Saturday, January 16, 2010

Venus Combust and Opposite Mars, Haiti Earthquake

Venus has entered Capricorn, and is opposite to Mars which is transiting on the other side of the zodiac in Cancer. Mars, the planet of "attack" creates a problem for Venus. The exact opposition of Venus and Mars will be on January 26. Venus is also still within a couple of degrees of the Sun, i.e., deeply combust, for the next two weeks. Therefore, the significations of Venus are thoroughly "hammered" through the rest of January.
The tight conjunction of Venus with the Jan. 15 Solar Eclipse indicates coming Change to the significations of Venus. The Financial Sector continues to experience trouble, exemplified by the Federal Investigation into what happened to create the financial crisis. President Obama's proposal of a tax on the bailed-out banks and public anger over the huge bonuses paid to bank executives are additional indicators. Another signification of Venus is that it is the planet of Sex and Marriage: an important trial is under way in San Francisco which seeks to determine the constitutionality of States regulating same-sex marriage.
The retrograde condition of Mars keeps generating a pressure-cooker type of Tension, which seeks a release, not just in human affairs, but in the Earth itself, as evidenced by recent destructive events. The retrograde condition of Mars continues until March 10.
The Earthquake in Haiti occured just after the Moon entered Sagittarius, adding its energy to the imbalance of so many planets congregated in that sign earlier in the week (see previous post). This point of the zodiac is the juncture between a water sign and a fire sign, and considered unstable; it is called gandant. In the lunar zodiac the Moon was in the nakshatra Moola, which is associated with the Hindu goddess Nritti, the goddess of Destruction.
Jupiter transiting in Aquarius,is moving closer to the natal Moon of the USA chart, and along with Neptune in Aquarius, in the 3rd house of Neighbors, precipitates the impulse of Humanitarian Idealism of the public in response to the tradegy in Haiti. The exact conjunction of Jupiter with the USA natal Moon will be January 23.


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