Saturday, July 25, 2009

Venus, Jupiter, Mercury Changing Signs

On Sunday, July 26, Venus enters Gemini in the Sidereal Zodiac. Venus has been together with Mars for most of the last three months, and now will break away from the Mars influence as it leaves Mars behind in Taurus. Gemini is a good sign for Venus: The significations of Venus will do well over the next few weeks. Gemini has a very dual nature, capable of seeing things from both sides: this is the sign of Diplomacy. Venus, being the planet of Agreement, Sociability, and Compromise, therefore indicates Treaties. In the chart of the USA, the transit of Venus in Gemini occurs in the 7th house of relations with other countries. There will be more efforts in coming weeks to resolve difficulties with the allies of the USA.
On Thursday, July 30, Mercury will enter Leo. There it will join with Saturn, which has been transiting in Leo since July 2007. Saturn and Mercury are friends in Vedic Astrology. Saturn, the "reality check planet" and Mercury the planet of Logic and Communcation, in Leo, the sign of Rulers and Governments, along with Venus simultaneously transiting in Gemini, indicates progress towards resolution of some of the world's problems over the coming weeks.
Jupiter enters Capricorn on Thursday, July 30. Jupiter has been retrograde in Aquarius since mid-June, and will therefore "back into" the previous sign, Capricorn. This will also break up the conjunction of Jupiter, planet of Prosperity, with Neptune, planet of Dreams, as Jupiter leaves the slower moving Neptune behind. The planet of Prosperity and Increase is considered "debilitated" in the cautious, practical, dry-eyed sign of Management. The energy pattern is somewhat similar to what was happening at the beginning of the year, when Jupiter was previously in Capricorn. But this time it is retrograde: going back over the previously covered area of the zodiac. Thus the problems of Prosperity, i.e., in the economy, which were not truely "fixed", will resurface as events over the coming months. But at least without the influence of Neptune, there should be more realism about how to deal with the situation.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse

On Tuesday, July 21, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Sun, at 5 degrees of Cancer. (the eclipse will not be visible in the USA) Eclipses are regarded as significators of Change. The Total Solar Eclipse, being a very dramatic event, is regarded as especially significant.
But the event related to the eclipse does not usually happen at the time of the eclipse. Instead, the point in the Heavens where the eclipse occurs becomes "sensitized" to subsequent interaction by other planets (usually for several months at least). Therefore the astrologer looks ahead to calculate when another planet will transit through the eclipse point, or opposite to it, and predictions are made for that date.
In this case, the elipse point of 5 degrees Cancer (in the Sidereal Zodiac) will have Venus transiting through on August 26. Then, on October 15, Mars will transit through 5 deg. Cancer. The transit of a planet like Mars, signifier of War, Violence, Destruction,etc., is especially of concern. An example of Mars interacting with an eclipse point occured in 2001: the June 21 Total Solar Eclipse at 6 degrees Gemini lined up opposite the ascendant of the USA chart, and 2 and 1/2 months later, when Mars was transiting exactly opposite the eclipse degree, and the Moon lined up with it as well, was when the events of Sept. 11 transpired.
Eclipses signify changes, and in a personal horoscope, if the eclipse occurs within 1 degree of a planet or sensitive point in your natal chart or opposite to it (i.e., 5 deg. Cancer or 5 deg. Capricorn), then the significations of that planet or point in the chart are likely to go through a change, especially later when planets in the Heavens transit through the eclipse point (Venus on Aug. 26, Mars on Oct. 15).
The Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon, and this one marks the beginning of the lunar month of Shravana, normally considered a good month for Beginnings, Study, Religious Observances, etc. But since it begins with a Solar Eclipse, the energy of the month is altered; actions taken during this lunar month may not bring the anticipated results.
For more discussion of the Solar Eclipse listen to the podcast of this week's radio show(to be posted on Monday evening, July 20).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mercury enters Cancer, Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Mercury will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on Tuesday, July 14. Mercury will be in Cancer for two weeks, until July 30. The significations of Mercury suffer somewhat in the water sign Cancer; water signs are more attuned to Emotions, and Mercury is the planet of Logic. Reason and Logic will be more distorted by Feelings during the latter half of July.
Jupiter and Neptune have been tightly conjunct in the first 2 degrees of Aquarius, while both simultaneously retrograde (appearing to move backwards). Since Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity and Abundance, and Neptune signifies Confusion and therefore Uncertainty, there have been growing Doubts about future Economic Prosperity. This pattern continues through the rest of July. At the end of the month, Jupiter, still retrograde, will "back into" Capricorn. In August and September the Doubts about Economic Prosperity will be confirmed as world markets and economies continue to tank.
Last week,on July 7, there was an Eclipse of the Moon, visible in the USA. For those who stayed up to watch it, there appeared to be no eclipse at all. The reason is that the Sun, Earth, and Moon did not line up exactly enough to put the Moon in the full shadow of the Earth. Instead, it was at the edge of the shadow of the Earth (called the penumbra): the Moon's light was only slightly dimmed. This may have implications Astrologically as well, i.e., the effects of the Lunar Eclipse (see previous post)will not be that noticeable in terms of events.
Mars and Venus continue riding together through Taurus for the next two weeks. In the chart of the USA, Taurus is the 6th house: the Nations Health. The debate over the "Health Care Bill" in Congress will continue to heat up. Mars+ Venus= Passion, so it'll get pretty intense. Another factor is Saturn, which from its position in Leo will be sending a "Square" (90 degree) aspect to Mars and Venus. Saturn represents "the Established Order", i.e., the government-insurance company setup, and the square aspect will contribute more resistance and conflict from that quarter.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse/ Guru Purnima

Tuesday, July 7, is the Full Moon, at 21 degrees of Sagittarius, in the Lunar Sign called Purva Ashada, and marks the culmination of the energies of the month of Ashada.
This full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in the USA. It is a penumbral eclipse, i.e., the shadow of the Earth will not completely cover the Moon. In Vedic Astrology, eclipses have the energy of Change, but the events usually occur afterwards when another planet moves through the eclipse point or the point opposite to it. In this case, the Mars transit through Gemini, exactly opposite the eclipse degree on September 19, has potential for events.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius has special importance in the Hindu Calender: called Guru Purnima, this day is dedicated to honoring one's teacher, one's guru. It is therefore an important day for Spiritual Practice, Fasting and Prayer, Studying the lessons of the Guru, etc.
Meanwhile, Mars is now with Venus in Taurus for the next few weeks. The combination of the two gender planets produces Passion. Although the sign of the Bull is known mostly for mellow and romantic behavior, if the Bull gets angry, things can get explosive. If in your personal astrology chart you have planets or a sensitive point in Taurus or the opposite sign Scorpio, you should be careful of a buildup of energy that needs an outlet. Mars expresses itself through Action, so some sort of physical activity can help to bleed off the tension.
In the chart of the USA, Uranus is transiting in the 4th house, the part of a country's chart that represents the Opposition Party. Uranus signifies Unexpected Events, which has manifested as the Republican Party having a series of Upsets over the past few weeks. This energy pattern continues until October.