Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mars Square Saturn, Mercury enters Cancer

Mars is now transiting in Taurus, while Saturn is transiting in Leo. In Vedic Astrology Mars is considered to aspect (cast its influence) forward 4 signs ahead, while Saturn throws an aspect 10 signs ahead. This is called a 'square' (90 deg.) aspect in Western Astrology. Mars and Saturn represent energies that do not readily mix. This sets up a tense relationship, which is exacerbated by the two planets being in fixed signs, i.e., signs that don't compromise easily. The result is a pressure-cooker effect, liable to blow.
Mars is also influencing Venus, which tends to bring out the lower side of Venus' nature: selfishness, indulgence, moral transgressions. Venus being retrograde (see previous post) doesn't help matters. The combination of Mars and Saturn both afflicting Venus is bad for financial activities as well.
Meanwhile Mercury, the planet of Reason, enters Cancer on Wednesday, August 1. Cancer, a sign strong for feelings and emotions, is not a good place for the planet of rationality. So not much help from Mercury. Jupiter, planet of Wisdom, is also still retrograde, and opposite to Mars. Jupiter doesn't help us either, and may with it's expansive energies only contribute to Mars' bull-headedness.
Thus, the overall pattern in the Heavens is one of difficulty, with nobody backing off of their positions, and a strong prediliction for frustration, anger, and probable extreme action at some point.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Venus goes Retrograde, Mars enters Taurus

On Friday, July 27, Venus begins its 42-day Retrograde phase. (retrograde: the apparent backwards motion of a planet from night to night against the backdrop of the stars due to the Earth and the other planet being in concentric orbits). During this time period the astrological significations of Venus don't behave normally.
Venus is the planet of Money, therefore, Value. It is hard to tell what the value of things are while Venus is retrograde. Venus is the planet of Relationship. While Venus is retrograde relationships are called into question. This Venus retrograde phase lasts until September 8 (for a more detailed report get our most recent newsletter).
On Saturday, July 28, Mars enters Taurus. Mar's transit through Taurus will amplify the significations of Taurus for the next 7 weeks. Taurus is the materialist of the Zodiac, concerned with the tangible worth of everything. Mars is the Action Planet, impatient for results; demanding that things move forward.
From its position in Taurus, Mars will be influencing Venus not only by being in Venus' sign, but also by its fourth house, or square (90 degree) aspect. The influence of Mars on retrograde Venus makes Venus behave badly, leading to selfishness, arguments, and the potential for indulgent, immoral activities. Venus is also the significator of Finances: pressure is put on financial dealings and financial markets.
Additionally, since Venus, transiting in Leo, is sandwiched between Ketu (one of the eclipse points) and Saturn, both of which are natural malifics in Vedic Astrology, we can say that Venus is getting pretty well hammered over the coming weeks. Venus, Saturn, and Ketu being in Leo, the sign of Governments and People in Government, indicates more trouble amongst countries, immoral actions of our leaders and elected representatives, and problems in global currency matters.
Note: For Anyone Having Trouble with Saturn's Energy during its Transit in Leo, the mantra recommended is: Om, Shum, Shree Shanaish-war-eye-ya, Swa-ha (repeat daily at least 108 times)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturn enters Leo

Sunday, July 15, 2007, is the day that Saturn enters the sign Leo in the Heavens. Saturn is a key planet for Life on Earth: it is the planet of Structure of all kinds from physical structures to reality structure. Saturn in Vedic Astrology is classed as a malific, because it represents the energy of Restriction. I call Saturn "the Reality Check planet" brings us face to face with harsh realities. Saturn moves slowly, taking over two years to pass through a zodiacal sign. Saturn will be in Leo until September, 2009.

Leo is the sign of the King (and Governments), ruled by the Sun. The Sun and Saturn are considered bitter enemies in Vedic Astrology, thus, Saturn is not welcome in Leo. Therefore, the qualities attributed to Saturn suffer during the next two years. Since Saturn represents Labor it signifies the Common People and the government of the common people, i.e., Democracy. Both the common people and the structures of governments, in particular democracy, will be severely challenged by this transit.
If in your personal Vedic Astrology chart, you have Leo-rising, Leo Moon, or significant planets in Leo, there will be strong impacts now until Sept.'09.
For more information on Saturn's transit, see the article in our July/August Newsletter.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Venus enters Leo

Tuesday, July 3, Venus enters Leo. Leo is the sign of Kings and Governments; Venus is a planet of Guidance. Whether or not the king, or the president, heeds the advice of his counselors is another matter. Leo, being a royal sign, is also prone to celebrations and enjoyment; Venus signifies Art, Beauty, and Love. Tendency with Venus in Leo is to go a bit overboard on pomp and ceremony. Leo is very self-interested, Venus is concerned about appearance. Thus, the combination gives conceit, self-indulgence, enjoying oneself "while Rome burns."
Mercury is still retrograde until July 9. Until then, remain vigilant re communications, potential for misunderstandings, problematic for business deals, and preferably don't sign anything.
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