Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Moon in Virgo with Mercury Retrograde

Monday morning, Sept. 29 (or Sunday night near midnight for East Coast of USA) is the New Moon, @ 12 degrees of Virgo. This marks the beginning of the month of Ashwin in the Lunar Calender. (The month is named after the nakshatra that the Full Moon would normally fall in, Ashwini, although this month the full Moon will actually be in Revati.) This lunar month is considered important for initiations, and beginning new projects, and therefore considered beneficial and auspicious, especially as contrasted to the previous, now ending month of Bhadrapada.
However, this year the month of Ashwin is marred by the simultaneous factor of a Retrograde Mercury, in fact, the New Moon is together with the retrograde Mercury in the sign that Mercury rules, Virgo. Thus, the lunar month carries with it the energy of the Planet of Communications moving in Reverse; i.e., not a good time to begin important endeavors, as the birth chart of such new projects would have the flaw of containing the retro Mercury (see details in previous post).
On the world stage, we see the energy of Retrograde Mercury playing out in the US Congress, with the inability to come to agreement on the Financial Bailout. Whenever they do finally sign it, it is certain to contain multiple problems, since it will be signed during a Mercury Retrograde period, unless they wait until after Oct. 15, when Mercury returns to Direct Motion.
In the Astrology Chart of the USA, the retrograde Mercury is transiting in the 10th house of Actions by the Government, further indications of disagreement for the Ruling Party, i.e., the Republicans.
Meanwhile, Mars and Venus are mixing it up in Libra, the 11th house in the USA chart, signifying problems in that sector: Profits and Gains, Hopes and Ambitions. In the birth chart of a Country, the 11th house is the part of the chart that represents the Legislature, i.e., Congress. Mars+ Venus leads to arguments, and along with the retrograde Mercury, makes agreement extremely difficult. The 11th house has the added signification of "the Disillusionment of the Public"... whatever happens, it will be unpopular with the people.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mars enters Libra, Mercury goes Retrograde

The lunar month of Bhadrapada, known for extraordinary events, continues for another week. The events of the past week, as predicted in the previous blog entry, have certainly proven to be exceptional.
This coming week the energy pattern begins shifting, as Mars leaves Virgo on Wednesday, September 24, and enters Libra. Mars thus joins Venus which is already in Libra. The combination of Mars and Venus gives Passion, as it did while the two planets were together in Virgo previously, but in Libra it is a bit softer, since Venus in its own sign now has more strength than it did in Virgo. Libra represents the energy of Idealism, and also Balance. Mars looses some of its malefic power in Libra, but still is upsetting to Venus.
Simultaneous with Mars entering Libra September 24, Mercury will go retrograde at 28 degrees of Virgo. For the next three weeks, until October 15, Mercury will appear to go backwards in the Heavens. Since Virgo is Mercury's sign, and retrograde planets are close to the Earth and therefore strong for effects, there will be a noticeable Virgo/ Mercury energy pattern. Although Mercury has been in Virgo since August 24, it is only now going to be free of the influence of Mars. Significations of Mercury, such as Communications, i.e., the Media, are powerful in the coming weeks. Significations of Virgo are likewise enhanced. Watch for lots of Analysis, and intense Scrutiny of all details.
Otherwise, the usual precautions recommended during Mercury Retrograde periods should be observed: Careful re communications, check to see that the message got through, careful re financial transactions (count your change), delays in communications (the mail) are common, etc. (For more details, read article on Mercury Retrograde in the current issue of the newsletter).
In the charts of the Presidential Contenders:
In the Astrology Chart of John McCain, Mars will enter into his 2nd house of Speech just in time for the First Presidential Debate. He will be thoroughly stimulated to launch verbal attacks against his opponent. McCain's tendency towards Hasty Speech, Harsh Words, and Mis-speaking will be accentuated. The Retrograde Mercury will be strong in his Ascendant: to himself his arguments will seem logical, but he may be the only one who sees it that way.
In the Astrology Chart of Barack Obama, Mars and Venus will be traveling through his 10th house of Career Activities: he'll be strongly pro-active and ambitious for the next several weeks, and combined with the Retrograde Mercury in his 9th house of Beliefs, simultaneously passionate about his beliefs and intolerant of any criticism.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Full Moon, Mercury+Venus+Mars, Venus enters Libra

