Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mars conjunct Mercury, Venus turns Retrograde

Mercury, moving through Capricorn, will pass Mars on Sunday, March 1, at 26 degrees Capricorn. The Conjunction of Mars and Mercury combines the planet of Conflict with the planet of Communication = Arguement. Their energies have been combining with Jupiter and Rahu in Capricorn for the past several weeks (see previous posts).
Wednesday, March 4, Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Mars will follow Mercury into Aquarius next Saturnday, March 7. As each of these two planets change signs, they will immediately encounter Neptune, the planet of Idealism, Illusions, and Confusion, now located in the 1st degree of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Fixed Air, signifying Strongly Held Opinions that are hard to change. Mars + Mercury + Neptune together in Aquarius indicates that the month of March is strongly prone to Arguement. In your personal Astrology chart, the house location of Aquarius will show in what area of your life the arguements are likely to crop up.
Venus, traveling through Pisces, will turn Retrograde on Friday, March 6, at 21 degrees Pisces. Venus will remain retrograde until April 17. During the six weeks-long period of Venus Retrograde the significations of Venus are undependable: the planet of Love going "Backwards" indicates the need to be careful in relationships with others. This is even more the case while Mars and Mercury are together, making everyone prone to Argument. Venus is also the planet of Value, and when it is retrograde it is difficult to determine the value of items, i.e., this is a bad time to make any important purchases. (More on the significations of Venus Retrograde can be found in the March-April issue of the Newsletter)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Activation of Capricorn Planets, New Moon

Today, Saturday Feb. 21, through Monday, Feb. 23, the Moon will be transiting through Capricorn. The Moon acts as the "Seconds Hand of the Cosmic Clock", i.e., setting off events when it connects with patterns formed by the other planets. Since there are several planets jammned together in Capricorn at this time, these three days have a high potential for events.
On Sunday, Feb. 22, the Moon will transit directly over Rahu, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars, in that order. One likely effect to be wary of is Mercury (planet of Communication) + Mars (planet of Violence) = Arguments. Mars with Mercury (Arguments) + Jupiter (Beliefs, Truth) shows where some of the problem will stem from. The proximity of Rahu (Deception, Confusion, and Obsession) with Mercury and Mars adds fuel to the fire.
On another level, the Activation provided by the Moon's transit through Capricorn could give us large scale events, since the Rahu-Mercury conjunction @ 15 deg. Capricorn is directly opposite the August 1, 2008 Total Solar Eclipse point. The Waning Moon is considered Malefic in Vedic Astrology, and since this is an "old Moon", the potential for negative events is high. The combination of an Old Moon with problematic planetary combinations makes the next three days unfavorable for starting any important endeavors.
On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Mercury will be exactly conjunct Jupiter, with Mars and Rahu not far away. Mercury is Ideas, Jupiter is Expansion, so we get Big Ideas. This connects to Mars (the need for Action) and the Obsession of Rahu and gives us a very spirited argument for promoting Big Innovative Ideas for dealing with the current world crisis. On this very day President Obama is scheduled to speak and unveil more of his "plan". Since he is Capricorn Rising, the combination of planets powerfully energizes him on the day of the New Moon.
The New Moon will be Tuesday, February 24, @ 12 degrees Aquarius in the Sidereal Zodiac. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month Phalguna, named after the nakshatra (lunar sign) Poorva Phalguni that the Full Moon falls in (March 10). This lunar month is generally regarded as favorable, but since the month starts out with the New Moon opposite Retrograde Saturn in Leo, we shouldn't expect too much from it. Saturn, the planet of Structure, going backwards amongst the stars signifies Re-Structuring, a lot of which is happening currently on all levels in the world.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mars+Jupiter+Rahu+Mercury, Neptune enters Aquarius

For the next 3 weeks Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, and Mercury will all be in the middle of Capricorn, where their energies and significations will have to cooperate with each other, or not.
Possible results:
Planet of Action (Mars) combines with planet of Wisdom (Jupiter), planet of Innovation (Rahu), plus planet of Decisions (Mercury), in the sign of Practicality = Action coming from Wise Innovative Decision brings Practical Success.
A less favorable interpretation:
Planet of Haste (Mars) combines with planet of Faith (Jupiter), plus planet of Deception (Rahu) and planet of Thinking (Mercury) in the sign of Responsibility = Optimistic Deluded Thinking leads to Hasty Decision that doesn't live up to Responsibility.
A key to what results comes from the status of the dispositor, the planet that rules Capricorn, and thus determines the outcome: namely, Saturn, which is currently being hammered in Leo, where it is both retrograde and opposed by its enemy Uranus. Thus the "Economic Recovery Plan" passed by the US Congress is doomed to being ineffectual in meeting the needs of the People.
During the past week, Neptune, the Planet of Dreams, has moved into Aquarius. Neptune creeps along in the Zodiac, taking more than a dozen years to transit through a sign. For more than a decade, Neptune has been in Capricorn. That is, the planet of Dreams, i.e., Illusion, Delusion, Deceit, Fraud, etc., has been transiting through the sign of Management, in the 2nd house of the USA birth chart, the part of the chart that is concerned with the country's Finances. Now Neptune will move on, and combine its energies with the sign of Social Revolution, Aquarius. Since Neptune is on one level an Idealistic planet, it signifies Utopian Enterprises in the chart of a country. Interestingly, the sign Aquarius is in the 3rd house of the USA chart, signifying Transportation within the Country, Skills and Talents, Initiative and Efforts, and the Media. Thus the "Stimulus Package" includes billions for a Neptunian Vision of improved Roads and Bridges and Railroads, Electric Cars, Re-education of the People, etc.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Mercury enters Capricorn, Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Mercury returns to Capricorn Saturday, Feb. 7. The planet of Logic joins its significations with several planets already in Capricorn during the next few weeks:
Mercury with Mars, planet Conflict, = more potential for Argument.
Mercury, planet of Ideas with Jupiter, energy of Expansion = Big Ideas
Planet of Reason plus Rahu, planet of Innovation = New Thinking
Planet of Logic with Sun, planet of Authority = the Rule of Reason
Barack Obama, who has Capricorn as his Rising Sign, is particularly energized, and shows in his public appearances much energy, passion, and impatience for action, typical of a Mars + Jupiter + Rahu transit. Mercury joining in will now add more reasons backed up by arguement in the coming weeks
As mentioned in previous blog entries, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is still disadvantaged by its retrograde condition in an inimical sign, Leo, and in the 8th position from Capricorn, creating a major weakness inherent in whatever is promised by the Capricorn planets.
Moon enters Cancer Saturday Feb. 7, opposite the Capricorn planets, and provides activation energy which culminates in the Full Moon Monday, Feb. 9 (7 am PST) @ 27 degrees Cancer This is also a Lunar Eclipse (not visible in the USA), indicating that 27 degrees Cancer is sensitized to subsequent transiting planets for future events.
Monday morning, Feb. 9, Moon enters Leo, and provides activation to the Saturn-Uranus opposition for the next two days, culminating in the exact conjunction of Moon and Saturn Wednesday, Feb.11, indicating a high potential for events that threaten the established order, and a drop in markets.
Mars moves through the 12th degree of Capricorn, the point of the Jan. 26 Solar Eclipse, and creates the likelihood of rash, potentially violent events Wed.- Fri., Feb. 11- 13. Eclipse points signal changes. Mars signifies Haste, + Jupiter signifies Law = hastily enacted laws responding to the need for change. But with Saturn, the ruler of the sign, in a weakened condition, it is unlikely that the new "stimulus package" passed by the US Congress will have the hoped-for effects.