Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mars Opposite Neptune

Mars transiting in Leo is Opposite to Neptune transiting in Aquarius. The planet of Actions and Aggression is being influenced by the planet of Dreams and Illusions. The result is Misinterpretation of Other's Actions, and potential for Deception. Neptune is also Stationary in the Heavens, i.e., appearing to be motionless, as it prepares to enter a retrograde phase. Stationary planets are considered extremely powerful for effects. Since Mars is in Leo, sign of Kings and Governments, we can expect a misunderstood event that threatens hostilities. In general, everyone needs to be careful that their actions are not misinterpreted by others. This planetary pattern is strong for the next couple of weeks.
The opposition of Mars vs. Neptune will be exact on Thursday June 3, with Mars @ 4 deg. Leo and Neptune @ 4 deg. Aquarius. The Moon enters Aquarius on June 3 as well, adding more potential for some deviousness or confusion or disappointment during next Thursday and Friday.
In the Chart of the USA, Mars is transiting opposite to the natal Moon, indicating potential Suffering for the Public. Neptune is also a planet indicating suffering, and is barely 3 degrees away from the USA natal Moon. The planet of Illusion transiting in the 3rd house of Communications in the USA chart indicates Deception by the Media.
Saturn is also now Stationary in the Heavens, @ 3 deg. Virgo as it prepares to return to Direct Motion on May 30, and still simultaneously opposite Jupiter and Uranus transiting in Pisces (see previous posts). The continued effects of Uranus planet of Sudden Change and Disruption combining with Jupiter the planet of Hope and Beliefs vs. Saturn the planet of Structure continues to encourage Radical Groups and Revolutionaries to oppose the Established Order. The potential for "Earth Events" of a destructive nature remains high.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturn Opposite Jupiter, Mars Enters Leo, Scorpio Full Moon

Today, Saturday May 22, Saturn and Jupiter are exactly opposite to each other in the Heavens. Saturn is at the end of its retrograde period, nearly stationary @ 3 degrees in Virgo, therefore very powerful. The Moon enters Virgo today, adding additional energy to the Saturn side of the opposition.
During the past week the impact of Saturn, the planet of Restriction and Fear, on Jupiter planet of Prosperity has produced fairly dramatic events in the Markets. Uranus, being the planet of Sudden Changes, only 2 degrees away from Jupiter, only adds more fuel to the fire. This pattern continues in the Heavens for next several months.
Saturn has also been influencing Venus, the planet of Finance and Values (see previous post). Venus as it moves along in Gemini will gradually escape from the influence of Saturn during the coming week, but Venus is simultaneously heading towards a conjunction with Ketu, exact on Saturday, May 29, @ 18 deg. Gemini. The planet of Value together with one of the eclipse points is not favorable for Venus' significations: Markets and Currencies continue to be unstable during the coming week.
Mars enters Leo on Wednesday, May 26. Finally, after spending nearly 8 months in Cancer, its sign of debilitation , Mars is leaving this part of the Zodiac and moving on to a more favorable position. The significations of Mars will improve over the coming weeks. While moving from Cancer to Leo, Mars transits through one of the Gandant areas of the zodiac: the intersection of a Water Sign and a Fire Sign, considered to be strongly unfavorable and, in the case of a planet whose portfolio includes War and Violence, signifying Destructive Events.
The Full Moon will be Thursday, May 27, @ 12 deg. Scorpio. Since this is one of Mars' signs, and Mars itself is in the position to do something destructive, the potential for misfortune during this full moon is high, started on Wednesday when the Moon first enters Scorpio.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Venus in Gemini, Saturn aspecting Venus and Jupiter

