Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon in Leo, Venus enters Pisces, Mars Retrograde Effects

The Full Moon will be Sunday, Feb. 28, @ 16 degrees Leo. This full Moon marks the culmination of the energies of the Lunar Month of Falguna, and occurs in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Poorva Phalguni. Occuring in the middle of the sign and simultaneously directly opposite Jupiter in the Heavens, this is a powerful Full Moon especially for Leo people and Phalguni-type actions: Entertainment, Celebrations (Winter Olympics), Actions by the Government.
Venus enters Pisces in the Sidereal Zodiac on Tuesday, March 2. Venus is considered exalted in the sign Pisces, therefore the significations of Venus are benefited for the next four weeks while the planet is transiting this sign. The Planet of Love is Very Romantic in sentimental Pisces: the theme is Support through Feelings. Venus as the planet of Finance in non-rational water sign Pisces is prone towards Extravagant Expenditures.
Venus will encounter Uranus, planet of Sudden Changes, as soon as it enters Pisces. For the first few days of Venus in this sign there is potential Disruption to Venus' significations: Swings in the Financial Sector, Unexpected Developements in the Entertainment Area or concerning a Celebrity (the Academy Awards are next weekend).
Mars is still Retrograde, until March 10. At this time Mars is "slowing down" while it enters its Stationary Degree (6 degrees Cancer): the planet appears to hang motionless in the Heavens for a couple of weeks. This is considered a very powerful energy pattern, and in the case of Mars, planet of War, Danger, and Destruction, signifies negative events. Mars in Cancer is particularly prone to cause destruction via the Water element. The past week has seen yet another major snowstorm hit the East Coast cities of the USA, and at the time of this writing, we are awaiting news of the possible tsunami caused by the Chile Earthquake.
Announcement: the March-April issue of the Astrology Newsletter is now avaialable and will be e-mailed out shortly.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mercury transits President Obama's Ascendant, Mercury enters Aquarius

Monday, February 22, Mercury will be @ 24 deg. Capricorn. This is President Obama's Rising Degree in his Vedic Astrology Chart. On Monday Mr. Obama will be presenting His version of the Health Care Bill. Why has he waited so long? The answer is that the nakshatra Dhanishta (a sign in the lunar zodiac) is Mr. Obama's rising lunar sign. Dhanishta is known for waiting to speak until everyone else has spoken so that he can have the last word.
Thursday, February 25, Mercury will enter Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. Mercury will no longer be under the direct influence of malefic Mars transiting opposite in the sign Cancer, but will instead immediately encounter the energy of Neptune, transiting in early Aquarius. The planet of Communications will combine with the energy of the planet of Dreams and Illusions, and it will be in the 3rd house of the USA chart, the house of The Media. Watch for confusing, or misleading, reporting in the News later this week.
While transiting through Aquarius, Mercury will be together with Jupiter. The significations of Mercury and Jupiter combine for the next few weeks: the planet of Ideas + the planet of Expansion = Big Ideas. It is also the planet of Reason + the planet of Hope in the sign of Social Concerns. There will be more rationalizations for why the nation needs a Health Care Bill, as well as justifications for military action in other countries. Mercury will remain in Aquarius until March 14.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter+Venus+Neptune

The New Moon will be on Saturday evening, February 13, @ 1 degree Aquarius. This marks the beginning of the lunar month of Falguna, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Poorva Phalguni, where the Full Moon will take place on Feb. 28. Poorva Phalguni is associated with The Arts and Amusements. So this is a good month for having Fun, and Enjoying oneself. In line with this, we have the Winter Olympics, as well as the Academy Awards during this lunar month.
The New Moon is Conjunct with Neptune: the month carries the energy of Neptune, the planet of Dreams, Idealism, Confusion, Illusion, Delusion. Neptune is also associated with the Cinema.
Venus and Jupiter are also in Aquarius, with Neptune: both of the planets of Finance are together with the planet of Confusion, and Idealism, which makes for Hopefulness but also some Uncertainty in the financial markets. Venus and Jupiter are also Planets of Guidance: the combination with Neptune indicates Optimism and Exaggerated Expectations. The exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be on Tuesday, February 16, @ 12 degrees Aquarius.
Meanwhile, Mars still retrograde in Cancer is the planet of Actions going backwards in the Heavens= Obstructed Action in the sign of the Public and has been manifesting as snow storms making movement difficult. Mars in Cancer is also aspecting Venus and Jupiter with its 210 degree "8th house aspect" which shows up as the Public's Anger inspite of the continued Positive Attitude of the leaders.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Venus enters Aquarius, Venus conjunct Neptune and Jupiter

Venus enters Aquarius Saturday, Feb.6, and will spend the rest of February in this sign, until March 2. While changing signs, a planet is weakened. At the end of last week the weakness of the planet of Value showed up as a decline in the value of the Euro and a downturn in markets world-wide.
Upon entering Aquarius, Venus will immediately be conjunct with Neptune and Jupiter: the significations of Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter combine for the next couple of weeks: planet of Treaties and Agreements +planet of Idealism +planet of Hope = Expectations of Progress in Talks and Treaties.... already the Obama administration has been making efforts to compromise with the opposition. Venus planet of Value plus Neptune planet of Dreams plus Jupiter energy of Expansion will produce an upturn in markets, although not based on anything realistic. In general, the combination of these three planets raises expectations for the month of February. In personal Vedic astrology charts, the house containing the sign Aquarius will show a pleasant upturn over the coming weeks, but beware of false expectations.

Meanwhile, Mars is still retrograde in Cancer: the planet of Action going Backwards in the Heavens holds back any real progress, resulting in more frustration and anger. Mars is also the planet of War, i.e., Destruction, in a water sign, indicating more water and weather-based events of the type seen recently throughout the world. Mars retrograde creates a "Pressure-cooker" effect, ready to "blow" whenever something else comes along to add stimulation. This energy pattern continues through February, until Mars resumes normal forward motion on March 10. The Moon interacting with Mars, or traveling through one of Mars' signs, can provide activation: Moon in Scorpio Feb. 6-8, Moon in Capricorn and opposite Mars Feb.11-13.

Mercury, having just entered Capricorn, will be opposed by Mars until February 26: the significations of Mercury are harmed by the aspect of Mars: planet of Reason and Communications afflicted by the planet of Anger and Impatience does not bode well for rational discussions, making decisions, etc. during the rest of February. The energy intensifies when Mercury is directly opposite Mars and joined by Moon, Feb. 12-13.