Sunday, January 10, 2010

Venus enters Capricorn, Saturn turns Retrograde, Mercury goes Direct, New Moon and Solar Eclipse

There is still a mob of planets in Sagittarius for the first part of the week: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Rahu, joined by Moon Wednesday and Thursday. This makes for powerful Sagittarian energy: everyone devoted to their own viewpoint and not likely to back down too easily. Therefore best to stick with people with whom you already have a lot in common.
Wednesday, January 13, Saturn will begin its retrograde period @ 10 degrees Virgo. The planet of Structure going backwards in the Heavens for the next several months suggests "re-structuring". It is in the 10th house of the USA chart, so there's a strong chance of the government, or at least the ruling party (i.e. the Democrats) having to in some way go through a restructuring. Saturn is also the planet of Restriction, and Virgo is Details, which leads to a general energy pattern of Being Limited by the Details.
Thursday, January 14, Venus enters Capricorn. The planet of Art, Beauty, Love, Agreements, and Finances usually does well in this sign of sober Practicality, but Venus is in Deep Combustion, i.e., exactly conjunct the Sun during this ingress, and therefore its significations are "burnt up" for the next couple of weeks.
The New Moon will be early Friday morning, Jan. 15 (East Coast of USA, Thursday before midnight on West Coast) @ 1 degree Capricorn. This begins the Lunar Month of Magha, the energy of Doing Big Projects, Going forth to Conquer the Enemy, and Dealing with Authority. However, remember that Mars is still Retrograde, so initiating important new projects is not recommended (see previous posts).
This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse (not visible in the USA), indicating potential for Big Changes coming up. Venus is within a degree of the New Moon. The significations of Venus will be affected: likely big changes coming up in various ways in the Financial Sector, Aggreements and Treaties, the Arts and Celebrities.
Mercury goes Direct on Friday, January 15, @ 11 degrees of Sagittarius. The planet of Communications, Business Transactions, Rational Mind, etc. will now return to its normal motion in the Heavens and the situation re Delays, Snafus, Miscommunications, etc. will improve over the coming week. Mercury will still be in Sagittarius until the first week in February.
Note: Apologies to All Readers who missed last weeks' blog... must have hit the wrong button on the computer or something... a typical Mercury Retrograde event.
Also: the January-February Newsletter is now available.


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