Friday, August 29, 2008

New Moon

Saturday, August 30, will be the New Moon in Leo @ 13 degrees. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Bhadrapada. The months of the Vedic calendar are named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon of that month falls in, in this case, Poorva Bhadra (on Sept. 15). The energy of the month is a combination of the energy available to the New Moon as well as the qualities of the Full Moon's lunar sign.
This New Moon is closely conjunct Saturn, which is now at 17 degrees of Leo. Saturn is the task-master, the planet of Difficulties, the "Reality Check" planet. Poorva Bhadra is a nakshatra that is known for two-faced behavior, the outer appearence vs. what is hidden, as well as strong passions and principles that can bring pain and suffering. As examples, both the 9-11 event and the disaster of hurricane Katrina occured during the month of Poorva Bhadra.
Meanwhile, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are getting closer and closer together in Virgo in the Heavens, and will be riding along within a degree of each other in another week. They can be seen just above the Western Horizon immediately after sunset.
This combination of planetary energies also gives passion and principles leading to strong opinions and conflict, quite in keeping with the energy of the lunar month.
On Monday, September 1, the Moon will join with Mars-Mercury-Venus, giving the Republicans a strongly emotional kick-off to their convention.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo

Sunday, August 24, Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury is the ruler of the sign Virgo, as well as being exalted in this sign. This means that the significations of Mercury are enhanced in the following weeks.
Usually Mercury spends only two to three weeks in a sign, but this time Mercury will linger for over two months, until the end of October, due to going retrograde (apparent backwards motion with respect to the stars) while in Virgo, from Sept. 24 to October 15.
Mars is already in Virgo, and will alter the results of Mercury substantially for the next 4 weeks, until Mars leaves on Sept. 24. Mercury, the planet of Rationality, is upset by Mars, the planet of Aggression. Mars forces Mercury to move too fast, not getting the details right, speaking without forethought, and prone to arguement.
Venus will enter Virgo Monday, August 25. Venus is considered debilitated, i.e., its significations suffer when it is in Virgo. This is because Venus is the planet of Love, whereas Virgo is the sign of Analysis. True Love does not mix well with Analysis. Venus will be in Virgo until Sept. 18. Venus, the planet of Love, combined with Mars the planet of Aggression, = Passion, and conflict.
The combined energies of Mercury, Venus, and Mars all together in one sign puts a lot of energy into this part of the Zodiac. But it is not a particularly benefic combination, due to the malefic influence of Mars. Mercury is considered a weak planet in Vedic Astrology, and easily picks up the influence from Mars. The tendency is to be overly critical and opinionated, and to back up the criticism with strong feelings. The influence of Mars on Venus is likewise problematic, and tends to bring out the planet of Love's lower qualities such as selfishness and self-indulgence. The combination breeds a readiness for quarrels.
All of this, just in time for the Democrat Party's Convention starting Monday. It will be a problem keeping the Clinton supporters' passions under control.
In personal charts, Virgo Rising people, such as John McCain, or Virgo Moon people such as George Bush, will be noticeably affected. Watch for more gaffs and angry responses from these people in the coming weeks.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sun enters Leo, Mercury conjunct Venus

Saturday, August 16, the Sun enters Leo. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, the sign of the King: this is like the King coming back to his Castle. Problem is, in his castle he finds Saturn, Venus, and Mercury already there. Saturn is the enemy of the Sun, so it's the King returning home only to find his enemy in his own house. The additional presence of Mercury and Venus may keep things in check for awhile, but next week on the 24th and 25th respectively, Mercury and Venus will move on to Virgo, leaving the Sun alone with his enemy, Saturn. This combination has a reputation for Harsh Actions and even Cruelty. Thus the last week of August and first half of September will likely witness merciless acts by governments, authoritarian rule, etc.
Venus and Mercury are riding along together in the Heavens in Leo. Mercury is catching up to Venus, and the two will be exactly conjunct on Thursday, August 21, at 24 degrees of Leo. The significations of Venus and Mercury combine with some benefit: the planet of Romance with the planet of Communcications, in a sign prone towards spectacle: very appropriate for the Olympic Games. Also Venus is Finances and Mercury Transactions, in the sign Leo, sign of Kings and Governments, CEO's, Authorities, etc.
You can see this duo, along with Saturn, right after Sunset if you have a clear view of the Western Horizon.
Mars continues in Virgo until Sept.24: the positive manifestation is Critical Analysis. Negative results give Vicious Criticism. In the astrology chart of John McCain, Virgo is his rising sign, so the Mars transit here has strong effects. Mr. McCain's natal Mercury occupies his Ascendant, and Mars will exactly conjunct his Mercury on Aug. 24. This combination emphasizes his proneness to speak out, without caution, with the liklihood of unintended consequences.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Full Moon next Saturday, Mars in Virgo

