Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mercury goes Retrograde, Mars goes Direct

Monday, January 28,Mercury will start a 3-weeks long retrograde period. The planet appears to reverse its direction amongst the stars, which is due to the Earth in its orbit moving ahead of Mercury.
Mercury will be "backing up" starting from the extreme end of the sign Capricorn. Although Mercury is considered favorable in the "manager sign" Capricorn, the last degree of a sign is considered a place of weakness. Mercury is also conjunct Neptune, the planet of Dreams. Thus, the significations of Mercury will suffer in the coming weeks. The Planet of Reason going backwards in the Heavens makes for problems with communications, misunderstandings, messages don't get through, electronic equipment malfunctions. The usual precautions apply; recheck that the message was received, don't assume that you were understood, try not to sign anything until the retrograde period is over, February 18. An added problem occurs due to Mars being in Mercury's sign Gemini. This transfers some of Mars' impatient, aggressive energy to Mercury. Thus it is more likely that misunderstandings are accompanied by Mars' Anger.
January 30, Wednesday, Mars will return to its normal, Direct Motion. Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since mid-November. It "turns around" this week at 0 degrees Gemini. Once again, we have a planet changing direction at the very edge of a sign, and thus weakened. The significations of Mars which have been suffering for the last two months, still have a few weeks to go to improve.
Beginning new projects of any significance should still wait, preferably until later in February, after Mars has picked up some speed and Mercury is out of retrograde.
Read more about Mercury Retrograde: request current issue of Astology Newsletter

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Full Moon, Venus with Jupiter

Tuesday, January 22, is the Full Moon in Cancer, in the nakshatra Pushyami, the sign of the 'nurturer'. This is generally speaking, considered to be good energy, favorable for almost all undertakings, social engagements, etc., except for marriage.
Venus has now joined Jupiter in Sagittarius, adding to the general optimism. Jupiter is the energy of expansion, Venus is love and romance, but also sensuality and self-satisfaction. Sagittarius, like all the fire signs, is self-centered, thus the postive optimistic energy tries to take advantage of any situation leading to false hope, celebration & dissipation, and the consequent loss of opportunities.
Meanwhile, Mercury and Mars are slowing down in their night-to-night journey amongst the stars. Mercury, planet of rationality, is currently conjunct Neptune, planet of Dreams, thus adding to the air of unreasonableness. Mercury will go Retrograde Jan.28, and Mars, already retrograde, will return to Direct Motion on Jan. 30. Mars is now conjunct the natal Mars of the USA chart, exaggerating the energy level and general rambunctiousness of events in the USA.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sun enters Capricorn, Venus enters Sagittarius

Monday, January 14, the Sun enters Capricorn, joining Venus and Neptune in this sign. I call Capricorn the "manager sign" of the Zodiac; it's all about taking responsibility and getting the job done. While in Capricorn, the Sun is exchanging energy with Saturn, which is transiting in the Sun's sign, Leo. This exchange of sign rulers is called a parivatana yoga. The Sun and Saturn are considered enemies in Vedic Astrology; their energies are not compatible with each other. In Mundane Astrology, the Sun represents leaders and government; Saturn represents the common people. An uneasy relationship between the two continues for the next 30 days. Capricorn is also a bit of a "control freak": Sun in Capricorn indicates that the Leaders are trying to keep control.
Saturday, January 19, Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, where it will be until February 12. Venus joins Jupiter, already transiting in this sign. Venus and Jupiter are the two main benefic planets in Vedic Astrology. Therefore the significations of Sagittarius are substantially boosted by this transit. Anyone with Sagittarius emphasized in their natal chart will feel strong positive energy over the three weeks beginning Jan.19. However, Venus+Jupiter in a fire sign can lead to over-confidence, and too much celebration and self-indulgence: watch for a tendency to get 'carried away'.
As soon as it enters Sagittarius, Venus will be opposite Mars in the Heavens. Mars benefits from the aspect of the benefic Venus, but Venus suffers from the aspect of Mars. Since Venus represents Harmony, there's a liklihood of problems between people, or nations, during this transit. The opposition of Mars and Venus is intensified since they are also in each others' navamsha (navamsha is a 1/9 division of a sign) for the next couple of days. Additionally, the Moon will pass over Mars, lining up with the Mars-Venus oppostion on Saturday, providing yet more stimulation, and making January 19 a day with strong potential for events connected with the significations of Mars and Venus.
For more discussion of these events, listen to this weeks podcast.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Moon in Sagittarius

This month the New Moon occurs January 8, Tuesday morning (pacific coast time), at 23 degrees Sagittarius. This New Moon is in the nakshatra called Purva Ashada, and carries with it the optimism and "can't loose" attitude of that lunar sign. This begins the month of Pausha, named for the nakshatra Pushyami, where the Full Moon will take place on January 22, in the sign Cancer.
The Lunar Month of Pausha is considered overall to be good: both Purva Ashada, where the Moon starts out, and Pushyami, where the lunar energy culminates, are regarded as favorable lunar signs.
Of interest is that the New Hampshire Primary will be occuring on this day. Since New Moon and Full Moon days are turning points in the Lunar energy pattern, the voting in New Hampshire signals a 'turn' in the campaign. With regards to their natal Moon positions, Tuesday is more favorable to Barack Obama then to Hilary Clinton. (for more on the election, listen to this week's podcast).