Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday, June 3, will be the New Moon at Taurus 19 degrees.
This begins the lunar month of Jyeshtha, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Jyeshta, and notable for setting and attaining goals, getting recognition, and the use of authority. However, the energy of the month is weakened because Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is weakened by being combust the Sun. Therefore the energy of this lunation is flawed, and we cannot expect much in the way of tangible results from the coming lunar month.
Additionally, this lunar month carries with it the energy of a Retrograde Mercury (see previous post), which along with the combust Venus, promises more problems and delays in making any headway. Definitely not a good month for starting any important projects, or making important purchases.
In the chart of the USA, the New Moon is within a degree of the USA natal Uranus, in the 6th house. This is a set-up for unexpected and unusual events in the 6th house area: Military, Defense, Debts, Enemies, the Working Class, Public Health.
Meanwhile, Ketu and Mars are getting closer and closer together in the sign Cancer, a potentially violent combination, which has already created havoc in the world since entering Cancer at the beginning of May. Starting on Friday, June 6, and continuing until Sunday June 8, the Moon will be transiting through Cancer, creating activation for the Mars-Ketu conjunction: this is a strong potential for more Bad News, calamity, etc. Emotions will be at hair-trigger.
On the Political Front, all three contenders for the Presidential nomination (Clinton, Obama, and McCain) have strong positions at 19-20 degrees Cancer in their natal charts, which will have strong activation as Mars transits these degrees Sunday, June 1-Tuesday, June 3, making for lots of Action, Accusations, and Angry responses leading up to and through the last primaries. Obama, with his Sun in this position, is at a better advantage compared to Clinton and McCain, who both have Mars in Cancer in their charts, nearly at the same degree.
(More discussion on this: Listen to New Podcast of radio show posted Monday June 2)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mercury Retrograde

On Monday, May 26, Mercury turns retrograde at 27 degrees Taurus. (retrograde: the apparent backwards motion of a planet amongst the stars due to our viewpoint from the Earth in a concentric orbit with the other planet)
The significations of Mercury will be at a disadvantage for the next few weeks, until June 19.
Therefore, the usual precautions apply:
Be careful in communications with everyone. Anticipate misunderstandings. Make sure that what you meant was what got heard. Communications equipment (computers!) are a likely source of trouble. Messages get delayed, check to see if the message got through, the mail comes late, etc. Mercury is the planet of Signatures: try not to sign anything during Mercury retrograde period, or you will incorporate misunderstanding and communication failure into the project.
Mercury is the planet of the Intellect, going backwards in the Heavens, i.e., there is "backwards thinking", coming up with reasons after the decision is made.
Mercury retrograde is Good for going back over things: i.e., editing, or re-writing.
Also good for paying past bills, getting back in touch with people, answering letters, etc.
Mercury is the planet of Math, therefore Business Transactions. This Merc Retro period is in Taurus, the sign of Worth and Value. Meanwhile, Venus, ruler of the sign Taurus, is combust the's significations are "burnt up" (see previous post). This combination is worrisome for all Financial Transactions, i.e., not a good time for making important purchases, investing, etc... Markets will tend to go downwards.
Meanwhile: Mars and Ketu are getting closer together in the Heavens. The Moon will be in Capricorn this weekend, opposite to Mars & Ketu in Cancer, and providing activation for this malefic combination. Potential for more violent weather, unanticipated events, etc. (see article in current issue of the newsletter).
Mars approaches the natal Ascendant Degree and Natal Mercury in President Bush's chart: watch for belligerent statements from him over the coming days.
Mars approaches Hillary Clinton's natal Mars in her chart. More Combative, Reckless Statements and actions on her part. Since Ketu (= Loss) is with Mars, the result will be Unintended Consequences.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Scorpio Full Moon, Venus Combust

Monday, May 19, is the Full Moon at 5 degrees of Scorpio. This is the culmination of the lunar month of Vaishaka, even tho' the full moon this year occurs in Anuradha nakshatra. The energy is good for sociability, celebrations, achievement of the goal, etc.... but, since the lord (ruler of sign Scorpio), Mars, is debilitated i.e., weakened, in Cancer, we can't expect much out of this lunar month.
As of this week, Venus is Combust, i.e., now traveling so close to the Sun that we can't pick it out with the naked eye. Venus, along with Jupiter, are the Brahmanical planets...planets of Guidance. Not being able to see Venus means we are without guidance. Therefore the liklihood of making wrong decisions is increased. Venus will be combust until the end of June. During this time it will cross the Sun, i.e., change from being the "morning star" to the "evening star" when it re-appears in July.
Venus enters Taurus on Monday, May 19. Taurus is the sign of Value and Materialism. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus will be in its own sign for the next few weeks, meaning that Taurus' significations should normally prosper, but since Venus is combust, we need to be especially careful of spending money, since the planet's guidance re ascertaining Value is obscurred by the Sun's rays.
Note that the combust Venus will be in Hillary Clinton's chart's 8th house, the house of financial support from others. Venus will be conjunct her natal Rahu (an eclipse point capable of causing confusion) as well as opposite her natal Jupiter. She could end up loosing financial support this coming week.
(more discussion of these topics available on this week's podcast, posted Monday May 19 @ 4 pm PDT)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mars + Ketu in Cancer, Jupiter Retrograde

