Friday, June 27, 2008

New Moon in Gemini, Venus Opposes Jupiter

The New Moon this month is Wednesday, July 2, in Gemini at 17 degrees. This begins the lunar month of Ashada, known as "the Invincible": the energy of swift victory, and a tendency to be overly optimistic. Perhaps an antidote to these uncertain times.
Venus and Jupiter will be exactly opposite each other, at 24 degrees Gemini and 24 degrees Sagittarius respectively, on July 2. Thus the New Moon will carry into the month the energy of this opposition. Venus is still Combust, i.e., so close to the Sun that we can't see it. Jupiter is still retrograde, going backwards against the backdrop of the stars. Thus the energy of both of these otherwise Benefic planets is compromised. It's the planet of Values and Worth, Venus, versus the planet of Wisdom and Truth, Jupiter.
The value and worth of things are hard to determine, therefore the markets continue being unstable. Not a good time to make significant purchases.
Meanwhile....Mars and Saturn are getting closer and closer together in Leo. The exact conjunction will be July 10. But before then starting next Saturday, July 5, the Moon will enter Leo and create activation of the Mars-Saturn combo for three days. The July 4 holiday weekend becomes ripe for forceful events. It is a rather irritating, potentially explosive planetary combination; best advice is to cultivate patience (more details in previous post).
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mars with Saturn in Leo

Mars has joined Saturn in Leo for the next 7 weeks, until August 9. This puts the planet of Action together with the planet of Restraint in the sign of Kings and Governments. Leo is a dynamic sign, and the Mars energy here is welcome. Saturn is a sober and cautious planet, and doesn't like the Mars 'pushy' energy. Mars will build up pressure by being frustrated by Saturn holding back progress. When another factor comes into the picture, the pressure will blow. The Moon provides the additional factor when it transits through Leo July 6& 7 and again August 2-4. Moon's transit opposite to Leo when in Aquarius also provides potential activation: June 23-25, and July 20-23.
In general, we should be aware of the increased level of frustration and the anger build up whether in ourselves or in others.
Since Leo is the sign of 'the ruler', governments are especially suseptible to the volatile energy of Mars and Saturn: Saturn represents the established order, Mars is the attack planet. Governments and rulers are put on the defensive.
Mars and Saturn are both classes as 'malefics' in Vedic Astrology. Their combined energy tends to cause problems in the part of the chart that they transit. In the USA Chart, these two will be in the 9th house of beliefs, religion, and the future: an attack on religious leaders, and plenty of disagreement on the future of the country will be a focus through the coming weeks.
In the chart of John McCain, the Mars-Saturn combo is in his 12th house: attack by a hidden enemy, problems that come "out of left field", issues with foreigners or having to do with foreign lands, psychological upset. It is also problematic for him that the Mars transit is opposing his powerful natal Saturn: he will be put on the defensive.
For Barack Obama, the Mars-Saturn duo is transiting his 8th house: on the positive side the 8th is the house of support: Obama is focused on building support and committments during these weeks that lead up to the Democratic convention. On the negative side the two malefic planets in the 8th house of vitality can lead to a health problem for him.
Meanwhile: Jupiter, retrograde in Sagittarius, is opposite combust Venus in Gemini for the next three weeks (until July 7): both of the planets of guidance are in a weakened state, and influencing each other. Therefore the wisdom of the advisors and predictions of the pundits are suspect. Jupiter is Prosperity, Venus is Finances: the financial picture remains unstable; correct values are hard to determine.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Full Moon, Mercury Direct, Mars enters Leo

The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, June 18, in Sagittarius at 3 degrees. This Full Moon will be opposite to Venus in Gemini, as well as simultaneous with the retrograde Mercury in Taurus, meaning that strong self-righteous emotional energy will triumph over the rational. Since Mars and Ketu are still together in Cancer, the Moon's sign, the energy will be high for combative /defensive attitudes.
Mercury will go Direct (return to its normal forward motion amongst the stars) on Thursday, June 19. Problems with communications, computers, and backwards thinking, will begin to abate... it takes awhile for Mercury to 'get back up to speed', so expect the efx of the retrograde period to linger for several days.
Mars will leave Cancer on Saturday, June 21, and enter Leo. This breaks up the malefic Mars-Ketu combination that since early May has been creating so much in the calamity department. Mars in Leo will be better for the significations of Mars.
But: Mars when it enters Leo will be joining up with Saturn, already in Leo since last summer. Mars and Saturn are both classed as 'natural malefics' in Vedic Astrology, and the two of them in Leo, the sign of Kings and Governments, does not bode well for the established order.
In the chart of the USA, the Mars-Saturn combination will affect the 9th house significations, i.e., combat over the beliefs, morals, ethics,higher education, and the agenda for the future of the country. Mars will be transiting through Leo for seven weeks, until August 9.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Venus enters Gemini, Mars conjunct Ketu

Venus will enter Gemini on Thursday, June 13. Venus is still combust the Sun, i.e., so close to the Sun that its energies are "burnt up". Therefore it is still necessary to be cautious regarding events concerning the significations of Venus. Venus will continue to be combust until July 8, when it will become visible as the "evening star". Mercury is still Retrograde in Venus's sign, Taurus, and when Venus enters Mercury's sign Gemini, there will be a Parivatana Yoga, an exchange of sign rulers, over the coming three weeks. Since both of these planets are in conditions that put them at a disadvantage, the combined meanings of Venus and Mercury are weakened: determining the Worth and Value of things is difficult... witness the recent swings in the stock market, for instance. Messages and transactions are still prone to problems until Mercury returns to normal motion, June 19. Likewise, guidance and advice (Venus significations) are still suspect while Venus is combust.
Mars and Ketu are going to be exactly conjunct on Saturday, June 14. The transit of the Moon through Cancer this past Friday and Saturday provided activation for the Mars-Ketu combination, and resulted in major swings in financial markets, especially as related to the USA dependence on foreign oil and foreign currency (8th house of USA chart: involvement with others' money and resources), and also manifesting as more weather problems and flooding in the middle of the country.
On the Campaign Trail: as noted in previous post, the Mars-Ketu transit affecting all the presidential contenders, as well as Mr. Bush, has resulted in a pretty contentious week. This influence continues until Mars leaves Cancer on June 21. Then Mars will enter Leo, where it joins up with Saturn, promising even more problems and friction with government and leadership.
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