Saturday, July 26, 2008

Solar Eclipse on August 1, Venus enters Leo

Next Friday, August 1, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse at 15 deg. Cancer (Sidereal Zodiac). Eclipses signal changes, and eclipses of the Sun are known for dramatic events. The events associated with the eclipse usually occur in the parts of the world where the eclipse is visible. This one is not visible in the USA, occuring before dawn, but will be visible in parts of Asia and Europe. An eclipse sensitizes the degree of the Zodiac in which it occurs for at least several months, resulting in subsequent events triggered by planets transiting through the eclipse point. This particular eclipse has no planets passing through subsequently, other than the monthly transit of the Moon.
An eclipse that falls on a planet or sensitive point in a natal chart will have effects on the life of that person. Therefore, people with anything important at 15 degrees of Cancer in their natal chart should beware.
One such person is President George Bush: his Ascendant degree is Cancer 14, and his Mercury, the current Major Period Ruler, is at Cancer 16: the August 1 eclipse will fall right between these two points in his chart. This indicates major changes coming for him in the coming months, and likely a lot of serious difficulties.
In the chart of the USA, the eclipse falls within a degree of the natal Rahu position in the 8th house. Amongst its many meanings, the 8th house of a country's chart includes the Financial Involvements with Other Countries. An eclipse falling on Rahu indicates some payment required for past deeds. Rahu is "the Future" and this eclipse will Obscure the USA's Future. Rahu also indicates Transformations, as does the 8th house. 8th house is also Secrets and Investigations: Revelations about secret financial deals. Since events of an eclipse can occur over the coming several months (some say years), expect to see the fallout from the US financial crises to have even more disasterous repercussions by way of the Global Finances and marketplace through into 2009.
Venus enters Leo on Friday August 1, within hours of the ecliipse. The end of a Water Sign, in this case Cancer, and the beginning of a Fire Sign, here Leo, has a special designation in Vedic Astrology: Gandant. Being at the intersection of two incompatible elements, Water and Fire, any planets caught here are especially vulnerable. In this case, Venus, planet of Finance, is trashed at the exact same time of the eclipse.
The Moon will swing into Leo for Saturday and Sunday August 2 &3. The Moon transit will stimulate Saturn and Mars, and Venus, as it moves through Leo, providing more activation for problematic events, immediately following the eclipse. The planet Uranus, in Aquarius, will be within a few degrees of opposition to Mars, another combination noted for violence.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mercury enters Cancer, Venus with Ketu

Mercury Enters Cancer on Wednesday, July 23, and joins with Venus, Ketu and Sun. The meanings of these four Significators combine in various ways during the rest of July giving rise to events.
On one level: Mercury rules Business Transactions, Venus is Finances, Sun is Governments, and Ketu indicates Karma Arising from the Past. The sign Cancer is the USA chart's 8th house. Thus: more events arising from the USA's involvement with overseas markets, changes re support from other countries' financial systems, and more of the 'chickens coming home to roost' re Financial Obligations from the Past.
On another level, Venus is the Arts, Mercury is Negotiations, Sun is Powerful People, and Ketu the Past Actions: A high liklihood that the Screen Actors Guild does call a strike before the end of the month.
Ketu and Venus are getting closer and closer together in the Heavens, with the exact conjunction coming on Sunday, July 27. All Venus significations are vulnerable to Unexpected Sudden Loss: Finances, Arts, Romance, Females, Entertainers, Advisors, etc.
The Moon is in Aquarius, Sunday through Tuesday, July 20-22: there will be activation of the ongoing conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Leo, creating the potential for more disturbing news or events concerning Power and Governments, and Suffering for the Public in the USA.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Full Moon in Capricorn

Friday, July 18, 1 am Pacific Time, will be the Full Moon, at 2 degrees Capricorn. This is strong Capricorn energy (vargottama in the navamsha chart):
good for practical resolution of conflicts, for determining 'the winner', and the attainment of the goal.
In Politics:
This Full Moon will be exactly conjunct Barack Obama's natal Saturn, in his Ascendant: we can expect something significant from him at the end of this week. (see: Mr. Obama's astrology chart)
The Full Moon will also be within 2 degrees of Mr. McCain's natal Moon: he will be strongly aroused for emotional response. Additionally, Saturn will be within 1 degree of Mr. McCain's natal Sun, in his 12th house of unexpected problems. Saturn represents older established persons: there will be more problems from people like General Clark and Phil Gramm in the coming weeks.(see: John McCain's astrology chart).
On the same day as the Full Moon, Mars will transit over President Bush's natal Mars, in his 2nd house of Speech: expect some impulsive, and likely harsh words coming out of his mouth.
Mars and Saturn continue to travel together in Leo until Mars exits Leo on August 9. This energy pattern tends to be frustrating, building up tension, until it has to 'blow'. But Mars+Saturn is also Action+Focus. Thus, it is an energy pattern that can be profitably used for Concentrated Efforts. Saturn limits, and concentrates, Mars' energy. Best for short-term projects: Mars is impatient for results, especially with Saturn holding Mars back.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mercury enters Gemini, Venus enters Cancer

Sunday, July 6, Mercury leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. Since Mercury will be in its own sign for the next few weeks, significations of Mercury will improve: better communications, inclination to compromise, more attention to details, etc. While Mercury is in Gemini it will be opposite to Jupiter, still traveling retrograde (backwards) in Sagittarius. The influence of expansive Jupiter on Mercury makes for optimistic thinking.
In the USA chart, Mercury will be transiting in the 7th house: better relations with partner countries; more interest in the use of diplomacy.
Monday, July 7, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. This is the Moon's sign, and is inclined to sentimentality and comforts. The self-indulgent side of Venus is emphasized for the next few weeks: the desire for self-satisfaction and luxuries.
Venus will join Ketu (South node of the Moon) already in Cancer. Since Venus is the planet of Finances and Ketu creates changes, the Financial Sector continues to be unstable. In the USA chart, this combination is in the 8th house of other's money and resources: Financial arrangements, exchange rates, use of overseas oil, etc, continue to be problematic for the USA.
Venus is also the planet of the Arts, Theatre, and Actors and Actresses: in the 8th house of Obstruction, it indicates the liklihood of an Actors' Strike for Hollywood.
Meanwhile, Mars and Saturn continue getting closer and closer together: the exact conjunction is on Thursday, July 10, at 11 degrees in Leo. Potential for dramatic events on that day for anyone with planets near 11 degrees Leo or opposite in Aquarius.
For John McCain this combination occurs in his 12th house of his chart: unexpected problems and Hidden Enemies. The unexpected and unfriendly comments from General Wesley Clark on McCain's qualifications for the Presidency may be just the beginning of more to come.
For Barack Obama, the Mars-Saturn conjunction is in his 8th house: obstruction and potential for scandal in the coming weeks. But the 8th house is also support from others, and Mars planet of Action plus Saturn planet of the Establishment indicates his efforts to oblain more support from the traditional sources.