Mars and Ketu (Ketu= south node of the Moon, one of the eclipse points) are both now firmly in Cancer. This is a problematic situation on many levels. It does signal calamities, of which the world got its first taste with the cyclone in Myanmar. It is quite likely there will be more storms and large scale problems in the coming weeks.
Cancer is a sign concerned with Home, Family, Clan, and Sect. It has a lot to do with the energy of Comfort that comes from Belonging. Cancer is sensitive and emotional. Mars is the planet of aggression and war. Mars in Cancer is alternately defensive and belligerent.
Now add Ketu: the mysterious South Node of the Moon. Generally regarded as a spiritual indicator, and something of a wild card when it comes to the Material Plane, Ketu often 'undoes' things on the material plane, i.e., Ketu signifies Loss. Ketu+ Mars= loss through actions. Therefore, unintended consequences, especially from emotional reactions. Many politicians have Cancer emphasized in their charts. President George Bush has a Cancer-Rising chart. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both have Cancer as their 10th house of Actions in Society. The combination is especially problematical for Hillary, and also John McCain who have their natal Mars in Cancer, making them both especially belligerent and defensive in the coming weeks. Ketu and Mars will be together in Cancer until Mars leaves June 21.
In the USA chart, the combination occurs in the 8th house: Other's Money, Support from Others, and Secret Actions. Loss, and secret action that leads to unintended consequences with regard to other countries' resources and money (i.e., US dollar looses more value).
Jupiter is now retrograde, i.e., appearing to move backwards in its path amongst the stars, until early September. The significations of Jupiter, such as Prosperity, don't operate in the normal way for the next few months. However, retrograde planets are considered strong since they are closest to the Earth when retrograde. Jupiter is presently at the end of Sagittarius, in the last navamsha, and therefore especially strong. The result is strong Sagittarian energy: Unreasonable Optimism. Even in the face of what will turn out to be a rather lengthly downturn in prosperity.
Reply to comment posted May 13:
Any planet that is about to 'change direction', i.e., going from normal motion to retrograde or vice versa, is hanging motionless (apparently; as seen from Earth) in the Heavens, therefore called stationary. This is considered very powerful, but the effects are according to the nature of the planet and what else is affecting it.
The last few days and the beginning of May have both Saturn and Jupiter stationary, or nearly so. Saturn, since it is classified as a major malific, and is now in Leo, an 'enemy sign' for Saturn, is prone towards creating evil effects. The timing can be tracked by other planetary actions, such as the entry of the Moon into the same sign. Thus, when Moon entered Leo on May 12, there was a major earthquake (in China).
The fact that Saturn is also stationary on the prior Febuary Lunar Eclipse point, as well as opposite the USA chart's Moon, indicates ongoing changes, and suffering for the public: i.e., the ongoing fuel cost increase, resulting restriction of commerce (Saturn opposite 3rd house of USA chart), etc.
Jupiter is simulaneously stationary, at the end of Sagittarius, where it is strong for Optimism, and Faith. Thus, in spite of the details of the finanacial situation, the stock market is still not going dramatically downward (yet).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Moon, Nodes Change Signs, Jupiter Retrograde

Monday, May 5, is the New Moon in Aries. This begins the lunar month of Vaishaka, named after the nakshatra (lunar sign) Vishakha, and carries the energy of making Goals and Accomplishing them. However, the energy of this lunar month is not conducive to victory, simply because Mars, which rules both the New Moon sign and the Full Moon sign (Scorpio, May 19) is debilitated, i.e.,weakened, while in Cancer (see previous post). Thus, we can't expect much from this lunar cycle. In fact, it is adviseable to not start any new projects or commit any important acts during the next four weeks.
Rahu and Ketu, the Moon's nodes (crossover points of the path of the Sun and path of the Moon, i.e., the eclipse points) change signs Monday. The nodes move backwards through the zodiac compared to the rest of the planets. Rahu, in Aquarius since November '06 moves into Capricorn, while Ketu, formally in Leo, moves into Cancer.
The effects of the nodes have to be analyzed with respect to an individual birth chart. However, when Rahu or Ketu combine with another planet in the Heavens, it is possible to predict some results. Ketu will join Mars, already in Cancer since last week. This combination is known to cause trouble. Ketu represents Past Karma, and Mars represents Action. Both have an incendiary nature. The past karma can explode with a Vengeance. Cancer relates to bodies of water, as well as the body politic. The last time Ketu and Mars were together in Cancer was June-August, 1972. During that time Hurricane Agnes tore up the East Coast of the USA, there was major flooding in China, and the Watergate Break-in began the unraveling of the Nixon Administration. (for more details see article in this issue of our Newsletter).
Many Politicians have birth charts that emphasize Cancer. George Bush is Cancer-rising with 3 planets in Cancer, Barack Obama has 2 planets in Cancer and 2 opposite in Capricorn, Hillary Clinton has two planets in Cancer. The Mars+Ketu combination will energize, create both aggression and defensive response, over the next 8 weeks. The political scene will become even more of a battle (see charts of Obama and Clinton).
Jupiter turns retrograde on Friday, May 9. The apparent backwards motion of a planet in the Heavens means that the outward manifestation of that planet's energy is curtailed. Jupiter, the planet of Wealth and Prosperity will be at a disadvantage for the next five months, until early September. This comes as no surprise, given the current economic situation. However, the intangible qualities of Jupiter are enhanced: Wisdom, Spiritual Realization, Introspection, etc., especially as applied to going over one's past actions. (more details in the current issue of our newsletter.)