Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mercury conjunct Rahu, Mercury changes Signs

This week Mercury will be together with Rahu; the exact conjunction is on Wednesday, Feb. 3, @ 26 degrees Sagittarius. This puts the planet of Thinking together with the significator of Obsession= Obsessive Thinking. It is also in a fire sign, Sagittarius, known for "sticking to its guns", i.e., not readily influenced by another point of view. The result is similar to Mars opposite Combust Venus, still in progress (see previous post), which is also adverse to coming to agreements.
Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn Friday, Feb. 5. This will bring some improvement to Mercury's significations, since Capricorn is a earth sign interested in achieving practical results. However, while transiting through Capricorn Mercury will be afflicted by the opposition of Retrograde Mars in Cancer, the planet of Action moving Backwards vs. the planet of Reason= practical thinking opposed by retarded action. This energy pattern will intensify in the 2nd week of February when the opposition becomes more exact.
Venus will be coming out of combustion as it pulls away from the Sun in the coming week, becoming visible again as the "Evening Star" on the Westerly Horizon immediately after Sunset. Venus will also be changing signs, Saturday, Feb. 6, and thereby escape from the influence of Mars: the significations of Venus will improve after next week, agreements are easier to arrive at, Financial Markets improve, etc.


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