Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Moon, Saturn Retrograde

Today, Saturday December 27, is the New Moon, in Sagittarius. This begins the Lunar Month of Pushya, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Pushyami. The names of the lunar months stay the same each year, and usually the name of the month corresponds to the nakshatra that the Full Moon falls in, which determines the general energetic quality of that month. But this month the Full Moon will fall in Purnavasu (on Jan. 10), not Pushyami, so the significations of Pushyami do not apply. Purnavasau is translated as "Good Again", i.e., succeeding on the second attempt. Keeping that in mind for the coming 4 weeks, remember that if something doesn't work out the first time, try it again.
The New Moon picks up the energy of Mars, which is now conjunct with Pluto at 7 degrees in Sagittarius. The combination of Mars and Pluto has high potential for Violence. Sagittarius is about Belief and Truth: the lunar month carries with it the energy of Confrontation based on Belief.
The Mars-Pluto-Moon combination is directly opposite to the Natal Mars of the Chart of India: that country is now faced with potential conflict with Pakistan.
Mercury enters Capricorn today, Saturday Dec. 27, joining with Jupiter and Rahu already transiting in this sign. Mercury, planet of Reason, combines with Jupiter, planet of Wisdom, in Capricorn, the sign of Pragmatism. This is a good combination for providing some counterbalance to the malefic Mars-Pluto energy.
Tuesday, December 30, Saturn will enter its Retrograde phase (the apparent backwards motion of a planet against the backdrop of the stars due to our viewpoint from a concentric orbit) until May 17. Saturn is classed as a natural malefic in Vedic Astrology. Natural Malefics, when retrograde, are even more likely to cause problems. Additionally, Saturn is traveling in Leo, an "enemy sign" for that planet, which further guarantees that the Significations of Saturn will suffer in the coming months. Saturn is the planet of Labor: the working classes endure more suffering (i.e., more unemployment). Saturn is also being opposed by Uranus, transiting in Aquarius: the planet of Sudden Change challenges the Planet of Structure: more changes threaten world stability over the coming months. Best advice is to stay conservative and hold onto whatever stability you can.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mars + Mercury+Sun

Mars, Mercury, and Sun are all in Sagittarius this week. Sagittarius is the sign of Philosophies, Truth, and Beliefs. It is a Fiery Sign, i.e., Passionate about its own Beliefs. Mars is the planet of Combat. Sun is the planet of Ambition. Mercury is the planet of the Rational Mind, i.e., of Discrimination.
The combination of these planetary energies is very pro-active for promoting a Point of View. Since the energy pattern is available to everyone, the coming week is very strong for Arguments. Therefore, family gatherings over the coming Holiday should be careful to steer clear of opposing philosophies.
On Friday, Dec. 26, the Moon enters Sagittarius, "charging up" the Mars energy pattern and creating a higher likelihood of events through next weekend.
Venus and Jupiter are still together in Capricorn through the week. Both planets are financial significators, and being in tight-fisted, fiscally conservative Capricorn this continues to put the damper on what people will be spending for Christmas presents this year, spelling disaster for the retail sector.
Next weekend the energy pattern will shift right after the New Moon on Saturday, as Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, followed by Venus moving into Aquarius. Since the Moon will be Dark, and planets will be changing signs, the energy pattern will be Weak for any new endeavors or important actions.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mars enters Sagittarius

On Friday, December 19, Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. For almost 6 weeks, until late January, Mars, the planet of Action and Aggression, will be expressing itself through the filter of Sagittarius, the sign of Independence, Positive Attitudes, and Self-righteousness. The result is dynamic, but prone towards Confrontation and Rash Actions. Sagittarius is the sign of Truth, but as a fire sign, it is always a Personal Truth, and instinctually fights with others whose truth does not agree.
Sagittarius is the Rising Sign of the USA chart. Mars transiting through the first house of a country's chart implies Action and potential Combat. More so for the USA since the Mars transit will be opposite all of the USA Gemini planets in the 7th house, starting immediately with Mars opposite natal Mars at 0 deg Gemini. The result has high potential for confrontation with other countries.
Mars will again be with Mercury, continuing for the next week, until Mercury leaves Sagittarius on Dec.27. The combination of Mars + Mercury in a fire sign is certain to produce Hasty Decisions, spurred by the Mars' Need for Fast Results, and thus likely to cause more problems. There will be no apologies for the mistakes, since Self-righteous Sagittarius sees no fault in its own action. The energy pattern is strong for Arguments. This energy is there for everyone, but will be especially true for the USA.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mercury enters Sagittarius, Jupiter enters Capricorn, Full Moon

Monday, December 8, Mercury will leave Scorpio and begin a 19-day transit through Sagittarius. The significations of Mercury will combine with the significations of Sagittarius for the next three weeks: Mercury, planet of Information + Sagittarius, sign of Truth and Beliefs. Sagittarius is the Rising Sign of the USA chart: the desire of the country to Know the Truth will be strong.
On Tuesday, December 9, Jupiter will end its year-long transit of Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. The significations of Jupiter now combine with the energy of Capricorn for the coming year. Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity, Capricorn is a "worker sign," desirous of Honor and Respect for Doing a Good Job. The Optimism and Belief of Jupiter in Sagittarius gives way to the clear-eyed pragmatism of Capricorn, the sign of Practical Realism. Jupiter joins with Venus and Rahu, already in Capricorn (see previous post). However, since Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is transiting in its enemy sign Leo and in the 8th position from Capricorn, the energy pattern has Inherent Weakness, which won't be remedied until September, when Saturn exits from Leo. Thererfore there will be no economic recovery until the last quarter of 2009.
Capricorn is the Rising Sign of Barack Obama's chart: with both Jupiter and Venus transiting his first house, he is still being seen by everyone as the Savior.
Due to planets being inherently weak when they transition from one sign to another, Monday and Tuesday are not favorable days for starting important endeavors. Mercury, as the planet of Business Transactions, and Jupiter, as planet of Prosperity, while changing signs indicate potential Adverse Reactions in Financial Markets.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, December 12, at approximately 8:30 am, PST, @ 27 degrees of Taurus. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Lunar Month called Margashiras. The energy level is high for Tangible Results, Romance and Seduction, and sticking to the Conventional Approach.
In the Chart of the USA, there is a Nodal Reverse happening this week: the transiting Rahu and Ketu (eclipse points calculated as the cross-over of the apparent paths of the Sun and Moon) are in contact with the natal Ketu and Rahu. This marks the mid-point of a 18 years-long cycle, and indicates an Evaluation of Policies of the last 9 years: a time of Realization, and Confrontation of the Future (Rahu) with regards to the Past (Ketu). (More discussion: listen to the Podcast of Radio Show to be posted Monday, Dec. 8)