Saturday, November 29, 2008

Venus enters Capricorn

Venus will go into Capricorn on Tuesday, December 2, remaining in that sign for the next four weeks, until December 28. Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until December 9. These two planets are bright and obvious to see in the Western sky after sunset, where they will be joined by the young crescent Moon for the next few days.
Until Tuesday, the Venus-Jupiter /Sagittarian energy is still strong for Unreasonable Optimism. Jupiter is the energy of Hope and Expansion, Venus is the planet of Money. Spurred by the Moon, the markets continue to rise and people continue to spend... for a few more days. But as Venus the planet of Finance goes into dry-eyed, pragmatic Capricorn, watch for a change in attitude towards expenditure. This will become even more the case when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius in another week, on December 9, and joins Venus in Capricorn.
The transit of Venus through Capricorn will be in the First House (rising sign) of Barack Obama's Vedic Astrology chart, since he is Capricorn Rising. When Venus transits through your first house you look good to others, and relationships go smoothly. He continues to be seen in a favorable light.
Meanwhile, Mars,Mercury, and the Sun continue traveling together in Scorpio, until Mercury moves out of that sign on December 8. Scorpio has a bad reputation for Secret Activities, and the Abuse of Power. Just as the Moon was poised to enter Scorpio last Wednesday, November 26, was when the terrorists began their attack in Mumbai. The Moon is the "seconds hand" of the Cosmic Clock and its entry into a sign "sets off" events connected to the planetary energy pattern.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon will be on Thursday, November 27, about 9am PST, @ 11 degrees Scorpio. This begins the lunar month of Margashiras, named after the lunar sign Mrigrashira, that the full Moon will be in on Dec.12.
This month is considered auspicious for Beginnings, Initiations, Romance, Travel, and Indulging in Pleasures.
The Scorpio New Moon will be conjunct with Mars and Mercury: thus the lunar month will carry with it the energy of this planetary combination. Mars has the upper hand, since it is the ruler of Scorpio. The energy is Restless, and Anxious. Mars overstimulates Mercury leading to Hasty Decisions, Arguements, and Desire to Win at any cost. Positive potential is for Investigations, Solving Problems, and Forming Alliances for short-term Gains.
The 12th house of the USA chart is stimulated for Hidden Actions by the government. Mars+Sun+Mercury in the USA 12th house indicates problems with Foreign Countries, Focus on Prisons, and even Criminal Activities.
Venus and Jupiter are getting closer and closer together in the Heavens, and can be spotted near the Western horizon in the early evening. The exact conjunction happens next weekend at the end of Sagittarius. Being both Benefic Planets, in a sign known for Beliefs and Optimism, this combination results in a tendency to jump onto any sign of Hope and find justification for Optimism. Both Venus and Jupiter will leave Sagittarius in early December, entering the dry-eyed, realistic sign Capricorn.
As Noted in last week's entry (see previous post), Wednesday and Thursday, and early Friday, were bad days for the markets. As soon as the Moon moved out of Leo, Friday afternoon, and escaped from Saturn's influence, the Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius energy pattern gained the upper hand, and the market bounced back up, on the flimsy evidence of the announcement of Obama's next Secretary of Treasury.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio

Today, Saturday, November 15, the Sun enters Scorpio where it joins up with Mars, which has been in Scorpio since November 7. The Sun is the planet of Ambition and Will, and its energies now combine with Mars, the planet of Action and Aggression, in a sign known for the use of power.
On Wednesday, November 19, Mercury will enter Scorpio for three weeks, until December 8. The significations of Scorpio are strongly enhanced for the next few weeks. The combination of Mars and Mercury puts together the planet of Combat with the planet of Logic and Communications, while simultaneously powered up by the Sun. The result is strong for taking Forceful Action and the Use of Authority, while coupled with a tendency for Argument, coming to Hasty Conclusions, and a "Do-Whatever-it-Takes" approach to problem solving.
The coming weeks are strong for manifesting other qualities of Scorpio as well: Secret Actions, Crisis Situations, Fast Decisions, Ruthlessness, and Investigations.
In the chart of the USA, the conjunction of these planets in Scorpio takes place in the 12th house of Hidden Activities and Foreign Lands, indicating clandestine actions taking place outside of the USA.
In the chart of Barack Obama, the conjunction in Scorpio takes place in the 11th house of Goals and Ambitions and Friends and Associates: he continues to plan and make decisions in secret while consulting with those who are close to him. (See New Expanded Analysis of Barack Obama's Astrology Chart)
Meanwhile... the opposition of Saturn and Uranus continues, continuing to threaten stability and keep things unstable and on edge, and will get additional activation for events when the Moon transits through Leo from Wednesdday through Friday morning, November 19-21. The last time Moon activated the Saturn side of the opposition, 4 weeks ago, world markets took a major dive.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Full Moon in Aries, Venus+Jupiter

