Sunday, August 26, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon

August 28, Tuesday, in the pre-dawn hours, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon, in Aquarius. Lunar eclipses last a few hours, the center of this one will be aound 3:30 am, pacific time, at 11 deg. Aquarius. It will be visible in the USA, primarily in the Western States.
To the Ancients, elipses were considered portentous; after all, the Moon (or Sun) was being extinguished, as if by magic. In Astrology, the eclipse signals changes. Generally it is observed that the point in the Heavens where the eclipse occurs becomes sensitized for the next several months. Any planet that subsequently passes through the eclipse point, or opposite it, will trigger an Event. The part of the Earth where the event(s) occur are usually the same places where the eclipse was observable. For example, the Solar eclipse of July, 2001, was visible on the Eastern Seaboard, and three months later when the Moon transited the eclipse point and Mars was transiting exactly opposite, the planes hit the World Trade Center.
Lunar eclipses don't usually produce as dramatic events as do Solar eclipses, but do have overall effects. In a Natal Chart, if the eclipse lands on a sensitive point, it will also trigger events. The Vedic Astrology Chart of the USA has its Moon very close to where this eclipse will occur. In October, Saturn and Venus will come together in Leo exactly opposite to the eclipse point. It is likely that there will be events at that time that effect the people of the USA.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Venus in Cancer, Jupiter opposite Mars

As of Sunday, August 19,Venus, traveling backwards amongst the stars, entered Cancer. By entering Cancer Venus has escaped from the direct malific influence of Mars, Saturn and Ketu, and thus is somewhat 'out of the woods.' But Venus is still combust (too close to the Sun: see previous post) until Thursday, August 23, when it becomes visible in the East, i.e., as the 'morning star.' Venus is also still retrograde, until Sept. 8, so Values and Relationships are still in doubt. Additionally, Venus is transiting through a part of the zodiac called gandant, the 'no-man's land' that exists where a fire sign (Leo) and a water sign (Cancer) come together. Thus the significations of Venus are still weakened for another week.
Mars and Jupiter, transiting in Taurus and Scorpio respectively, will be exactly opposite to each other in the Heavens on Thursday, August 23. When planets are opposite to each other they are in an mutual relationship; they 'see' each other from either side of the zodiac. This mutual influence is further strengthened in this case since Jupiter occupies a Mars-ruled sign, Scorpio. The influence of Benefic Jupiter on Mars helps Mars to be more confident and optimistic for Actions. Since Mars is in the Materialistic sign Taurus,ruled by Venus, the financial problems represented by Venus being in trouble don't manifest as severely as they might otherwise at this time.
However, Jupiter's encouragement of Mars makes for too much optimism, i.e., false optimism, which gives rise to over-reaching, immoderate behavior, improperly managing things. Fortunately the aspect of Saturn from its position in Leo helps control the worst excesses of the enthusiastic Mars.
But Saturn itself is rather weak, because it too is combust the Sun, now and for the next week. Saturn's significations, especially material ones such as Structures, and the Working Classes (Saturn= laborers) can suffer.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Moon, Venus Combust

The New Moon is on Sunday, August 12 in Cancer at 25 degrees. Thus the Lunar Month carries the energy of the nurturing sign Cancer, the Moon's own sign. However, the last section of Cancer is the Lunar Sign called Ashlesha, which has a reputation for self-interest, manipulation, and secrecy. These qualities are also featured in the coming weeks.
Venus is within 6 degrees of the Sun for the next 10 days. This condition is called Combust, i.e., the planet is so close to the Sun it is invisible, and its energy is 'burnt up'. Venus is considered one of the planets of Guidance (the other is Jupiter), so when it can't be seen in the Heavens, we lose our way, i.e., things are more uncertain or unknowable. Since Venus is also retrograde, and conjunct Saturn, its significations are severely compromised for this time period. Some relief comes after August 19, when Venus 'backs into' Cancer and escapes the influence of Saturn, but it is still combust until August 23, and retrograde until September 8. Therefore, determining the monetary Value of things is difficult, resulting in more financial instability. There will be more problems with regards to coming to Agreement between sides; Harmony is difficult to achieve on all levels.
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jupiter Goes Direct, Mars Square Venus

On Monday, August 5, Jupiter will 'turn Direct', i.e., the planet of Opportunity, which has been retrograde (going backwards amongst the stars as seen from Earth) since last April, will resume its normal forward motion through the Zodiac. The significations of Jupiter will get more encouragment, especially as Mars, the planet of Action, is currently influencing Jupiter from its position opposite in Taurus. Our Beliefs and Philosophies, symbolized by Jupiter, are also being challenged by the opposing Mars, representing Actions by others. Jupiter in Scorpio, aspected by Mars in Taurus, can act in an "ends justifies the means" manner in order to see the Beliefs Implemented.
Mars as well is exactly in Square (90 deg.) aspect to Venus on Tuesday, August 7. Since Venus is retrograde, and sandwiched between two natural malifics, Saturn and Ketu, Venus' significations are being thoroughly hammered this coming week. The financial situation continues to be unfavorable.
In the chart of the USA, the transiting Saturn is opposite to the Moon, meaning that the People of the Country are Oppressed. Mars transiting in the 6th house of the USA chart indicates that the problem has to do with Health Matters, i.e., Health Insurance for the Masses will continue to be a hot topic in the coming weeks.
In your own personal Vedic Astrology birth chart, if you have planets or an Ascendant in the early degrees of Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you are more likely to be feeling through the next two weeks the effects of the combined energy pattern of Mars/ Saturn/ Venus.