Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mercury goes Direct, Mars with Jupiter and Rahu

Today, Saturday, January 31, is the day that Mercury ends its retrograde phase, and slowly starts to resume normal forward motion amongst the stars. The significations of Mercury improve over the coming week: Communications are more smooth, there are fewer misunderstandings, business transactions are not so prone to error, etc.
Mercury is in the late degrees of Sagittarius, separated from Mars (see previous posts) and therefore able to act more freely.
Mars, now in Capricorn, which is this planet's sign of Exhaltation, will be more favorable for producing practical results over the next several weeks. Mars is gaining ground on Jupiter, also in Capricorn: the two planets will be exactly conjunct at 16 degrees Capricorn on February 17.
Some possibilities arising from the combination of Mars and Jupiter's significations:
Mars' Action + Jupiter's Wisdom = Wise Actions
Mars' Combat + Jupiter's Religion = War over Beliefs
Mars' Impulsiveness + Jupiter's Optimism = Taking Risks
Mars' Need for Results + Jupiter: Law = Hastily enacted Laws
Mars: Action + Jupiter: Optimism = Unrealistic Expectations
The combination of Mars + Jupiter is further energized by Rahu, the north node of the Moon (cross-over point of Sun and Moon's paths), which is nearly stationary at 15 degrees of Capricorn for the entire month of February. Since Rahu signifies the Mouth of the Dragon, i.e., Appetite and Desire, there is an even stronger Need for Action, making February a very powerful month for Events.
(More discussion of the Mars-Jupiter-Rahu conjunction on this week's podcast)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury Change Signs

The New Moon is Sunday night, at midnight January 25 on the West Coast, or early AM Monday morning for the rest of the USA, at 12 degrees Capricorn. This marks the beginning of the month of Magha in the Lunar Calendar, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon falls in. Except that this year the February Full Moon does not fall in the nakshatra that the month is named for, but falls instead in Ashlesha nakshatra. Thus, the coming 4 weeks will have the energy of the Ashlesha Full Moon, which is energy of the Snake: Craftiness, Survival, Entwining, Transforming, and Potentially Treacherous.
This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, not visible in the USA. Eclipses sensitize the point of the Heavens in which they occur, setting the stage for future events when planets subsequently pass through the eclipse point. The dates to watch for are: Jan. 31 to Feb. 4 while Jupiter transits 12 degrees Capricorn, Feb. 12 & 13 for Mars, and Feb. 19 & 20 for Mercury. With so many planets passing through 12 degrees Capricorn, it is likely that February will be a very event-filled month. In a birth chart, if there are natal planets or sensitive points at 11-13 degrees Capricorn or directly opposite in Cancer, there will be a high likelihood of events in that persons life.
Monday, Jan. 26, Mercury "backs into" Sagittarius. Mercury is still retrograde until January 31. As it changes signs Monday-Tuesday, its significations are Weakened.
Simultaneously, Mars "runs over" Mercury as it leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on Tuesday, Jan.27. The combination of Mars+ retrograde Mercury at the juncture of two signs is highly problematical, and lends itself to Misunderstandings that lead to Conflict.
Mars will spend the next 6 weeks in Capricorn, the sign of its Exhaltation, meaning that all significations of Mars will be accentuated. Mars will be combining its energies with Jupiter already in Capricorn, bringing together the planet of Energy and Action (Mars) with the planet of Optimism and Faith (Jupiter). The tendency is to overdo things. But since Jupiter is also the planet of Wisdom, and Capricorn is the sign of Pragmatism, perhaps we can expect some intelligent progress towards solving the world's problems.
Capricorn is Barack Obama's Rising Sign in his Vedic Astrology Birth Chart, so there is a lot of Optimistic Action in his life for the next six weeks, and hopefully Wise Pragmatic Decisions as well. The Solar Eclipse misses any of his natal planets, but he will still be suseptible to the highly energized planetary combinations throughout February.
Lastly, Venus changes signs Tuesday, Jan. 27, leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces. Venus now escapes the influence of Uranus and Saturn (see previous post) and enters its sign of Exhaltation. Thus the significations of Venus are greatly enhanced for the next 4 months. Normally Venus spends less than a month transiting through a sign, but while in Pisces, Venus will go retrograde (appear to reverse direction) for nearly 6 weeks, not leaving Pisces until the end of May.
Due to the New Moon/ Solar Elipse, along with three planets changing signs, one of them while retrograde, the beginning of the week should be considered very weak and problematic, and therefore not recommended for starting important new endeavors.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Venus conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn

