Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mars Exact Square to Mercury, Full Moon

Mars is transiting through Gemini until October 4.
In Vedic Astrology the 4th house aspect of Mars (Western Astrology calls it a "forward square") causes problems for any planet 90 degrees ahead of it. Mercury, transiting through Virgo, is exactly in position to receive this inimical aspect from Mars. Because Mercury is about to go retrograde (on Sept. 6) it is currently "slowing down" in its progress through the zodiac, and consequently its speed is matching that of Mars. For this reason, the 90 degree aspect from Mars remains nearly exact for several days (normally it would be only one day). Mercury, the planet of Communication, gets "heated up" by the energy of Mars, resulting in strong potential for Discussions to Devolve into Arguments.
The Impatient, Combative energy of Mars puts Pressure on Rational Mercury, resulting in Distortion of the Facts, Disinformation, and Outright Lies as Mars tries to rush forward to Conclusions. This energy pattern is strong during the coming week.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, September 4, at 18 degrees Aquarius. This marks the culmination of the Lunar Month of Bhadrapada. The Moon transits Sagittarius today, Saturday August 29, and therefore stands opposite to Mars, increasing the combative energy of Mars this weekend. Monday and Tuesday, the Moon will be in Capricorn, opposite to and creating activation for the Venus-Ketu combination in Cancer (see previous post).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mars Square Mercury, Venus Conjunct Ketu

In the past week three planets have changed signs: Mars, Mercury, and Venus. This new setup in the Heavens rearranges the energy pattern for a different set of possibilities in the coming weeks.
Mars and Mercury, having changed signs to Gemini and Virgo respectively, are in a strong relationship with each other, which is not a friendly one. Mars is behind Mercury in the Zodiac, and in addition to being in one of Mercury's signs, is casting its energy forward to Mercury itself. Mercury is the planet of the Intellect: Ideas, Information, and Communications. Mars is the planet of Aggression: Fast Results, Impatient, and Combative. The energy pattern is one that Forces Decisions, without waiting around for agreement to take place between two parties. The way in which the battle in the USA on the Health Care Legislation is shaping up is a typical case. Mars' forceful impatient energy distorts Mercury's desire for correctness in information and facts, leading to Distortions of the Truth.
During the coming week, Mars and Mercury will be in an exact Square aspect (90 deg. apart in the zodiac) which will result in many problems. Mercury as the planet of communications also represents the Media, which will be worked up to a fever pitch.
Venus, having moved into Cancer, is now approaching Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. (The nodes are the crossover points of the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon as seen from Earth, i.e., the eclipse points). When a planet progressing through the zodiac comes into contact with one of the nodes, its significations get Obscured, or Distorted. Venus, the planet of Love, Beauty, the Arts, Sociability, Young Females, etc. will be at a disadvantage for the next week. Venus is also the planet of Finances, i.e., it represents Banking and Currencies. The coming week has a strong potential for unexpected change in the world in the financial arena.
On Tuesday-Wednesday, August 25-26, Venus will pass through 5 degrees Cancer, which is the point of the July 21 Total Solar Eclipse. An eclipse creates a sensitive point in the zodiac, forming a "pot-hole" for the subsequent transit of a planet. The significations of Venus are likely to suffer during these days.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mars, Venus, Mercury Change Signs, New Moon

Mars enters Gemini on Sunday, August 16. The energy of Mars is basically incompatible with the energy of Gemini. Mars, the planet of Action, Fast Results, and Violence, does not do well in the sign of Ideas, Diplomacy, and Consensus. The result is Fast Thinking, Missing the Details, Not Waiting to Hear the Other's Opinion, and being Prone to Argument.
In the Chart of the USA, Mars transiting Gemini will pass through the 7th house of relations with other countries, and connect with 4 of the USA natal planets, as well as being opposite to the USA Ascendant. The next seven weeks, while Mars is in Gemini, are highly problematic for the USA regarding foreign relations.
As soon as Mars enters Gemini, it will conjunct the USA chart's natal Mars. The Moon will simultaneously be in Gemini, giving both Sunday and Monday a high likelihood for dramatic events.
Wednesday, August 19, Mercury enters Virgo. This is one of Mercury's signs, and its sign of exaltation, so the condition of Mercury would ordinarily improve. But the outcome is altered by Mars being in Mercury's other sign, Gemini. Not only does this transfer the Mars energy to Mercury, but Mars, through is 4th house (i.e., square/ 90 deg.) aspect, also has a direct,and inimical effect, on Mercury. During the next several weeks, the Significations of Mercury will be at a disadvantage: Communications are Distorted, Misunderstanding will be common (as has already been the case while Mars was in Taurus aspecting Mercury in Leo), including Direct Lies, Disinformation, etc.
The New Moon will be on Thursday, August 20, @ 3 deg. Leo. This begins the Lunar Month of Bhadrapada, named for the lunar sign Poorva Bhadra, in which the Full Moon (usually, but not this year) will occur. This lunar month has a reputation for extreme, dramatic events. Some examples in recent years: The 9-11 event, Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Financial Crisis. With the position of Mars in Gemini, and the soon to come Saturn-Uranus opposition in September, this year's Bhadrapada month is already primed for a significant event.
Venus will enter Cancer on Friday, August 21. The energy of Venus in Gemini has been welcome over the past few weeks, keeping at least some degree of civility in negotiations and, as Gemini represents the 7th house of the USA chart, giving out good effects in the Diplomacy Department. Venus moving into Cancer will put it opposite Jupiter, transiting in Capricorn, and accentuate the Financial Situation, as both of these planets represent Finance. Jupiter, however, is Retrograde and Debilitated in Capricorn, and will have an adverse effect on Venus.
In the USA chart, Venus will transit through the 8th house over coming weeks, accentuating financial arrangements with other countries. But with Mars transiting in Gemini, it is unlikely that any aggreements will be reached.
(For more discussion on the Planetary Changes, listen to This Week's Podcast, posted on Monday)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jupiter Trine Mars/ Saturn Square Mars

