Saturday, February 23, 2008

Venus conjunct Mercury

February 26, Tuesday, Mercury and Venus come together in the Heavens at 16 degrees in Capricorn. As it happens, this is the same degree as occupied by Ketu (the south node of the Moon), in the USA birth chart. Since Ketu has connections to Past Actions, and Capricorn's position in the 2nd house signifies Financial Matters, we can expect more revelations connected to past financial activities of the USA. If not connected with problematical positions in a natal chart, the combination of Mercury and Venus is generally favorable for communications and purchasing (Mercury= transactions, Venus= Money and Value).
Mercury is Communications and therefore Media, Venus is Young Females, Ketu is the Past: thus, more news and questions joining these subjects together. For instance, for Presidential Contender John McCain, the Mercury-Venus conjunction occurs in the 5th house of Romance in his birth chart, and in close opposition to his natal Mars in the 11th house of Social Activities. More details of his past activities will occupy the headlines in the coming week. In the chart of Barack Obama, the Mercury-Venus conjunction is opposite his natal Sun, giving him more self confidence for the coming week, whereas in Hilary Clinton's chart the Venus-Mercury conjunction is opposite to her natal Mars position, making her more passionate in her arguments.(More discussion: listen to this week's podcast posted Monday Feb. 25 @ 4pm pacific time).
Meanwhile, Mars is making its way through Gemini, the 7th house of the USA chart. Since Mars is a planet of Conflict, and the 7th house is Partners, we are seeing more problems in, and with, partner countries. The Mars transit in Gemini continues until nearly the end of April.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mercury goes Direct, Lunar Eclipse

Monday, Feb 18, Mercury will return to Direct Motion (resume its normal forward direction amongst the stars) having ended it's 3 week long retrograde period. Communications, transactions, rational thought, understanding, will start to normalize, but be aware that problems regarding Mercury's significations can still linger for a week or so while the planet, moving slowly at first, gets back "up to speed." On Feb.18, Mercury will, in effect, be "Stationary" amongst the stars... the planet of rational thought will be having trouble making up its mind on the very day of the Parliamentary Elections in Pakistan.
Also this week: Full Moon @ 7 degrees Leo will be Wednesday, February 20. This Full Moon is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon marks the culmination of the Lunar Month of Magha, as it occurs in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Magha. Magha's symbol is a throne, or the throne-room, i.e., the "Seat of Power."
Eclipses signify changes, especially when connecting closely with a significant planet or point in the natal chart. The February 20 eclipse will be opposite the natal Moon of the USA chart at 7 deg. Aquarius, indicating potential changes concerning the Public and the Public's Mind. The eclipse point is sensitized to further planetary interaction for the coming months. Events do not necessarily coincide with the day of the eclipse, but tend to happen when the eclipse point gets activated by a subsequent transit. By the end of March, Saturn, now retrograde, will "back into" the 8th degree of Leo, and set the stage for more events in the USA, pertaining to the "Seat of Power", i.e., the Presidential Elections. It is also noticed that events connected with eclipses tend to happen in the part of the world where the eclipse is visible. This Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout the USA.
Full Eclipse will be at approximately 10:30 pm on East Coast, 7:30 pm on West Coast (i.e.,visible on the Eastern horizon)
(For more Discussion on the Eclipse, listen to this week's podcast available starting Monday Feb 18 at 4 pm Pacific Time)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Venus enters Capricorn

Tuesday, February 12, Venus will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn in the Sidereal Zodiac,where it stays until March 7. This will separate the two main 'benefic' planets of Vedic Astrology, as Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for most of 2008. Venus now joins retrograde Mercury in the sign of practial applications. Venus's sojourn in Capricorn promises to be more reasonable with regard to finances, especially as this is the 2nd house of the USA chart. But, since Venus's significations join with a backwards moving Mercury, there will still be problems with correct communications and business transactions, at least until Mercury finishes its retrograde period on Feb. 18.
Additionally, we can't expect too much from this transit of Venus because the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is itself in a bad way, being retrograde in an enemy sign, Leo, which is the 8th position of the sign it rules, and accompanied by Ketu ... all contributing to current weakness in the financial sector, especially since Capricorn is the 2nd house of Finance in the USA chart.
Meanwhile, Mars, which ended its retrograde phase late last month, will be gradually picking up speed as it moves through Gemini over the next Ten weeks. Afflicting the USA chart's Ascendant, and connecting with all of the USA Gemini planets, the remainder of Mars' transit through Gemini promises to be a rough time for international relations for this country. Similarly, if your natal Vedic Astrology birth chart has important positions in Gemini, there will be a lot of impatient emergy and tendency to make mistakes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, Feb.6, is the New Moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn . This marks the beginning of the Lunar Month of Magha, named after the nakshatra (lunar sign) that the Full Moon will fall in (on Feb. 20). Magha is a nakshatra associated with Kings, and therefore Patronage and Reward. It carries the energy of Governance and Respect. However, since both the New Moon and the Full Moon of this month are eclipses, which weaken the Solar-Lunar energy cycle, we shouldn't expect much from Magha this time.
The New Moon will also be a Solar Eclipse. This one is an Annular Eclipse, meaning that the shadow of the Moon will not completely block out the Sun. Eclipses foretell changes. Wednesday's eclipse will be conjunct Mercury, which is in retrograde motion (see previous post). This combination of the an eclipse with another planet increases the liklihood of events. Since the eclipse occurs in Capricorn, which is the 2nd House of the USA's chart, being the house of Finances, and the planet involved is the planet of Business Transactions, there will be more disagreeable news from the Financial Sector. The other significations of Mercury ,already suffering from being retrograde, will incur more damage from being eclipsed in the month of Magha.
For more information: listen to this week's Podcast)