Venus is conjunct Uranus this week, exact on Thursday, January 22, at 25 degrees Aquarius. Simultaneously Venus is opposite Saturn, in Leo, exact on Friday, January 23. Venus will thus contribute its energy to the Saturn-Uranus opposition (see previous posts) over the coming days and alter the outcome of events.
Venus, being a benefic planet, will help out Saturn and thus alleviate some of the suffering of the common people: Russian gas will start flowing again to Europe, Israel will stop bombing the people of Gaza, the bitter cold in the midwest of the USA will abate.
But the significations of Venus will suffer from the impact of Saturn, planet of Restriction, plus Uranus, planet of Disruption.
Venus, planet of Finance: More Bad News from the Banking Sector; Financial Markets disrupted.
Venus, planet of Entertainment: potential for Loss of a Celebrity.
Venus, planet of Value: Change in the Price of Venus-ruled items, such as luxuries like airline tickets, etc.
Venus, planet of Guidance: advice from pundits, lawyers, etc. is suspect.
Meanwhile, Mercury is still Retrograde, while getting closer to Mars, setting up more potential for mis-communication and abnormal events (see previous post or get the current newsletter).
The situation with Venus will improve after this week, when the planet enters Pisces on January 27, and thus escapes the influence of Uranus and Saturn.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Today, Saturday January 10, is the Full Moon @ 27 degrees of Gemini. This Full Moon occurs in Purnavasu, and brings with it the energy of that nakshatra (lunar sign). Purnavasu is translated as "Good Again" and implies success on the 2nd attempt. It also is noted for having initial good behavior followed by second thoughts and reversing the original inclination. Therefore there will be no cease fire in Gaza at this time.
Tomorrow, Sunday, January 11, Mercury goes retrograde for the next three weeks, until January 31. Mercury starts out at 13 degrees Capricorn, and "backs up" to 27 degrees Sagittarius. Therefore we should deal with the significations of Mercury with special care during these three weeks: re-check to see that the message got through, expect delays in communications (the mail, replies to email, etc.), beware of misunderstandings, equipment (computers) tend to malfunction more, financial transactions are prone to mistakes (count your change), try to put off signing anything or initiating any important project.
This Mercury retrograde period is especially suspect for a number of reasons:
Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and Rahu in the Heavens. Jupiter is the energy of Expansion, Rahu is the energy of Desire. Combined with Mercury, the planet of Reason, going backwards, we get Optimistic Decisions based on Faulty Logic.
Mercury will get "run over" by Mars in late January. While Mercury is moving backwards through Capricorn, Mars is coming up from behind as it moves through Sagittarius. The two planets will be conjunct on January 26 in the last degree of Sagittarius, just as they are both changing signs, while going in opposite directions. The last week of January is a time to be especially wary of, since it will have the planet of Reason backwards and weakened at the borderline between two signs while the planet of Impatience and Combat connects with it.
Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, is also Retrograde, while simultaneously being in its enemy's sign Leo, and in the 8th sign from the sign it rules. The potential of the planetary combination in Capricorn is more severely compromised by the weakness of its ruler, Saturn.
If the Congress and the new President sign anything during the first 10 days of the new administration, those laws or bills will be fraught with problems. (Note that the last time Mercury was retrograde Sept-Oct '08 was when the "Wall Street Rescue Bill" was signed). Likewise, Mr. Obama's cabinet confirmation hearings will be prone to run into problems and delays over the coming three weeks.
(For more on the Mercury Retrograde period, get the latest Astrology Newsletter)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mars+Sun+Pluto in Sagittarius

Since Dec. 19, and continuing until Jan.27, Mars is traveling through Sagittarius. The energy of Mars, the planet of Combat, is filtered through the framework of Sagittarius, the sign of Personal Truth. This sets up an energy pattern of defending one's Belief's, Religion, Point of View, etc., even resorting to Violence. The energy is increased by the prescence of the Sun and Pluto also traveling in Sagittarius.
Last Week, on Friday, Dec. 26, the Moon entered Sagittarius, activating the Mars-Pluto-Sun combination, and coinciding with Isreal beginning the bombing of Gaza.
The countries of India and Pakistan likewise begin to get reading for hostilities.
The energy pattern gets another boost this coming Friday and Saturday, Jan. 9th and 10th, when the Moon will be in Gemini, opposite to the Sagittarius combination.
Despite Mercury, planet of Negotiations, being with Jupiter, planet of Wisdom, plus Rahu, planet of innovations, all in Capricorn, sign of Pragmatism, the violence continues. It appears that the Mars-Sun-Pluto energy cannot be defeated at this time, and may have to wait until the energy shifts when the Sun leaves Sagittarius in a couple of weeks.