September 14, Sunday night, is the Full Moon at 28 degrees Aquarius (2 am Monday Pacific Coast time). This brings the culmination of the Bhadrapada lunar month's energy, falling as it does in the nakshatra (lunar sign) of Poorva Bhadra, known for unusual and extreme types of activity. During the past two weeks, there have been enough unusual and extreme events, from the nomination of Sarah Palin to Hurricane Ike and the takeover of two major financial institutions in the USA, to demonstrate the truth of Bhadrapada's reputation. And still we have two more weeks to go before this lunar month is over. The Full Moon will fall within a couple of degrees of Uranus, which also has a reputation for producing unusual, unexpected events.
The Moon will be in Pisces on Monday and Tuesday, September 15-16, and from that sign will be opposite and thus be illuminating by direct aspect the ongoing Mercury-Mars-Venus conjunction in Virgo. The Moon will Activate this three planet combination and give potential for even more events early in the week of the type we have just seen.
Some recent examples of the Mercury-Venus-Mars conjunction:
Mars+Venus= Passion: notice the passion of the public around Sarah Palin...both for and against... This extreme interest will (finally) begin to dissipate as Mars and Venus separate later in the week.
Mars+Mercury= Lies: whenever a natural Malefic, such as Mars, combines with Mercury, the planet of Communications, we get the potential for Distortion of Information. Such has been the case over the past week in the McCain Campaign Ads, as well as the utterances of Sarah Palin and John McCain, in trying to distort the words and record of Barack Obama, as well as their own records.
Note how the Mars-Mercury-Venus combination has been transiting strongly in John McCain's Vedic Astrology Chart, and will be on top of his lagna (rising degree) this weekend. Watch for more gaffes, mis-statements, and outright lies.
On Thursday, September 18, Venus will enter Libra, and leave Mars (and Mercury) behind in Virgo. Venus rules Libra in Vedic Astrology; therefore the significations of Venus will prosper over the coming weeks. Mars will still be with Mercury until Sept. 24, so there is still a strong potential for lies, distortions, and angry words.
Libra is the 10th house of Barack Obama's Astrology Chart, so the Venus transit will be excellent for him to get more favorable recognition over the coming weeks.
(Listen to Discussion of Planetary Action connected to World Events on this week's Podcast available Monday Evening)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jupiter goes Direct

Monday, September 8, Jupiter will resume its normal direct motion amongst the stars. Since last May, Jupiter has been retrograde, i.e., traveling in reverse in the Heavens. Although this reverse motion is an optical illusion resulting from seeing Jupiter while it travels in an orbit concentric with our own, its effects via its Astrological significations seem quite real.
Jupiter while in reverse causes opportunities to be delayed, the normally positive energy of this planet takes a back seat, and prosperity (another of its meanings) is curtailed. This last signification seems especially pertinent. The resumption of direct motion by the Planet of Prosperity sounds like it should be a good thing, but before we get all excited, remember that Jupiter is in the sign Sagittarius, which is the sign of Truth, Beliefs, and Philosophies, and brings out more of that side of Jupiter rather than its significations for Prosperity (more on this available in an article in the current newsletter).
Meanwhile, the trio of Mars, Venus, and Mercury are now within a couple of degrees of each other in Virgo, and will travel along together in this tight configuration through the coming week, creating passionate opinionated viewpoints, and at times violent criticism.
These three planets are transiting through the nakshatra (Lunar Sign) called Hasta, which is noted for "pliable morals" and "convincing speech"... it's a sign associated with salesmanship.
The results of this energy pattern have been obvious over the past couple of weeks in the news, with the intense passionate speeches of the Presidential Candidates and their supporters at the Demmocratic and Republican Conventions, as well as by the various media tallking heads.
Note also that Mars, at 18 degrees in Virgo, is giving an exact fourth house (square) aspect to Jupiter at 18 degrees in Sagittarius, adding more fuel to the fire for arguments over Beliefs and Philosophies, and putting Jupiter's concern for decorum at a disadvantage.
So don't expect any letup in the media, and quite possibly in your own relationships, at least until the planets start to break up when Venus leaves Virgo Sept. 18, and Mars leaves Virgo on Sept. 24... of course, they will then be together again, but in Libra.