Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Moon, Mercury enters Libra

New Moon will be Tuesday, October 28, @ 11 degrees of Libra. This begins the Lunar Month of Kartika, named after the nakshatra (lunar sign), Krittika, that the Full Moon falls in on Nov. 12.
This lunar month has the energy of Audacious Actions, Seizing the Initiative, Being Aggressive and Defeating the Enemy. The New Moon carries with it the energy of combative Mars, which is also in Libra: there will be no letup in the Attacks and Volatility of the USA presidential campaign.
Mercury enters Libra on Friday, October 31. Mercury, the planet of Communications and Logic, will be with Mars for a week, until Mars leaves Libra on November 7. The combination of the significations of Mars and significations of Mercury puts together Speech and Logic with Aggression and Impulse. Since this combo will be together in the Heavens right through the elections, once again we have evidence of no letup in the Attacks and Impulsive Statements that have so characterized this contest. The energy pattern also encourages debate and arguement in everybody's relationships.
In the charts of the Presidential Contenders, the Mars-Mercury-Sun combination is transiting through Barack Obama's 10th house of Success: he will be running hard and hitting hard right through to the end. For John McCain, the Mars-Mercury-Sun combination is transiting in his 9th house of Beliefs (as per the New Chart for John McCain), indicating the continued forceful presentation and Defense of his Beliefs and Philosophies.
This Week there will be a special Election Day Astrology Forecast on my Radio Show, available as a podcast on Monday, Oct. 28, after 4pm PDT.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mars and Venus, Saturn vs. Uranus

There are no planets changing signs in the coming week. But here are two notable ongoing planetary combinations that are eventful:
Mars and Venus are in each other's signs creating what is called a parivatana yoga, or exchange of sign rulerships, until November 7. This is a strong relationship where the two planets are compelled to work with each other. Mars is the Action planet, Venus is the Finance planet. So there continues to be a lot of action in the Finance Sector. Mars is in Libra, Venus' sign, emphasizing Libra significations, while Venus in Scorpio turns on the Scorpio significations. Libra strives for Balance, but Scorpio specializes in Secrets. The public is rightly suspicious of what is going on, demonstrated by the wild fluctuations in the markets.
Meanwhile: Saturn and Uranus are nearly opposite each other in the Heavens. This opposition has been forming over the past several months, and will be Exact on Election Day, November 4. The significations of these two planets make them naturally inimical to each other. Uranus, as the planet of Sudden Change, is threatening Saturn, the planet of Stability. The "Established Order" symbolized by Saturn, is challenged by the energy of Disruption. Further: Saturn is in the sign Leo, the sign of Kings and Governments, and Uranus is in the sign Aquarius, the sign of Revolution for the Betterment of Society. And so we have the rather surprising series of events that have been occuring over the past couple of months, culminating in the Nov. 4 election, when these two planets will be in exact opposition. But it doesn't stop there: This energy pattern will continue until April '09.
Special Note: last week the Correct Birth Time of John McCain became available on the Internet, which is different from what was previously reported. Click here to view John McCain's Birth Chart and thumbnail interpretation. Also, listen to a discussion of his Chart and Analysis available on next Monday's radio show interview, to be posted Oct. 20, 4pm PDT.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Venus enters Scorpio, Full Moon, Mercury Direct

The coming week will see changes in the Heavens and corresponding changes in energy of the Planetary Pattern:
On Moday, October 13, Venus will leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Venus, although in its own sign over the past weeks, has been enduring the effects of the two main malefic planets: directly from Mars being in Libra, and simultaneously from Saturn by his "3rd house aspect" (60 degrees) from his position in Leo. Venus, the planet of Finance, has been under stress. Additionally, Venus, especially last week, was in square aspect (90 deg) to Rahu and Ketu (the eclipse points), creating yet more detrimental emphasis on Venus. Thus Global Events in the Financial Sector over the past week took the form that they did.
When Venus enters Scorpio, these malefic factors will no longer apply. There will, however, be a new pattern, called a Parivatana Yoga, i.e. the exchange of signs: Venus will be in Mars' sign Scorpio, while Mars is in Venus' sign Libra. There will still be a strong relationship between the two planets, but generally this gives a more cooperative arrangement: Mars planet of Action and Efforts, works on the problems of Venus, planet of Finance and Balance. The Financial Sector will begin to stabilize.
The Full Moon is on Tuesday, October 14, @ 28 degrees of Pisces. This marks the culmination of the lunar month Ashwin's energies. Although the Full Moon is not quite in the nakshatra Ashwini (lunar sign for which the month is named) it will be, only a few hours after. There will be Full Moon energy in the sign Aries, and magnified by the aspect of Mars opposite in Libra, Tuesday evening through to Thursday. Tuesday through Thursday are high energy days, prone to events.
Note that on Wednesday, October 15, Mars and the Moon will be directly opposite to each other, and will line up exactly with the natal Uranus position in John McCain's Astrology Chart at the time of the 3rd Presidential Debate. We may yet get the fireworks that seem to have been lacking in the past debates. (More discussion of the Campaign Trail in Monday's podcast, available 4pm, Oct.13)
Mercury will go Direct (resume its normal motion amongst the stars) on Wednesday, October 15. Although the Mercury Retrograde period will be officially over, beware of some lingering effects, and that the significations of Mercury will still be distorted for several days while the planet gradually resumes its normal speed in forward direction (see analysis in previous blog entries).

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mercury Retrograde Continues in Virgo

Over the past week we have witnessed a very public expression of the Mercury Retrograde energy pattern, with the Bailout Bill getting stalled in Congress, and only after much confusion, debate, and revisions, finally passed and signed into law. The new bill contains the energy of retrograde Mercury, and will therefore be fraught with problems, especially misinterpretation, and be delayed in its implementation, and therefore have only limited effect on the situation it purports to fix.
The Mercury Retrograde energy continues thru this week, until next Wednesday, October 15. Therefore we need to be watchful for misunderstandings with others, expect delays in communications such as mail, and be careful regarding financial transactions.
Mercury will remain in Virgo through to the end of the month. Significations of Virgo are enhanced this month. Virgo is strong on details and analysis. While it's ruler Mercury is still traveling in reverse in its own sign, it is favorable for going back over things, editing, re-working the contract, etc. There is actually an obsession with checking things. The Media, symbolized by Mercury, the planet of Communications, is likewise at its best at going back over and analyzing the details of events.
The 2nd round of Presidential Debates takes place Tuesday, October 7. Debates are Competitions and therefore ruled by Mars in Vedic Astrology. John McCains Astrology chart continues to be heavily afflicted by Mars transiting Libra which is in a position that squares his natal Moon and natal Mars. Mars is in his 2nd house of Speech, so he is irritated, impatient, argumentative, and sarcastic. The retrograde Mercury in Virgo afflicts his Ascendant, indicating misinterpretation of the questions. His biggest enemy in the debate will be his own demeanor.
Barack Obama's Astrology Chart has Mars transiting in his 10th house of Actions in Society, and in square aspect to his Ascendant, natal Saturn, and natal Jupiter positions. He is energized but tends towards Unjustified Optimism, and the potential for making unsupported remarks, which Mr. McCain will with swift to criticize.
(More Discussion on Presidential Campaign in this week's podcast, posted Monday Oct.6)