Monday, October 29, 2007

Mercury goes Direct, Venus enters Virgo

Thursday, Nov.1, Mercury will resume normal Direct Motion amongst the stars. The end of the retrograde period of Mercury will bring a return to normal flow of communications, but since it takes several days for the planet to get back 'up to speed' we still need to be careful of lingering effects for another week.
Friday, Nov.2, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo. This is Venus' sign of debilitation. The significations of Virgo, a critical and analytical sign, are not appreciated by the planet of Love and Relationship, thus Venus' significations will suffer while she is in Virgo, through the month of November.
Saturday, Nov. 3, the Moon will transit over the Saturn-Ketu conjunction (see previous posts), creating activation of this deadly duo. Two weeks ago, when the Moon entered Aquarius opposite to Saturn-Ketu, there was Activation which manifested as the California fires. The Moon in Aquarius activated the August 28 eclipse point, (see previous posts) and it was just when the Moon hit Aquarius Sunday morning that the fires started in Malibu. Events connected with an eclipse happen in the part of the world where the eclipse was visible, as it was in the Western USA.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sun in Libra, Full Moon in Aries

Libra is considered to be the Sun's sign of Debilitation, i.e., the significations of the Sun suffer in this sign. Since the Sun represents the King, and therefore Government, the implication is that governments do poorly while the Sun is in Libra, from Oct. 17 to Nov. 17. The reason seems to be that the Sun is the indicator of Ambition and Will, whereas Libra is the sign of Compromise. (It is curious that in the USA this is the time of the year that elections are held.)
This month the Full Moon will occur Thursday, October 25, at 8 degrees Aries, which is a sign noted for indiviualistic, and impulsive, Actions. Since the energy is high, and therefore difficult to control, on a Full Moon, important events are best put off for a different day.
Mars has been transiting in the sign Gemini since mid-September, which is the 7th house (Partners) of the chart of the USA. Mars is now transiting over the position of USA's natal Jupiter; it will be exact on Tuesday, Oct.23. Jupiter represents Beliefs, as well as Prosperity. Mars is the planet of Aggression and Fight. Thus the Beliefs, and the Prosperity, of the USA get Challenged by Other Countries over the coming weeks.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Activation of Saturn and Ketu

Many people have been feeling the effects of Saturn conjunct Ketu (the Lunar South Node, i.e., one of the eclipse points) as a frustrating energy, one that prevents things from coming together, or getting off the ground. Saturn and Ketu will be influencing each other for as long as they are both in the same sign, i.e., until Ketu moves out of Leo in May 2008. The intermixing of their energies is particularly strong now while they are in very close proximity, and simultaneously opposite to the Lunar Eclipse point which occurred on the opposite side of the Heavens at 11 degrees Aquarius last August 28.
The Moon acts as the 'Seconds Hand' of the great Cosmic Clock, and it will be transiting over the Eclipse point on October 21-22, giving these dates a high potential for events. If your natal chart has a planetary position or sensitive point at or close to 11 degrees Leo or 11 degrees Aquarius, there is a hign liklihood for change occuring in your life, especially as pertains to the nature of the planet and area of life indicated by the house affected in your natal chart.
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Virgo New Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Wednesday Night, October 10, is the New Moon, at 23 degrees Virgo. This is the Vedic Lunar month of Ashwin, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) Ashwini, that the Full Moon falls in (Oct. 25). Ashwini's symbol is a Horse, implying fast action, i.e., fast-developing events. The New Moon in Virgo carries the energy of this analytical, critical sign.
A 20 days-long Mercury Retrograde period begins Friday, October 12, continuing until November 1. Observe the usual precautions for the planet of communications going backwards: recheck to see that the message got through, pay extra attention to speaking and writing to make sure you didn't misunderstand and weren't misunderstood, careful re financial transactions, etc. Since Mars is currently transiting through Mercury's sign Gemini, there is a strong potential for Anger that arises from misunderstandings. (for more details, see article in this month's newsletter)
Saturday, Oct. 13, Saturn and Venus come together at 11 degrees Leo in the Heavens, opposite to the August 28 Lunar Eclipse Point, and aligning with the Rahu/Ketu Axis. This combination is a signification of changes that are beyond our control. Not a good weekend to initiate anything of lasting importance.
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