Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mars vs. Saturn, Venus at Dawn

Venus becomes the Morning Star when it separates from the Sun and becomes visible just before sunrise on the Eastern Horizon on Thursday, April 2. Venus will remain as the "Morning Star" for most of the rest of 2009. Being able to see Venus is considered important in Vedic Astrology as it is one of the "Guidance Planets" (the other is Jupiter). Although the significations of Venus will improve somewhat this week, it is still Retrograde until April 17, indicating ongoing problems with Romance, Finance, Counselors, Aesthetics, etc. until the third week of April.
Mars and Saturn are getting closer and closer to their exact opposition in the Heavens, which will be on April 4. Saturn is the planet of Established Order, Mars is the planet of Attack. Saturn is already at a disadvantage due to being retrograde in an enemy sign (Leo): the Establishment feels Threatened. Saturn being retrograde = chronic adherence to old structures and behavior patterns. Mars demands action and results. The opposition between the two inimical planets creates high potential for Tension and Conflict, and even Violence, which builds in intensity in the first week of April. Since Mars is in the sign Aquarius, noted as a sign desiring Changes in Society, there are increasing calls for Altering the Established Order. The tension eases after Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on April 15.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lunar New Year, Venus Combust, Mercury enters Pisces

The New Moon will be @ 12 degrees of Pisces on Thursday, March 26. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Chaitra, named after the Chitra nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon falls in on April 9.
The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in sidereal Pisces is the beginning of the Lunar Year, thus this is considered an auspicious time for starting new endeavors that are to come to fruition in the next 12 months, making prayers and puja asking for happiness and prosperity in the coming year, etc. In Vedic Astrology, the destiny for a particular country can be foretold by interpreting the Astrology Chart made for the exact time of the New Moon at the capital of the country. (For Predictions for the USA using this technique, be sure to listen to this week's podcast posted Monday evening, March 23).
Venus will become Combust, i.e. get so close to the Sun that it cannot be seen, on March 22. Since Venus is one of the planets of Guidance, its being invisible is considered highly problematic. Venus is simultaneously retrograde (see previous post) Having the planet of Guidance unseen and "backwards" makes it all the more important for puja and prayers asking for help during this New Moon. Venus will remain combust until April 2. At that time it will reappear in the East before dawn as the Morning Star.
Mercury enters Pisces, its sign of debilitation, on Sunday, March 22. The significations of Mercury are weakened while the planet of Logic is in the sign of Feelings, Pisces. Mercury will remain in Pisces for two weeks, until April 6.
The Moon will be in Aquarius from Monday March 23 until Wednesday March 25. The Old Moon's transit through this sign will activate Mars, which is transiting in Aquarius and opposite a malefic retrograde Saturn. At the same time Mercury, planet of Business Transactions, weakens, and Venus, planet of Finances, becomes combust. The coming week looks ominous for markets. In the USA chart, Mars is transiting in the 3rd house of Communications and the Media, indicating the likelihood for more bad news. Mars, planet of Conflict and Anger, is also afflicting the USA Moon, planet of The Public.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Equinox

Friday, March 20, is the Spring Equinox. Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the Sun appears to move from North to South and back again over the course of the year.
When the Sun crosses over the Celestial Equator (the projection of Earth's equator onto the Heavens) it is at the midpoint of this apparent movement. Registered against the Heavens, the crossing of the Sun over the Celestial Equator begins the Tropical Zodiac (the Western Astrologer's zodiac). In Vedic Astrology the Equinox is known as a Sankranti, an entry point, and thus Friday is an important time for Puja and Prayer, initiations, beginning a mantra practice, etc.
Mars, moving through Aquarius, will be conjunct the Natal Moon of the USA Birth Chart on Monday, March 16. The transit of the Planet of Conflict and Violence over the significator of The People is problematic, and can give rise to Confrontations, Anger, Accidents, and Violent Events. This is true for the entire time Mars is in Aquarius, from March 7 until April 14. The effects of Mars will be enhanced when the Moon transits through Aquarius on Monday and Tuesday in another week (March 22, 23).
Contrary to previous months, the Moon passing through Leo last week did not produce a predicted downturn in World Market Indexes (see previous post), but rather an upturn. An investigation of this reverse phenomena revealed that during the prior weekend, on March 6, Jupiter, significator of Prosperity, entered Cancer Navamsha, where it is exalted. (a navamsha is a small span of the Heavens obtained by dividing the 360 degrees of the zodiac into 108 sectors, and is important for analyzing the underlying strength of planetary positions). The Full Moon enhanced the energy of the exalted Jupiter, and markets rose. Jupiter will remain in Cancer navamsha and likely keep markets up until it leaves on March 23, the same day the Moon begins its transit in Aquarius and activates Mars. Events will likely create a negative market reaction at that time.

Vernal Equinox

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Full Moon in Leo, Conjunct Saturn and Opposite Uranus

The Full Moon will be Tuesday Evening, March 10, @ 26 degrees Leo. This marks the culmination of energy for the Lunar Month of Falguna. In most years this is a favorable month, but this year due to unfavorable planetary positions the month is fraught with problems.
The Full Moon will be closely conjunct Saturn, which is retrograde in Leo @ 24 degrees. Uranus is opposite at 28 degrees Aquarius. Thus the Full Moon will provide maximum activation of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, from the Saturn side of the combination. Saturn, representing Established Order, Structure, and therefore Stability, has been threatened by Uranus, planet of Sudden Change and Unexpected Events, for over a year. Every month for the last several months, the Moon's entry into Leo has been simultaneous with bad news and a plunge in world markets.
Sunday Night (Pacific Coast time), when the Moon enters Leo, it will be directly opposite to Mars and Neptune, which are conjunct in the 1st degree of Aquarius. The Bright Moon opposite Mars will definitely stir things up, and the participation of Neptune will add an element of Confusion. This will be followed on Monday and Tuesday with the release of energy stored up in the Saturn-Uranus oppostition. Mostly, the result will be bad.
In the Chart of the USA, Mars is approaching the natal Moon position. The Moon represents the People, and the Collective Consciousness. The significations of Mars combining with the significations of the Moon result in a very agitated emotional state: fear and anxiety for the People. Since this is happening in the 3rd house of the USA chart, the Media will be a contributing factor.