Sunday, September 30, 2007

Venus in Leo

On Saturday,September 29, Venus re-enters Leo. Venus had been in Leo in July, then went retrograde while in Leo, backed-up into Cancer in August, and resumed direct motion while in Cancer in early September.
Venus is the planet of Finances. While it was retrograde, and being influenced by malific Saturn and Mars during August, the financial situation became unstable. Now Venus returns to Leo, where Saturn and Ketu (two major malifics) are positioned to once again influence the planet of Finances. Furthermore, while in Cancer, Venus was being favorably influenced by Jupiter's trine (120 deg.) aspect, which is no longer the case.
Venus will be transiting through Leo all during October. As well as being now under malific influence, Venus is generaly unfavorable in the sign Leo. Thus, we can expect the significations of Venus to suffer during this month, i.e., the financial picture will continue to deteriorate.
Meanwhile, the aforementioned malifics, Saturn and Ketu, are getting closer and closer together. Their combined energies are intensifying. Saturn, the significator of Form and Stability, is threatened by Ketu (one of the eclipse points), a significator of Change. The last time Saturn and Ketu were together in Leo was in 1802. That was when Napolean was taking over Europe and the Wahabists were subduing the Muslim world.
All three: Venus, Ketu, and Saturn, will be on top of each other at mid-month, meanwhile being exactly opposite the Lunar eclipse point of August 28, indicating potential world-wide problems in October.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autumn Equinox, Full Moon

Sunday September 23, is the Autumnal Equinox
The Sun, as seen from our viewpoint in the Northern Hemisphere, starts getting lower in the sky, signifying the coming of winter. The Sun and the planets of the Solar System are in one plane, called the Ecliptic. The projection of the Earth's Equator onto the Heavens (the Celestial Equator) intersects the Ecliptic at two places: the Equinoxes. Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the Sun's path relative to the horizon varies. When its path crosses the Celestial Equator, as it is heading lower in the sky, it is the Autumnal Equinox. When the Sun returns to the mid-point in March, it is the Vernal Equinox.
Monday, September 24: The Moon transits the eclipse point,
11 degrees Aquarius was the point of the Lunar Eclipse of August 28. The Moon transiting over the eclipse point can activate events related to the eclipse. The eclipse was in the 3rd house of the USA Chart. Events related to the 3rd house are possible: the Media, Transportation and Communications within the country. If your own Vedic Astrology chart has an emphasis on 10 or 11 deg. Aquarius, you could be affected as well.
Wednesday, Sept. 26: Full Moon at 9 deg. Pisces.
The Full Moon is the 'fulfillment of the month's energies'. This month it is in the lunar sign called Uttara Bhadra, known for making speeches and being financially successful; also known for having problems that take a long time to resolve. As usual, the day of the Full Moon is to be avoided for doing anything important. The reason is that the energy is considered 'extreme', i.e., difficult to manage.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mars enters Gemini

Sunday, September 16, Mars enters Gemini in the Sidereal Zodiac. Mars usually spends about 6 weeks transiting through a sign. But this time it will spend 7 months in Gemini because, as seen from Earth, Mars will start to slow down, turn retrograde (reverse direction as it moves amongst the stars) from Nov. 15 to Jan. 30, and then slowly move through Gemini again, not leaving until late next April. Thus the effects of this transit will last for a significant length of time.
The energy of Mars and that of Gemini do not mix well. Mars is the planet of Action, Leadership, Aggression, and Conflict. Mars likes Fast Results. Gemini is the sign of Diplomacy. Gemini likes to collect data and opinions, find the patterns and meaning in everything, and come to conclusions that please everyone. Mars has no time for Gemini's consensus-making. The combination of Mars' 'get it done now' and Gemini's interest in ideas makes for arguements, jumping to conclusions, and taking action before a sufficient amount of data has been obtained.
Some examples of the Mars transit:
In the Vedic birth-chart of the USA,Gemini is the 7th house, containing USA natal Sun, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. Thus this Mars transit will be especially significant. The 7th house of a country's chart deals with relations with other countries. The likelihood is for a lot of conflict for the USA over the coming months.
In President Bush's Vedic Birth Chart, Mars is transiting through his 12th house. The 12th house deals with the subconscious. On the material plane it is the house of Loss, Expense, and Hidden Enemies. Mars' transit here has a high potential for evil results.
Hilary CLinton is Gemini Rising in Vedic Astrology. Mars transiting through her first house will make her even more combative than usual. She will exemplify Mars' warrior energy in the coming months.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Moon in Leo, Saturn opposite USA's Moon

Tuesday, September 11 there will be a New Moon at 24 deg. Leo. The challenging influence of Mars is transmitted to the New Moon through Mars' square aspect (90 deg): the coming lunar month will likely be stressful.
Meanwhile, Saturn has moved into position directly opposite to the Natal Moon in the Chart of the USA. In a country's birthchart, the Moon represents the Masses, and the Sentiments of the People. Saturn is 'the Reality Check Planet': the people will be getting a dose of reality. Since Saturn is transiting in the 9th house of the USA Chart, this reality-check will concern the Beliefs, Morals, and Principles of the country. There is also the potential for some restrictions (one of the significations of Saturn) afflicting the People, especially as regards the significations of the 3rd house: the Media, Communications, and Travel within the Country (i.e., Transportation).
The good news is that Venus, no longer retrograde (see previous post) is now enjoying the aspect of Jupiter, giving some relief from the recent financial turmoil.
Venus and Jupiter are planets of Guidance: an energy pattern that promises positive influence from those who have the Wisdom (Jupiter) to realize the necessity of coming to Agreement (Venus).

Monday, September 03, 2007

Venus Goes Direct, Mercury in Virgo

Venus, which has been retrograde since July 27, will resume its normal forward motion amongst the stars on Saturday, September 8. The significations of Venus will function in a more normal fashion: Financial markets settle down, Relationships become more harmonious, people stop worrying about the value of everything. Venus will be at 22 degrees of Cancer, a sign concerned with Support and the Public. Thus the public is seeking signs of financial security. Venus will be getting support from Jupiter moving through Scorpio via that planet's trinal aspect(120 deg). Both Jupiter and Venus are planets of Guidance; their positive interaction helps to calm the anxiety of recent events. The remainder of September will have a generally more positive feeling than what we have been experiencing during August.
Mercury went into Virgo last Saturday, September 1. Virgo is Mercury's own sign, and the sign it is exalted in. Thus the significations of Mercury will prosper over the coming three weeks. Mercury pays attention to the details, and also represents Business Deals. Since Venus, the planet of money, and Mercury,Venus's friend, are both in good status, the financial picture looks good, at least for a few weeks.
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