Over the next several days Mars will be influenced by both Jupiter and Saturn: Mars while traveling through the last degrees of Taurus comes exactly into 90 degree (square) aspect with Saturn on Monday, August 10. Mars will be at 26 degrees of Taurus; Saturn at 26 degrees of Leo. Simultaneously, Jupiter, traveling retrograde in Capricorn, is giving its 120 degree (trine) aspect to Mars, exact on Wednesday, August 13, when the two planets will be at 28 degrees in their respective signs.
The mutual influence of Mars and Saturn is problematic, since both planets are natural malefics, i.e., prone to create difficult events. Until August 16 when Mars changes signs, there's a lot of tension, which doesn't need much to set off an event.
Mercury, also traveling in Leo, is receiving the energy of Mars as well, and creates a combination prone to arguement. This is only a sign-to-sign aspect, as Mars is more advanced in Taurus and will change signs before the aspect can become exact.
People with planets in the late degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) should be especially careful. For example, President Obama has his natal Mars at the end of Leo, therefore the Mars aspect combined with Saturn makes him especially combative over the next week.
The influence of Jupiter on Mars can be seen two ways: as beneficial, since Jupiter as a natural benefic is more prone to give favorable results, or as Jupiter being the energy of expansion, and thus adding to and encouraging the Mars-Saturn energy combination. Since Jupiter is now retrograde in Capricorn, i.e., traveling backwards in the zodiac, it is considered somewhat weakened for giving tangible results and its beneficial influence cannot be counted on.
In another week, Mars will change signs, followed by Mercury and Venus, along with a New Moon, and will introduce a whole new energy pattern in the Heavens.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Full Moon, Mars Square Saturn, Venus opposite Pluto

The Full Moon will be Wednesday, August 5, @ 19 deg. Capricorn. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month of Shravana, considered good for Study, Religious Observances, and Starting New Projects...but since the month started with a Total Solar Eclipse, its energy is weak for results (see previous post). This Full Moon is also a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, i.e, a rather weak eclipse, and not visible in the USA.
Mars is forming a Square Aspect to Saturn over the coming weeks. Mars is transiting in Taurus, while Saturn is transiting in Leo. These two planets will be exactly 90 degrees apart from each other in the Zodiac on Monday, August 10. In Vedic Astrology Mars is considered to cast its energy forward to the 4th sign from its position, while Saturn is considered to send its energy forward to the 10th sign from its postion. Thus the two planets are said to be "in mutual aspect". The planet of Conflict, Mars, challenges the planet of Established Order, Saturn. The planet of Control, Saturn, affects the planet of Action, Mars. This energy pattern can be put to use in the form of "Controlled Actions", i.e., Focused Efforts. But it is generally an inimical aspect, and especially in Fixed Signs, tends towards a lot of Tension, which can then release Suddenly, i.e., Explosively. People who have emphasis in their personal astrology charts in the signs Taurus and Leo should be especially careful.
Venus is exactly opposite to Pluto this weekend, Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 1- 2. Venus is transiting in Gemini, Pluto in Sagittarius. Simultaneously, the Moon is in Sagittarius this weekend,providing activation. This opposition lines up exactly with the Ascendant of the USA chart., Since Venus represents Finance, there is potential for Dissolution (Pluto) of some Financial Institution.
Meanwhile, Jupiter, traveling retrograde, has now entered Capricorn, sign of Responsibility and Management, and the 2nd House of the USA chart, indicating that the "Prosperity Problem" will have to be revisited and dealt with in a responsible manner over the coming months.