Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mercury and Venus enter Pisces, New Moon

Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces Sunday, March 30. Venus does the same on Tuesday, April 1. Mercury is considered Debilitated, i.e., it's significations are weakened, in Pisces. On the other hand, Venus is Exalted in Pisces: Venus significations are strengthened. Thus the coming weeks are not as favorable for rational thought as they are for loving emotions. Sentimentality overcomes reason. Venus= Advisors, but the planet of communications, Mercury, is weak: advise from advisors is suspect.
On the campaign trail, Barack Obama will benefit from the transit of Venus since he is in his Jupiter Dasa, which "turns on" his 6th house. Venus transiting in his 6th house means he makes friends with his enemies and competitors: more endorsements from unlikely sources. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still suffering from a streak of bad luck due to a malific Mars transit to her 9th house. (see Obama and Clinton's natal charts).
Next Saturday, April 5, is the New Moon, at 22 degrees Pisces. This is the lunar month of Chaitra and has an energy that is favorable for making appearances, performances, and taking corrective actions. It is named for the nakshatra Chitra, known for creating things, and the design or appearance of things.
This New Moon also marks the beginning of the Vedic New Year. A chart drawn up for the exact time of the conjunction of the Sun and Moon at any point on the Earth gives details about the coming (lunar) year for that location. For instance, the chart cast for Washington D.C. at the time of the New Moon gives Scorpio Rising, with the ruling planet Mars in the 8th house: Secret Actions, Involvement with other Nations Finances, Changes and Transformation for the USA. (For more discussion of this topic, listen to podcast posted Monday, March 31)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Venus and Mercury conjunct Uranus

Venus and Mercury continue traveling together through Aquarius until the end of this month. They are within a degree of each other, and will be exactly conjunct Sunday, March 23, as Mercury moves past Venus. Both of these planets are approaching Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Events. Mercury crosses Uranus first, on Thursday, followed by Venus on Friday.
We have already been experiencing the effects of Venus, the finance planet, combined with Uranus, giving unexpected financial events such as the collapse of Bear-Sterns, and the unprecedented rescue of that company initiated by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Mercury is 'The News': thus, unexpected news, events in Tibet being one example.
More unexpected News (Mercury) re Finances (Venus) is likely for the rest of March.
All significations of Venus and Mercury are vulnerable.
Meanwhile, Mars, transiting in Gemini, is approaching the natal Jupiter position in the USA chart. Jupiter signifies the prosperity of the nation, Mars is the 'attack' planet, Gemini is the 7th house of 'partner countries' in the USA chart. Thus: the liklihood of bad news coming from overseas, for instance, further decline of the dollar and lessening of prosperity in this country. Other significations of Jupiter, such as Beliefs, Hope, Philosophies, will be similarly challenged. The energy of Mars and Jupiter gets an additional boost when the Moon transits through Sagittarius next weekend, Friday-Sunday, March 28-30.
Pluto continues to hang out over the USA ascendant degree for the next few months. The rising degree represents the 'health' of the country, Pluto indicates calamity: the forces of nature continue to pummel the middle of the country through the week, with more activation provided by the Moon in Sagittarius at the end of the week.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Venus opposite Saturn, Full Moon

Venus and Saturn are opposite to each other in the Heavens. The exact opposition is Saturday, March 15. Moon comes through Leo and further activates the Saturn-Venus opposition Tuesday-Thursday, March 19-20.
Saturn is the 'reality-check planet'and gives restrictions and suffering. Venus is Love, Art, Beauty... also Finances and Advise. So we have more bad news from the Financial Sector. In the Presidential Contest, Advisors (Venus) suffer: for the Clinton Campaign Geraldine Farraro leaves; for Obama, Rev.Jeremiah Wright leaves.
The Moon traveling through Leo will also activate February's Lunar Eclipse point and opposite to the USA charts natal Moon, on Wednesday, March 19. This is further indication of impending changes affecting the Masses in this country. (More info on this available in the current issue of the newsletter.)
Mars' oppostion to Pluto continues to give Revolutionary Acts, especially when activated when the Moon is in Gemini: events in Tibet Friday March 14.
Mars now approaches the natal Venus of the USA chart, exact conjunction on Friday, March 21. Mars is 'attack', Venus in a country's chart is the Currency. Expect the US dollar to fall even further.
Full Moon is Friday, March 21, at 7 degrees Virgo: the culmination of the lunar cycle's energy in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Uttara Phalguni, also associated with giving advise, as well as celebrations, inaugurations, and ceremonies.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Venus and Mercury in Aquarius

Friday March 7, Venus entered Aquarius. Monday, March 10, Mercury enters Aquarius.
They will ride together through this sign for nearly the rest of this month, Mercury leaving on March 29, Venus moves on March 31. This coming week there is a mob of significators in Aquarius: Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Sun, and Uranus. The significations of Aquarius are therefore emphasized. Aquarius is the sign of Humanitarian Acts, and Social Revolution. An Election in Spain, as well as the alliance being formed in Pakistan's Parliament, make up some of the international events. In the chart of the USA, the natal Moon is in Aquarius, with Venus passing over on Thursday. The Moon represents 'the masses', Venus is Finances, and both are afflicted by Saturn traveling opposite in Leo: Thus, more anxiety over the financial condition of the People in USA.
Meanwhile, Mars transiting in Gemini is still in position opposite Pluto transiting in Sagittarius, and lining up with the USA natal Ascendant. The Moon will be in Gemini Friday and Saturday, March 14-15, providing activation for more revolutionary events.
(Announcement: the new issue of our bi-monthly newsletter is now available.)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Moon, Venus & Mercury with Neptune

The New Moon this month occurs Friday, March 7 @23 degrees Aquarius. This begins the Lunar Month of Falguna, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon falls in on March 21. The energy of this lunar month is good for Beginnings, therefore Inaugurations,and Ceremonies.
The New Moon will also be within 1 degree of conjunction with Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Change, which gives the next four weeks the potential for surprising events.
This coming week there is a Venus-Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. The Venus-Neptune conjunction is exact on Thursday, March 6. Venus, the significator of Finance, and Cooperation, connecting with Neptune, the planet of Dreams and Confusion, creates suspicious energy pattern.
The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune, exact on Saturday March 8, joins the planet of Rational Discrimination with the planet of Dreams and Delusion. Also not an auspicious combination. The Moon, the "Seconds Hand of the Cosmic Clock" will be in Capricorn Monday March 3 through Wednesday March 5, suggesting early activation of the Venus-Mercury-Neptune combination. Promising confusion for Tuesday's USA Presidential Primaries in Texas and Ohio. But, Neptune also signifies Irrational Hope... so maybe Senator Obama will benefit...
Mars will be opposite to Pluto this week; the exact opposition is Friday, March 7.
Although not one of the original Vedic Astrology planets,Pluto is suppposed to signify radical change. Being opposite the planet of Action, Mars, suggests a potentially violent event. As it happens, this oppostion lines up with the Rising Degree of the USA Vedic Chart. It also occurs on the very day of the Sun-Moon conjunction with Uranus, another planet with a potential for violence. Should be an interesting week. (more Discussion: listen to this weeks' podcast posted on Monday, 4 pm PST)