Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mercury Retrograde and Conjunct Rahu, Lunar Eclipse

Saturday, December 26, Mercury turns retrograde @ 27 degrees of Sagittarius. For the next three weeks, until January 15, Mercury will appear to be going "backwards" in the zodiac. The significations of Mercury will be at a disadvantage during these weeks. The usual precautions are to be careful in communications with others, expect delays, check to make sure the message got through, that what was understood was what you intended, etc. There can also be problems with equipment, especially communication equipment and computers. Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions, mistakes are likely in this area as well (count your change!).
Mercury retrograde periods are favorable for going back over past communnications, answering past correspondence (responding to Holiday Cards!), paying past bills, editing, etc.
Mercury is also exactly conjunct Rahu (north node of the Moon, one of the eclipse points) at the beginning of its retrograde period. This adds an additional element of Confusion, so the first several days are even more likely to bring problems with understanding others. The sign Sagittarius is naturally "attached to its own truth," therefore people are even less inclined to admit mistakes.
Thursday, December 31 will be the Full Moon @ 16 degrees of Gemini. This Full Moon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Although not as powerful for effects as a total eclipse, the Full Moon will still be weakened for giving results for this lunar month.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mars goes Retrograde, Venus enters Sagittarius

Sunday, December 20, Mars begins its Retrograde Phase, @ 25 degrees of Cancer. Mars is the Energy Planet that gets things going and moves things forward. While it is "going backwards" in the Zodiac for the next 11 weeks, until March 10, it means that projects started during this time will run into Obstacles and Delays. Similarly, projects that have been on-going will also run into problems.
Over the past few days, Mars has been Stationary in the Heavens, i.e., appearing to be motionless, and its energy has been "stuck." The situation with the Global Climate Conference in Copenhagen, and the Health Care Bill fight in the US Senate, are obvious examples of the current energy pattern created by Mars.
Any project initiated over the next 11 weeks will "be born" with a retrograde Mars in its birth chart and therefore encounter delays and problems throughout its lifetime. Therefore it is best to put off starting any important new endeavors until after March 10.
Mars Retrograde being the planet of Action moving backward, this is a good time to "Go Back Over" previous actions and make corrections, reworking finished or nearly finished projects. It is also appropriate for Strategizing, Planning, Gathering Materials, etc., in preparation for starting projects after March 10.
Venus changes signs, entering Sagittarius, on Sunday December 20. While changing signs Venus is weak. It is also otherwise weak due to being Combust the Sun (see previous post). Significations of Venus, such as Finance, are weak for the next few days. Venus in Sagittarius puts the planet of Love in the sign of Truth and Justice, but since Sagittarius always sees the Truth from a personal standpoint, the energy pattern for the next 3 weeks is everyone promoting their own subjective truth.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Moon, Venus Combust, Jupiter enters Aquarius

The New Moon will be on Wednesday, December 16, in the 1st degree of Sagittarius in the Sideral Zodiac. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Paushya, a lunar month usually favorable for beginnings. But this year Paushya begins with the New Moon at the border of a Water Sign and a Fire Sign, known in Vedic Astrology as Gandant, and considered a placement of great weakness. Furthermore, the Full Moon (on Dec. 31), the culmination of the month's energy, will be a Partial Eclipse, which further weakens the promise of this month. Therefore this lunar month is not recommended for starting important new projects.
Venus becomes Combust, Thursday, December 17, as it gets within 6 degrees of the Sun, i.e., the planet is so close to the Sun we cannot see it. The significations of Venus will be "burnt up" for the next several weeks. Venus is one of the planets of Guidance (the other is Jupiter) and when we can't see it, we are "without guidance", i.e., it is a poor time for making informed decisions. Venus will reappear in the West as the "evening star" in February.
Jupiter enters Aquarius on Saturday, December 19. The planet of Wisdom and Faith in the sign of the Humanitarian is considered hopeful for Social Reforms for the next four and 1/2 months. But while changing signs, Jupiter is weak, and will also be exactly conjunct Neptune in the Heavens (see previous post). Although Idealism is High, so is Illusion, leading to Unrealistic Expectations. Since the other planet of Guidance, Venus, is also weakened, and the energy of the New Moon is compromised, December is a very bad time for initiating any important new endeavor.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Neptune enters Aquarius; Neptune plus Jupiter

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Neptune will enter Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. The outer planets creep along very slowly in the Heavens: the movement of Neptune into its new position will go on for a few weeks. In astrology a planet changing signs is considered weak; its energy is confused by being in a state of transition. Neptune's significations will be under stress for awhile. Since Neptune is the planet of Dreams, it can indicate Confusion in any case.
Pursuing Neptune in the Heavens is Jupiter, which has been slowly catching up to Neptune over the past several weeks. Jupiter will be conjunct Neptune when it too enters Aquarius in a couple of weeks, on Dec. 19. The planet of Truth, Wisdom and Hope combined with the planet of Dreams, Idealism, and Illusion leads to a Unrealistic Expectations. President Obama's astrology chart has his Ascendant at 24 degrees Capricorn, close to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Many commentators have attacked his decisions re the Afghanistan situation as well as the Unemployment situation as being Unrealistic.
Meanwhile, Venus is still transiting through Scorpio for a couple more weeks. The planet of Romance, Young Females, and Celebrities transiting through the sign of Secrets continues to turn up scandalous stories re the romantic adventures of various famous people.