Friday, April 24, 2009

Jupiter enters Aquarius, conjunct Neptune

Next Friday, May 1, Jupiter will enter Aquarius, where it will join forces with Neptune in the first degree of that sign. These two planets will be together in early Aquarius through May, June, and July. Jupiter will turn retrograde (appear to go backwards) in mid-June, and return to Capricorn at the end of July.
The combination of the significations of Jupiter and Neptune gives rise to a number of effects. Jupiter is the energy of Expansion, Neptune is the planet of Dreams, thus: Big Dreams. Jupiter is Optimism, Neptune is Unrealistic, = False Optimism. Jupiter is Generous, Neptune is Utopian, = Magnanimous Gestures. All of this happening in the sign Aquarius, which is noted for Humanitarian concerns, a desire to change society for the better, etc.
Generally, the energy will be more positive over the coming three months. But watch out for the "Feel Good" vibe that has no basis in reality. When Jupiter returns to practical Capricorn in August, then we will get back to the reality-check energy.
Venus and Mars are still together in the Heavens, in Pisces. You can see them both before sunrise in the East, Venus being super-bright and white, Mars nearby is red and more faint in its light. The two planets energies will continue to combine in Pisces for most of May. Mars+ Venus = Passion, and Pisces is the sign of Hope and Imagination. Along with the Jupiter-Neptune combination, there is a lot of hope for the future, but a lack of realism about how to achieve it.
On another note: The release of the Bush Administration Torture Memos has been big news over the past week. For Astrological Insight into what is going on here, look at the Chart of the USA. Note that the US is in its Mars Major Period. Mars rules the 12th house, which stands for things like imprisonment and torture. The Sub-period is now Rahu, which itself stands for things like spys, plots,imprisonment, etc. , and occupies the 8th house of the USA chart: secret activities, and research. There will be more research and revelations re past evil-doings in the coming months.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mars conjunct Venus, Aries New Moon, Mercury enters Taurus

Mars will be exactly conjunct Venus at 5 degrees Pisces on Tuesday, April 21. These two planets have been in close proximity over the past week and will continue to travel together through the Heavens over the next three months.
Mars, the planet of Action and Aggression, strongly influences all Venus significations. Some recent examples: Venus represents the Institution of Marriage: over the past week there are been Actions (Mars) on Marriage such as same-sex marriage laws, uproar over marriage laws in Muslim countries, etc. Venus represents Finance, + Mars, planet of Action, will bring about more events in the Financial Sector of the economy.
Mars is still in close proximity to Uranus, also transiting in early Pisces. Uranus is the planet of Sudden Change and Freedom, combined with Mars planet of Conflict,= Rebellion. And so the past week has seen various on-going rebellions, from the protests in Thailand to the "Tea Bag" tax protest in the USA.
On April 21-23, the Moon transiting through Pisces will provide additional energy for activating events indicated by the Mars-Venus-Uranus conjunction. Anyone with Pisces planets, or Pisces emphasis in their birth chart, should be careful over the coming week. Virgo people will also see action, since the conjunction will be in opposition to that sign. In the USA chart, the 4th house, indicating Lands, Agriculture, the Mood of the People, and the Opposition Party, will likely see more events.
Mercury enters Taurus on Thursday, April 23. Mercury's significations will generally do well in Taurus: i.e., Mercury, planet of Business Transactions, functions smoothly in the sign of Practicality and Stability over the coming weeks. Mercury will linger longer than its usual swift transit because it will go retrograde on May 7. Mercury will remain retrograde until May 30.
The New Moon will be on Friday, April 24, in Aries, and starts the Lunar Month of Vaishakha, named for the nakshatra (sign of the lunar zodiac) called Vishakha. The coming lunar month has the general theme of setting Goals and Attaining them. This is a particularly good month for starting new projects, since the new Moon in Aries, in the Ashwini nakshatra, also signifies New Beginnings.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solar New Year, Mars conjunct Uranus, Venus goes Direct

The Sun enters Aries on Monday, April 13, @ 12:15 pm, Pacific Daylight Time. The entry of any planet into the first degree of the sidereal zodiac is considered an auspicious time to ask for the blessings of that planet. The Sun's entry into Aries is a once-a-year event and is regarded as the beginning of the year in some traditions, i.e., the Solar New Year. Therefore it is appropriate to take a few moments for puja and ceremony in favor of the Sun at noon on Monday: recite mantras of the Sun, such as Om Suryaya Namaha, or Om Savitre Namaha, or Om Adityaya Namaha, etc. while asking for Success, Good Health, and the favor of the the Authorities (significations of the Sun) in the coming year.
Mars enters Pisces on Tuesday (Mars' day) April 14, at approximately noon PDT. As Mars comes to the end of its sojourn in Aquarius it is getting closer and closer to Uranus, which is transiting in the first degree of Pisces. The combination of the significations of Mars and Uranus has a high potential for violent events, as it joins the planet of Action and Conflict (Mars) with the planet of Sudden, Unexpected Events (Uranus). Uranus in Pisces, a water sign, has already manifested as violent storms. The addition of Mars' energy increases this potential for more violent weather in the coming weeks. Since Pisces is the 4th house of the USA chart, i.e., Lands, it especially relates to events in this country.
Venus, which has been traveling retrograde (apparent backwards motion amongst the stars) since early March, will resume normal direct motion on Friday, April 17. The significations of Venus will gradually improve as the planet begins to pick up speed over the coming weeks.
When Mars enters Pisces it will also immediately start affecting Venus, transiting in early Pisces. The combination of Venus, planet of Love, and Mars, planet of Force, leads to a lot of Passion. Since Uranus is right nearby, there will be more acts related to Violent Passions, sudden release of energy, etc., especially in the coming week.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Moon conjunct Saturn, Mercury enters Aries, Full Moon

The Moon will add Activation to the Saturn-Mars Opposition when it transits Leo from Sunday Morning through Tuesday Morning, April 5-7. Saturn, planet of the Existing Order transiting in Leo, is threatened by Mars, planet of Action and Conflict, transiting in Aquarius (see previous post). The Moon enters Leo early Sunday on the Saturn side of the opposition adding energy and Activation for Events. The Frustration and Anger level will get pretty intense overall creating a high potential for more violence.
Mercury enters Aries on Monday, April 6, @ 9 am Pacific Daylight Time. The entry of any planet into the first degree of the Sidereal Zodiac is considered an auspicious time for puja: asking for the Blessings and Cooperation of the planet's energies for its forthcoming circuit through the Heavens. A simple ceremony of facing East with palms together, lighting incence and candle, and intoning Mercury's mantra ("Om,Bum,Sri Budhaya Namaha") while asking for Help in Clear Thinking, Making Decisions, and Business Dealings (and other Significations of Mercury) is very appropriate.
The Full Moon will be 8 am PDT on Thursday Morning, April 9, @ 25 degrees Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Lunar Month Chaitra, in the nakshatra (lunar sign) called Chitra, noted for Creativity and Creating Illusion.