Venus entered Gemini on Friday, May 14. This puts the planet of Harmony and Agreements in the sign of Diplomacy and Negotiations for the next 3 weeks (until June 9). This is a beneficial arrangement for Achieving Compromise. The various battles and rebellions in the world may see some resolution shortly. In the Chart of the USA, the Venus transit in Gemini affects the 7th house of Relationship with Partner Countries: watch for more improvement in this area over the next few weeks.
However, by entering Gemini, Venus has come under the influence of Saturn: from its position in Virgo, Saturn is throwing its "10th house aspect" (Western Astrology: square aspect) on Venus. Saturn, the Reality-check planet, will restrict Venus's significations while Venus transits through Gemini.
Saturn is simultaneously Opposite to Jupiter in the Heavens (see previous posts). Thus the planet of Restriction is afflicting both Venus, the planet of Finance, and Jupiter the planet of Prosperity. Saturn represents the energy of Fear and Doubt influencing the factors representing Value and Wealth: investors are worried; currencies and markets decline. Saturn energy is also manifesting in the US Congress as the forming of Financial Regulations restricting the Banks and Wall Street, which will now be more keenly felt by the Financial Sector, and drive markets down further.
Meanwhile, in President Obama's chart, Mars is now Opposite to Mr. Obama's Ascendent Degree. The planet of Combat influencing his Conscious Awareness puts some fire into his brain: the president has been speaking with more Passion and Anger as he pushes for Financial Reform and denounces the "cozy relationship" between Oil Execs and Federal Regulators.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mercury Goes Direct, New Moon in Aries

Tuesday, May 11, Mercury returns to Direct Motion in the Heavens. The planet of Reason and Communications will resume its normal forward progress in the zodiac, and Mercury's significations will likewise return to normal. But it takes several days for the planet to get back to normal speed, so during the coming week it is best to still be on guard regarding communications, business transactions, equipment malfunction, etc.
The Moon will be in Aries on Tuesday, while Mercury is "stationary" (apparently frozen in place as it prepares to go Direct). There is a strong potential for Adverse Events connected to Communications, Media, Equipment, and Business Transactions.
Thursday, May 13, will be a New Moon @ 29 deg. Aries. This is the second New Moon in Aries; the New Moon in April was at the beginning of Aries. Having an 'extra' lunation in the same sign is considered a weakness (called Adhicka in Vedic Astrology). Therefore, the next two weeks are not favorable for beginning important new projects.
Jupiter is slowly advancing towards Uranus, while simultaneously getting closer to an exact opposition with Saturn. The potential for Unexpected Events that Threaten the Established Order continues to intensify over the coming weeks. Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity. It is also the planet of Beliefs. The attempted car-bomb in New York City and the Stock Market plunge this past week are good examples of combining Mercury Retrograde energy with the Uranus+Jupiter opposite Saturn pattern: Equipment Malfunction, combined with Beliefs, leading to Surprise Events that Threaten Stability.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jupiter Enters Pisces

Jupiter changes signs and enters Pisces today, Saturday, May 1 (Sunday May 2 in Europe and Asia). Jupiter will now be in its own sign for most of the coming year, which boosts both the significations of Jupiter and of Pisces.
The planet of Wisdom, Prosperity, Opportunity, and Optimism combines with the sign of Hope, Faith, Sympathy, and Support. There will be more emphasis on Religion and Beliefs in the world in the coming 12 months.
But note that Jupiter is not operating in isolation. It is under powerful influence from two planets: Jupiter in Pisces is combining with Uranus, already posited in Pisces, and both are opposite to Saturn, traveling in retrograde motion in Virgo. Saturn the planet of Limitation will Restrict the energy of Jupiter. Uranus the planet of Rebellion will boost Jupiter's natural inclination towards excess. The opposition of Uranus to Saturn has already delivered many examples of Rebellion and Disruption in the world over the past weeks. Now Jupiter, the planet of Increase, will add its energy to the mix.
By being opposite to Saturn, Jupiter will have some beneficial effects on the Established Order, and will help move the world situation towards gradual improvement over the coming year. But Jupiter + Uranus promises to simultaneously raise the hopes and increase the energy of rebellious groups, from Tea Party to Taliban, in their fight against the Establishment.
In the Chart of the USA, the Jupiter transit affects the 4th house: the Opposition Party, Lands of the Country, Patriotism, Safety and Security. Thus the Republicans are given more Hope for the November Elections, Real Estate prices Improve, the People's Confidence is renewed. But, with the "Sudden Changes" energy of Uranus combining, there will be Unexpected Events, Rebellious Attitude for Opposition Groups, and potential Swings in Prosperity Indicators. Also: Jupiter is Law, so Jupiter+ Uranus= Surprises in the Legal Area. Already we have the new Arizona Illegal Immigrants Law and the just-revealed Criminal Investigation of Goldman-Sachs.
Reminders: Mercury is still Retrograde in Aries (Mars' sign) until May 11. Mars is still in Cancer until May 26. The energy pattern of Miscommunication resulting in Impatience and Anger continues for another 10 days.