Saturday, April 24, 2010

Full Moon in Libra, Uranus Opposite Saturn

Wednesday, April 28, is the Full Moon @ 14 degrees Libra. This marks the culmination of the energy of the lunar month of Vaishaka, although this year the actual Full Moon falls in the previous lunar sign Swati. Since Libra is one of Venus's signs, and Venus is currently in its other sign Taurus, the Full Moon should be a good one for Venus significations, such as Romance, Social Functions,Finance, etc.
Uranus and Saturn are now directly opposite each other in the Heavens. Uranus is @ 4 degrees of Pisces while Saturn, traveling in retrograde motion, is @ 4 degrees in Virgo. The tension of this planetary combination has been finding expression through various disruptive events around the world in the past several weeks, ranging from the crisis in the Catholic Church to the disruption of Air Travel by the Iceland Volcano Eruption. This energy pattern continues through much of this year and gets further energized when other planets interact with it. Sunday through Monday, April 25-26, the nearly full Moon will transit through Virgo, adding energy to the Saturn side of the equation and raising the potential for events during those days. Simultaneously, the general energy for Irritation, Anger, and even Violence is further enhanced by the continuing transit of Mars in Cancer, which by itself creates an energy pattern for adverse events, and will be getting a boost from the Full Moon this week. Best advice is to stick to routines, and be alert for any unusual activity that threatens to get out of control. For more discussion of the details, check out this week's podcast.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mercury Retrograde, Venus enters Taurus

Mercury begins its retrograde period Sunday, April 18, @ 18 deg. Aries. The significations of Mercury will be at a disadvantage for the next three weeks, until May 11. Take the usual precautions for Mercury Retrograde periods: Expect Delays and Mistakes in Communications, check to make sure that the message got through, be extra careful of Financial Transactions (count your change!), tendency for Equipment Malfunctions, etc. Mercury Retrograde periods are Favorable for Dealing with Old Business, catching up on Past Correspondance, Getting Back in Touch, etc. Since Mars is Mercury's dispositor (the ruler of the sign Aries) and is currently debilitated (at a disadvantage) in Cancer, there is an increased potential for Anger (Mars) due to Misunderstandings (Mercury retrograde).
Venus enters Taurus on Tuesday, April 20. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, so the significations of Venus and Taurus are improved over the next three weeks, until May 14. The planet of Finances in the sign of Materiality is generally favorable for markets, etc., but be wary of the transaction process itself due to Retrograde Mercury.
Uranus opposite Saturn continues, now less than 1 degree from exact opposition. This planetary combination has manifested lately as many Challenges and Disruptions (Uranus) to the Established Order (Saturn), from Governments to Air Travel, and will continue to increase in intensity over the coming weeks. Moon will be with Mars in Cancer Wednesday and Thursday, April 21-22, adding more fuel to the fire for violent events.

Friday, April 09, 2010

New Moon in Aries, Uranus Opposite Saturn

Wednesday, April 14, will be the New Moon @ 00 deg- 26 minutes in Aries, beginning the Hindu month of Vaishakha. The very first degree of the Zodiac is a special point in the Heavens; the time of any Celestial Event occuring at this point is particularly auspicious for propitiations, prayers, puja, etc. On the West Coast of the USA the New Moon will be @ 5:30 am PDT; East Coast time is 8:30 am EDT. This New Moon occurs in the lunar sign of Ashwini, connected with Beginnings, Journeys, Getting Help, and Healing. The time of this event is an opportunity for prayers for the success of endeavors to be initiated during the coming year, and asking for successful Healing and Health is especially appropriate.
The Uranus-Saturn opposition (see previous entry) will be within 1 degree of exact by the end of this week. Disruption and Challenges to the Established Order will continue to intensify. The past week has seen Government Buildings stormed by protestors in Thailand and Kyrgyzstan. The Vatican and the Pope are still under attack. In the USA, the announced retirement of a Supreme Court Justice threatens to turn into a major battle over the next appointee. The Moon will enter Pisces April 11, Sunday evening (West Coast Time, Monday AM in Europe) and be conjunct with Uranus, adding more energy for disruptive and potentially destructive events.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Venus Conjunct Mercury, Uranus Opposite Saturn

This week Venus and Mercury are within a degree of each other in Aries. The planet of Communications and the planet of Pleasures are together in the creative sign Aries results in a lot of potential for Media, Film, Music, etc. Mercury is also the planet of Negotiations, and Venus is the planet of Agreements, so this looks good for Contracts, Talks, Treaties, at least until mid-April. Mercury moves faster than Venus in the Heavens, and normally would catch up to Venus. But Mercury will be slowing down over the next two weeks as it prepares to go retrograde on April 18, when the energy pattern will change.
In the Astrology Chart of the USA the Mercury-Venus combination is occuring in the fifth house, connected to Entertainment, Sports, and Education. Interestingly, the new Ipad becomes available this week, a media device that combines both Entertainment and Education.
Uranus and Saturn are opposite each other in the Heavens this year and next. Uranus is located currently at 3 degrees Pisces, Saturn at 6 degrees Virgo. Saturn is in its retrograde phase and therefore the opposition is becoming more exact over the coming weeks. This combination pits the planet of The Established Order vs. the planet of Sudden Events and Disruption. The results are showing up all over the globe, from Challenges to the Vatican to Extremist Plots against the Government of the USA. We can expect more of this sort of thing as we continue through April. (for more discussion listen to this week's podcast).