Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mars enters Cancer, Mercury enters Taurus, Saturn goes Direct,

Since mid-September of last year Mars has been transiting in Gemini. On Tuesday, April 28, Mars will enter Cancer. Mars is considered debilitated, i.e., weakened, in Cancer, indicating that the planet's less desireable qualities will be emphasized over the next 7 weeks. Cancer is an emotional water sign. Mars the planet of combat in Cancer is sensitized to any perceived attack and alternately lashes out or becomes defensive. Also, Mars is no longer opposite Jupiter the planet of wisdom and thus no longer influenced by Jupiter's benefic aspect. Mars will continue in Cancer until June 21. (For more details request the May-June issue of the Astrology Newsletter.)
Results of the Mars transit will be clearly evident in the lives of both of the USA Democratic Party Candidates. Barack Obama has two planets in Cancer in his 10th house as well as two planets opposite; Hillary Clinton has two planets in her 10th house in Cancer as well as 3 planets in Libra which will be afflicted by Mars' square aspect. (See birth charts of the candidates.) Both of them will be battling fiercely over the coming two months. (Listen to this week's podcast for more details.)
Tuesday, April 29, Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury's significations will generally benefit during this transit, which lasts until July 6. Mercury is the planet of business transactions, Taurus is concerned with Value, so business will be taking a more realistic, less speculative approach for the next 10 weeks.
Saturn, which has been retrograde (appearing to go backwards) for the last 5 months, will return to normal direct motion Friday May 2. Since Saturn moves so slowly, it appears to be nearly motionless, as it has been for a couple of weeks, at 7 degrees in Leo. This is a sensitive point in the Heavens as it coincides with last February's Lunar Eclipse, and also happens to be directly opposite to the Moon in the USA birth chart. Saturn, now moving forward in the 9th house of Beliefs and Laws in the USA chart promises more oppressive, restrictive laws that affect the Public (the Masses), as well as emphasizing more conservative, restrictive Beliefs.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mars Opposite Jupiter, Venus Enters Aries

Mars, traveling through Gemini, and Jupiter, in Sagittarius, have been opposite to each other in the Heavens since last November, 2007. The exact opposition is on Thursday, April 24. Mars is the planet of Aggression and Combat, whereas Jupiter is Beliefs, Philosophies and Religion: fighting about different versions of the Truth have been a general theme over the last several months, and are likely to intensify this coming week. This energy pattern gets further stimulation when the Moon transits through Sagittarius Thursday through Sunday April 24-27.
Other significations of Mars and Jupiter will likewise be pitted against one another. Jupiter's expansive, positive energy influences and encourages Mars the planet of Action: watch out for over-optimism leading to missing the details when acting impulsively.
Venus will leave Pisces and enter Aries this Friday, April 25, at 9 a.m. Pacific Dayklight Time. The entry of a planet into the first degree of the Zodiac is an opportunity to ask for the favor of that planet's energy. Thus, propitiations and puja asking for the favor of Venus are appropriate: topics related to Romance, Matrimony, Finances, and other significations of Venus. Simple mantra for Venus: "Om, Shum, Shukraye Namah"...repeated 108 times. Otherwise, Venus in Aries is good for being proactive for Venus' significations.
Meanwhile, Saturn opposite the natal Moon of the USA chart continues to give suffering to the masses in this country: thousands of more job cuts are announced by major U.S. corporations.
Pluto, conjunct the USA chart rising degree, manifested another of its meanings last week: Executions and the Unusual. The Supreme Court approved the 3 step drug injection method of killing condemned prisoners. As predicted on this blog previously, there was an Earthquake in the USA.(For more potential manifestations of Pluto, see previous post.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pluto Stationary, Full Moon, Mercury enters Aries

Pluto, which creeps along in the Heavens, is going retrograde, and now appears motionless in Sagittarius at 7 degrees. As it happens, this is the Ascendant, or Rising Degree, of the USA natal chart. Thus the significations of Pluto are atrongly manifest in the events of this country.
Pertaining to a country's natal chart, Pluto signifies abrupt changes in government, polarization of the public, natural calamities, terrorism, and secret actions. The USA will continue to experience extreme weather such as the recent tornadoes, and will likely have earthquakes and a bad hurricane season in the next few months. The presidential campaign will continue to get more contentious.
Pluto when it comes in contact with Venus leads to sexual perversion: the recently uncovered polygamous sect abusing underage girls in Texas is an example of Pluto being opposite to the natal Venus in the USA chart.
The Full Moon occurs on Sunday April 20 in the early morning (Pacific Time) at 6 degrees in Libra. This brings to fruition the month of Chaitra, named for the nakshatra Chitra, and contains the energy for 'making appearances' creating the illusion of success.
Mercury enters Aries on Monday, April 14, and will form a Parivatana Yoga with Mars: Mercury is in Mars' sign Aries, while Mars in Mercury's sign Gemini, until the end of the month. This strengthens the influence of Mars, the planet of Combat, over Mercury, the planet of Communications. Watch out for the Energy of Confrontation in the coming two weeks: the Campaign Trail Heats Up.
Additionally, Mars and Jupiter are coming into direct opposition (exact on April 24) and will show up as more Confrontation (Mars) between Beliefs and Philosopies (Jupiter).
Saturn is still slowly transiting retrograde opposite to the natal Moon in the USA chart, indicating Suffering for the Masses, especially regarding the 3rd house activities of the nation: transportation, commerce, weather, relations with neighboring countries, and realization of efforts. Thus, the problems with the Airlines continues, business within the country suffers, and the masses must cut back on travel (continues for the next couple of months).
Tuesday, April 15, the Moon transits through Leo and creates more activation for events related to Saturn opposing the USA natal Moon.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pisces New Moon, Sun enters Aries

Saturday, April 5, at 9 pm Pacific Daylight Time, is the New Moon at 22 degrees of Pisces. This marks the beginning of the Lunar Year in Vedic Astrology. A chart cast for any locality at the exact time of the Pisces New Moon gives indications for the coming year. For example, the chart cast for Washington D.C. at the time of the New Moon (11:50 pm EDT) has Scorpio Rising, with an Exalted Venus in the 5th house. Since Venus in a Scorpio chart is the ruler of the 12th house of Foreigners, exalted in the 5th house of Investments, we see that this year there will be money from other countries invested in the USA... and this will likely be a factor that helps bring this country out of the coming Recession. (More discussion on this topic available in this week's podcast)
Next Sunday, April 13, at 5:30 am Pacific Daylight Time, the Sun enters Aries in the Sidereal Zodiac. This marks the beginning of the Solar Year in Vedic Astrology. The entry of any planet into the first degree of the Zodiac is an auspicious time for prayers and propitiations to the entity, or energy, represented by that planet. Significations of the Sun pertaining to a person's life are enhanced through appropriate ceremony at this time for the coming year: Achieving one's Ambitions, Dealing with Authorities, Favorable events relating to one's Father, etc.
In the Chart of the USA, Mars will transit the natal Sun, in Gemini at 22 degrees, with additional activation provided by the Moon, on Friday April 11. Possible events include a challenge (Mars) to USA's authority (Sun) Overseas (7th house), Belligerent Actions by the USA, and potential for attack.
Saturn, moving retrograde at 8 degrees in Leo, is within 1 degree of the February 20 Lunar Eclipse Point, and opposite the USA natal Moon: more suffering for the Masses, and changes pertaining to the 3rd House: travel within the country (for instance: ongoing problems in the aviation sector) (More discussion on this week's podcast, to be posted Monday @ 4 pm)