Mars is now in Virgo for nearly 7 weeks, until September 24. Mars, the Energy Planet, creates its own activation wherever it goes in the Zodiac. Mars will magnify the significations of Virgo, especially while Mars is alone in the sign for the next couple of weeks. Mercury and Venus will enter into Virgo on August 24th and 25th, respectively, altering and adulterating the Mars energy.
Virgo is the sign of Analysis, and while absorbing the natual malefic qualities of Mars, manifests as being critical, judgemental, and argumentative. Therefore it is important to note where Virgo is in your natal Astrology Chart, and take precautions especially with regards to communications with the class of people associated with that house in your chart. For instance: if you are Gemini-Rising or Gemini-Moon, Mars transits Virgo in the 4th house of Mother; problems likely with mother.
Those who are Virgo Rising in their Natal Chart will be especially energized, and at worst, become very combative. Such a person is the Republican Presidential contender, John McCain (see birth chart for John McCain).
In the chart of the USA, Virgo is the 10th house: Actions and Conduct of the Nation and the Ruler / Ruling Party. Therefore: more saber-rattling over the next several weeks, and increased liklihood of military activity. The natal Saturn of the USA is in Virgo. Saturn represents "the Established Order"... i.e., the Bush Administration and the Republicans, who will be activated to Defend against the Attack planet, Mars.
The Full Moon will be next Saturday, August 16. This will be a partial eclipse of the Moon, at 0 degrees in Aquarius. Being a partial eclipse, as well as at 0 degrees, makes this Full Moon somewhat weak, therefore not to counted upon for much in the way of results.
The day before the Full Moon, Friday August 15, is an auspicious day in the Hindu calender, while the (almost) full Moon is in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Shravana, associated with the Laxshmei,the Goddess of Prosperity.
It is therefore appropriate to make Prayers to Laxshmei, and chanting of her name, for better finances in the coming year.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mercury enters Leo, Mars enters Virgo

August 6, Wednesday night, Mercury will enter Leo. For a few days, there will be quite a crowd of planets in Leo: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Mars. Planets prefer to manifest without interference; in this situation the planetary energies will be quite mixed up with each other. Events on our Earthly plane will likewise be contradictory.
Therefore, it is not a good week for initiating important new endeavors.
Since the Beijing Olympic Games are starting on Friday, August 8, there is likely to be a lot of confusion built in to the coming events. The day of opening ceremonies, Uranus will be directly opposite Mars in the Heavens. Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Events and Revoltionaries, opposes Mars, the planet of Conflict: potential disruption for opening ceremonies.
On Saturday, August 9, Mars will leave Leo and enter Virgo. The tension will ease up somewhat, since the energies of Saturn and Mars will no longer be conflicting with each other in Leo. Saturn, Mercury, and Venus remain in Leo: these planets are considered "Friends" in Vedic Astrology, the combination of their energies is less likely to cause problems. Mars will be in Virgo for the nearly 7 weeks, until September 24.
When Mars leaves Leo, it will no longer be held back by the limitations of Saturn. Thus the significations of Mars will be able to manifest more freely after August 9.
In the chart of the USA, Virgo is the sign in the 10th house. Mars transiting Virgo is the Planet of War and Conflict in the 10th house of Actions by the Government. Mars is prone to act Quickly and in Haste, and doesn't wait for the opponent to attack. Natal Saturn is placed in the 10th house of the USA birth chart: Saturn represents "the Established Order" and the Mars transit indicates that the Government in power feels threatened.
In the Vedic birth chart of George Bush, the Mars transit through Virgo will be in his 3rd house of Efforts and Initiative. Mars will also influence his Virgo Moon-Jupiter combination: he will be prone to over-react to any real or imagined threat during the coming weeks.