Coming Change for USA

The June 26 Lunar Eclipse was at 10-11 degrees Sagittarius, close to both Pluto and the Ascendant degree of the USA astrology chart. Eclipses signify changes. The eclipse degree becomes a point in the Zodiac that is sensitive to subsequent interaction from other planets. Events associated with the eclipse usually happen in the part of the world where the eclipse was visible: in this case the Western USA and the Pacific Ocean. Mars, the planet of Violence, will form a Square (90 deg.) aspect to the Eclipse Point, Pluto, and the USA Ascendant Degree, during the first week of August. Mars will also be opposite to Uranus, the planet of Sudden Events, and thus form another simultaneous planetary pattern signifying Violence and Disaster.
There are no Planetary Changes in the Sidereal Zodiac during the coming week.
However, there is a significant pattern that has been forming over the past few months, and which is becoming more powerful during coming weeks: Saturn Opposite Uranus and Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Uranus are barely moving as they prepare to go Retrograde in the next few weeks: Uranus will turn retrograde July 5, Jupiter will turn retrograde on July 24. Retrograde planets are powerful, and more so when they are "stationary" in the Heavens, i.e., appearing to hang motionless. Saturn, creeping along in Virgo, is within 2 degrees of opposition to Uranus now, and will be exactly opposite Uranus on July 26: Uranus the planet of Rebellion vs. Saturn the planet of the Established Order. The effects of Uranus get amplified by its association with Jupiter, the planet of Increase. The pattern gets an additional boost for Events starting July 19, when Mars will enter Virgo, teaming up with Saturn.
(For more on this planetary pattern, request the July-August Newsletter, sent free via email attachment).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Solstice, Mercury enters Gemini, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Monday June 21 is the Summer Solstice: the longest day of the year as the Sun comes to the end of its travel north of the celestial equator. Starting June 21, the Sun will begin to move towards the South for the next six months. Since this is a "turning point" the energy is considered weak; therefore the three days before and after the solstice are not auspicious for beginning important new projects.
Mercury enters Gemini on Tuesday, June 22. Mercury will be in its own sign for two weeks, thus the significations of Mercury and of Gemini will benefit: good for use of the Intellect, working with Ideas, Communications and Discussions.
The Full Moon will be on Saturday June 26 at 11 degrees Sagittarius. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month of Jyestha. This Full Moon will also be a Partial Eclipse, visible in the USA in early AM hours in the Western States.
The lunar eclipse will be close to Pluto and the Ascendant Degree of the USA chart. Since eclipses signify Changes, there could be more Unexpected Events upcoming for the USA, as is also indicated by Saturn getting closer to exact opposition with Uranus in the Heavens (exact in late July). (More discussion of Eclipse + Pluto will be on next week's podcast)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Moon in Taurus, Jupiter & Uranus Trine Venus

The New Moon is Saturday, June 12, @ 27 degrees Taurus. This begins the lunar month of Jyeshtha. The energy of the month is that of the nakshatra (lunar sign) Jyeshta, known for use of Authority: Taking Control, Harsh Actions, Discipline, Enforcement of Judgements. Watch for more Actions from Courts, Police, and Governments in the coming weeks.
There are no planets changing signs this week.
Venus will move into position in Cancer where it will be exactly trined (120 degrees) by Jupiter Monday-Tuesday. In Vedic Astrology the trine aspect of Jupiter is counted as having the full power of Jupiter. The Moon in Cancer on these days adds extra push for events. Since Jupiter is currently in tight conjunction with Uranus, the impact of Uranus the planet of Sudden Events is carried to Venus. Look for continued Volatility in Markets early in the week. Other significations of Venus (Arts, Entertainment, Celebrities, etc.) will also be affected, and show up as Unexpected events.
The ongoing Opposition of Saturn to Jupiter and Uranus gets an extra boost next Friday June 18- Saturday June 19 when the Moon will be in Virgo, activating the Saturn side of the planetary pattern, and increasing potential for Enforcement at the end of the week.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus, Venus and Mercury Change Signs

Jupiter and Uranus will be tightly conjunct this week @ 6 deg. Pisces; the exact conjunction is Tuesday, June 8. The planet of Unexpected Events together with the planet of Prosperity will continue to create Instability in Markets and Currencies. Uranus as the planet of Revolution and Rebellion together with Jupiter the planet of Faith continues to give Encouragement to Radicals, and indicates a general Recklessness for anyone with an axe to grind.
From Saturday until Monday June 5-7, the Moon is in Pisces, adding more energy for events related to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.
Sunday, June 6, Mercury enters Taurus for 16 days, until June 22. The planet of Rationality in the sign of Materiality is good for Practical Decisions over the next couple of weeks. Mercury as the planet of Business Transactions in an Earth sign promises a more clear-headed approach to dealing with current fiscal problems.
Venus enters Cancer on Tuesday, June 8, staying in that sign until July 4. Venus has now escaped the influence of Saturn and Ketu (see previous posts). Venus in a Water sign where Feelings Dominate is Sentimental and Supportive, but not necessarily rational. Venus the planet of Finance and Currencies in a sign prone to ups and downs indicates that the Financial Sector remains unstable. Even Jupiter's trinal (120 degree) aspect from Pisces, although normally beneficial, is suspect due to the influence of Uranus.