Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio

The New Moon will be on Monday, Nov. 16 in the 1st degree of Scorpio. This begins the lunar month of Mrigrasira. The energy of this month is considered good for Beginnings, especially Travel, and Initiating Spiritual Practice.
Contributing to the Lunar Month is the energy of Mercury, which entered Scorpio last Wednesday and will continue in this sign until the end of November. Mercury in Scorpio is good for Investigations, Research, and Scandals.
In the chart of the USA, the New Moon and Mercury are in the 12th house of Hidden Things, Foreign Lands, Conspiracies, Criminal Activity,etc. This part of the USA chart is already "turned on" by the Mars Dasha. So it is appropriate that there are various investigations going on in the USA during the coming weeks, and the likelihood of more scandals, revelations, etc.
Mars will be exactly Square to Venus this coming Thursday, November 19. The normally benefic energy of Venus in Libra is spoiled by this aspect; it makes coming to Agreements and Compromises difficult this week and next.
In President Obama's chart, Mars is conjunct his natal Sun, meanwhile moving into position opposite to his Ascendant Degree. He is simultaneously energized and presented with more challenges this week and next. Jupiter is conjunct Mr. Obama's Ascendant degree currently, with Venus transiting in his 10th house, protecting him from harm and making others well-disposed towards him despite his difficulties.
Jupiter the planet of Laws, as it is getting closer to Neptune the planet of Confusion, results in some confusing interpretation of Law, as in Attorney General Eric Holder's recent decision to move Guantanamo terrorists' trial to Civil Courts, and the ongoing confusion on how to proceed to trial with the mass murder at Ft. Hood.


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