Saturday, June 27, 2009

Venus , Mars, and Mercury Changing Signs

Venus and Mars have been traveling together in the Heavens in the sign Aries since the end of May. Venus passed Mars on June 21 and is now ahead of Mars in the Zodiac. On Tuesday, June 30, Venus will proceed into Taurus. The entry of Venus into its own sign improves the significations of Venus for the month of July.
Venus will be strong for a few days while it is separated from Mars, until Mars enters Taurus on Friday, July 3. Once again the two gender planets will combine their significations for yet another month. But instead of being in Aries, the sign of Impulsiveness and Risky Behavior, Venus and Mars will be in Taurus, a more practical, materialistic sign. Theoretically at least, Venus will be stronger in the coming month while in its own sign. But Mars tends to overwhelm Venus.
The events of the past week are examples of the Venus-Mars conjunction: Venus is Love and sexuality+ Mars is Impulsive Actions= Scandal: the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, disappears for a week to join his mistress in Argentina. Yet another US political figure gets tainted by scandal. Venus= Celebrities, Mars is a planet of Destruction, and implies Violent or Unnatural Death. The conjunction is in Aries, the USA chart's 5th house, the part of the chart that covers Entertainment: thus the departure of two notable USA entertainment people, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. At least in the case of Michael Jackson, it seems the death was unnatural.
The conjunction of Mars and Venus in Taurus in the coming month will shift this passionate energy pattern into the 6th house of the USA chart: Health. The efforts of the Obama Administration to get a Health Bill approved in Congress will be a major focus duing July.
Mercury will enter Gemini on Tuesday, June 30. Gemini is one of Mercury's signs, so this will strengthen the significations of Mercury for a couple of weeks. Gemini is the sign of Diplomacy, Mercury is Communications. Venus, planet of Compromise, strong in its own sign Taurus, indicates Treaties. The first half of July is therefore more favorable for negotiations and compromise and making agreements, especially as driven by practicality.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Moon, Summer Solstice, Mars conjunct Venus

Monday, June 22, is the New Moon, @ 7 deg. in Gemini. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Ashadha, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign), Purva Ashadha, that the Full Moon falls in on July 7. The coming four weeks carries the energy of Unrestrained Action, Liberation, and Potential Victory.
Sunday, June 21, is the Summer Solstice, when the Sun, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, begins its journey back towards the South, and the daylight period gets shorter and shorter until the Winter Solstice on December 21. In Vedic Astrology, the "turning point" of the Sun relative to our viewpoint on Earth is called a Sankranti . The energy pattern is in a state of transistion, therefore considered unstable and weak, and so not suitable as a time to begin important new projects, which will have a more transitory, i.e., short life. Traditionally it is recommended to avoid the period of three days both before and after the Solstice.
Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct, sharing the same degree, for the next several days,until Wednesday, June 25. This situation, called Yuda, or "planetary war" is considered problematic for the significations of the two planets. Venus, one of the "Guidance Planets" is most likely the loser in this planetary war. Venus is the planet of Harmony and Compromise, Mars is the planet of Conflict and Impatience. The energy pattern is disposed towards Risky Behavior, fueled by Passion.
Meanwhile, Jupiter, the other "Guidance Planet", the planet of Wisdom and Conciliation, is simultaneously retrograde and conjunct Neptune, planet of Dreams and Confusion (see previous post). Thus the setup in the Heavens, although desirous of immediate action, is not conducive towards wise decisions at this time.
We can see all this playing out on the world stage in the Events in Iran: Passion created by the Mars-Venus combination, plus the need for Action due the the planets being in Aries, creates Risky behavior. Jupiter in Aquarius wants Social Justice, but there's the Confusion created by Neptune shown by the opposing viewpoints of the leaders. During the coming weeks the energy of the month of Ashadha, plus the ongoing combination of Mars and Venus, ensures that the fight of the Iranian people to throw off the restraints of their repressive leaders will continue. Eventually, Jupiter, planet of Judgement, traveling retrograde, i.e., "retracing its steps" brings a reversal of judgement.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jupiter turns Retrograde

Starting Monday, June 15, Jupiter will enter a retrograde period, lasting for 4 months, until October 13. As the planet appears to move backwards against the backdrop of the stars, it is still accompanied in the Heavens by Neptune, which is also at this time retrograde.
A planet when retrograde is close to the Earth, bright in the sky, and strong for effects, but it's significations are not behaving "normally".
Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom, retracing its steps amongst the stars, finds realizations through examining the Past. Being still conjunct Neptune, planet of Dreams and Confusion, the realizations can't always be trusted.
Jupiter as the planet of Prosperity and Abundance, going in reverse, finds Prosperity by reconsidering potentials that were overlooked, or passed over by others.
Jupiter, planet of Opportunity, when retrograde indicates that opportunities are found by examining the past, i.e., revisiting potentials that did not initially prove fruitful. But once again, since Neptune is also present, we can't be sure of tangible results.
Mars and Venus continue traveling in tandem in Aries, combining the energy of Aggression and Love= Passion, with the potential of things progressing too rapidly and getting out of hand. In the chart of the USA, the conjunction of these planets occurs in the 5th house, Entertainment; thus we have seen conflicts between celebrities. A couple of notable examples last week: the dust-up between Sarah Palin and David Letterman, as well as Donald Trump vs. Miss California. There will more such events in the coming two weeks while Mars and Venus are still together in Aries.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon

Full Moon, June 7, Sunday morning, falls in Scorpio, 23 degrees, at approx. 11 am PDT.
This marks the culmination of energies for the Lunar Month of Jyeshtha. Favorable for Accomplishments, going forth and Conquering the Enemy, Victory Celebrations, etc.
There are no other new significant celestial events in the Heavens this coming week.
Venus is getting closer to Mars, in Aries; the two planets will be separated by less than 3 degrees by week's end. As one of the Brahminical planets, Venus represents Guidance. It's proximity to the Impulsive Mars does not bode well for getting proper advice and counsel.
Meanwhile, Jupiter, the other planet of Guidance, is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune as the planet of Dreams clouds Jupiter's Wisdom. Neptune is also Idealistic; the advice and counsel of Jupiter will tend towards Optimism. Thus, the markets will continue to rise.
Mercury, planet of Discrimination and Decisions, is now in Taurus for the rest of June, which helps to balance out the disadvantaged guidance planets: Taurus is concerned with real value, and is mostly practical and realistic.