Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mars afflicts Venus and Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter are the two main Benefic Planets in Vedic Astrology. Venus is the planet of Aggreement; Jupiter is the planet of Truth and Wisdom.
Mars is a Natural Malefic: the planet of Conflict, Aggression, and War.
During most of November, Mars, from its position in the Zodiac in the sign Cancer, sends its influence to both Venus and Jupiter: to Venus via the 90 degree/ Square aspect, and to Jupiter by being opposite to it.
Therefore, the significations of Venus and Jupiter are suffering. It's harder to get at the Truth, and coming to Aggreements is almost impossible.
Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs and Religion. Mars is the planet of Aggression and Combat: more incidents (as have happened already) portraying this energy pattern are likely while the two planets oppose each other in the Heavens. Jupiter will finally escape the influence of Mars when it leaves Capricorn on December 19.
This weekend, starting Saturday Evening and lasting until Monday night, the Moon will be transiting through Cancer, adding more energy to Mars and its influence on Venus and Jupiter, increasing the potential for contentious debate in Congress, etc.
The Aspect of Mars on Venus and Jupiter becomes more exact, and stronger, as we proceed into the 3rd and 4th weeks of November.
Jupiter is also suffering from its proximity to Neptune, the planet of Dreams. Having the planet of Wisdom conjunct the planet of Illusion, while simultaneously being pounded on by Mars the planet of Haste and Aggression, is very unfavorable for making correct decisions. Therefore, the month of November can't be counted on for making progress.
Meanwhile, Saturn, planet of Structure and Established Order, is avoiding the current mess while in its position in Virgo, a sign favorable to it. Making use of Saturn's energy may be the solution: Best to be Cautious, Stick to Routines, Pay attention to the Details, and wait until after November for moving ahead.


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