The Moon will be Full at Aries 27 degrees on Wednesday November 12, at approx 10 pm Pacific Time. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month called Kartika, named for the lunar sign Krittika that the Full Moon falls in. The energy of Taking Bold Action, Seizing the Initiative, Subduing the Enemy, are at their height. As with all Full Moons, the energy is a bit extreme, therefore hard to control, so the day itself is to be avoided for important beginnings.
Venus and Jupiter are now together in Sagittarius, and until December 2. Both of these planets are considered benefics in Vedic Astrology. They are both, as well, planets of Guidance. But the sign Sagittarius, even though it is committed to Truth and Justice, is a Fire Sign, therefore the truth and justice is always from a personal viewpoint. This makes for a certain self-righteous attitude for the next few weeks, and arouses others' opposition. The energy is strongly positive, but not backed up by reasons. Therefore beware of False Hope and Excess Optimism. In your own astrology birth chart, the house occupied by Sagittarius is favored. Note that Sagittarius is the 12th house for Barack Obama's Astrology Chart: the 12th house is "Unknown Lands", i.e., foreigners: his election continues to play well in other countries.
Sagittarius is the Rising Sign of the USA chart, and when Venus is transiting in the first house, you look good to others: International Relations for the USA are improved over the coming weeks.
Mars is now in Scorpio, and will be joined by the Sun on Saturday, November 15. The significiations of Mars and Scorpio are empowered for the coming weeks. Scorpio is a power sign, Mars is the planet of Action, and this is still the month of Kartika. Thus: much energy for bold, decisive actions.
Announcement: the November-December issue of our Vedic Astrology Newsletter is now available.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Venus enters Sagittarius, Mars enters Scorpio

Next Friday, November 7, Mars will leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the signs ruled by Mars, so for six weeks starting next week until December 19, Mars is particularly strong. The sign Scorpio is noted for an attraction to power and ability with secrets and investigations. Mars, planet of Action in this sign indicates Secret Activities, Subterfuge, potential for Abuse of Power, and attendant Investigations.
Also next Friday, Nov. 7, Venus will change signs, leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius. Venus will join with Jupiter, already in Sagittarius since last year. Both Jupiter and Venus are benefic planets in Vedic Astrology, which is good for Positive Feelings. They are both planets of Guidance,therefore giving Wise Counsel. But these two planets together, especially in a passionate Fire sign like Sagittarius, can also result in an "over-the-top" Celebration, Excessive Optimism, and egotistical High-minded Attitude. There's a strong tendency for Gloating over the Election Results. This energy pattern continues until Dec. 2, when Venus leaves Sagittarius.
This week, and until Mars leaves Libra, Mercury is with Mars. Mercury plus Mars is not considered a good combination in Vedic Astrology: there's alot of Mental Tension, and a "do-whatever-it-takes" attitude, "ends-justifies-the-means", etc... this implies problems for election day, and until Mars moves away from Mercury next Friday. Then at mid-month, on Nov. 18, Mercury will once again join Mars in Scorpio, increasing the energy for Under-handed Activities, and also for Invesigations.
Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus will be precisely opposite to each other on election day, Nov. 4. This will be a culmination in their several months-long relationship, the energy of Change to the Established Order. The opposition of these two gets an additional boost next Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7 and 8, when the Moon will be in Aquarius, on the Uranus side of the opposition... two weeks ago, on Friday Oct.24when the Moon was in Leo, activating the Saturn side, the world financial markets gyrated wildly and endured dramatic downturns.