Saturday, June 23, 2007

Venus Conjunct Saturn, Full Moon in Sagittarius

As the week progresses, Venus is moving closer and closer to Saturn, the exact conjunction coming next Sunday, July 1. Venus, representing Art, Beauty, Relationship, and Money is combining with Saturn, the planet of Restriction, Responsibility, Discipline, Difficulties, and Old Age. The resulting energy pattern gives rise to various possibilities, such as: Restrictions on Money, Serious Love, Advice from 'old-timers', Disciplined Finances. The conjunction happens at the end of the sign Cancer, a part of the Zodiac known for being weak since it is the juncture of a Water sign and a Fire sign.
The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius this month, on Saturday the 30th. This Full Moon will be in the Lunar Sign called Poorva Ashada, whose nickname is 'the Unsubdued', and 'Early Victor', suggesting a certain immoderate behaviour. The Full Moon will be opposite to the retrograde Mercury in Gemini, meaning that drastic emotional reactions overwhelm logic and reason. Thus, not a good time for careful thoughtful actions.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 21, is the Summer Solstice. This point in the Heavens marks the Sun's most northerly position with regards to the celestial equator (the projection of the Earth's equator onto the Heavens), commonly known in the northern hemisphere as the first day of summer. As such, it indicates an extreme of movement, and like all extremes in Vedic Astrology, it is considered best to avoid this time period for initiating anything of long lasting significance. Traditionally three days on either side of the solstice considered inauspicious as well. Thus, from Tuesday, June 18, through Saturday, June 23, it is best to avoid starting major projects.
Tuesday June 19 will be an exact trine from Jupiter to Venus: This is a favorable time for social activities, pleasures, etc. But could also lead to over-indulgence and inflated values, so watch out for spending or carelessness due to over-confidence.
Mercury is Retrograde, thus writing to past lovers or friends who you've been meaning to get back in touch with is appropriate. Mercury Retrograde is good for going back over past communications, i.e., editing and re-writing articles, etc. Mercury will be retrograde until July 10.
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Monday, June 11, 2007

New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Mars Enters Aries

There are three notable planetary events coming up this week:
Thursday, June 14, will be a New Moon in Taurus. This new Moon is at the very end of Taurus, and actually is an 'extra' New Moon (referred to in the West as a 'Blue moon'). This happens because 12 lunar cycles adds up to 354 days, whereas the solar cycle is 365 days. So every 2+ years we get an extra New Moon. In Vedic Astrology the extra New Moon is considered weakened. The coming Lunar Month is not favorable for starting any major projects.
Friday, June 15, Mercury begins one of its 3 weeks-long retrograde periods, this one lasting until July 9. Mercury appearing to go backwards amongst the stars is unfavorable for most things that Mercury rules. Be careful of misunderstandings, poor communication, delayed mail, messages not getting through the first time, errors in financial transactions,etc. Any major endeavors begun while Mercury is retro will be plagued with similar problems for the length of the project.
Saturday, June 16, Mars enters Aries. Mars rules the sign Aries, so Mars will be quite powerful for the next 6 weeks. Best use of Mars energy is to have some short-term project that will give fast results. (But be careful of significations of Mercury.) Mars likes physical activities. Special tip: any planet when it enters 0 degrees Aries (the beginning of the zodiac) provides an opportunity for propitiating the energy of that planet. Mars is at 0 degrees Aries at 8am Pacific Time. Appropriate prayers to Mars, the Planet of Initiative, would be done at that time, for the success of any endeavors you plan on starting in the coming year.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Jupiter Trine Mars, Planets and USA Chart

Today, Monday June 4, Mars and Jupiter are exactly Trine (i.e.,120 degrees apart) in the Heavens. The Trine is a Benefic Aspect, especially when it involves Jupiter, called the Great Benefic in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter gives Faith and Optimism to Mars' desire for Action. This is good, but it also encourages going overboard, taking risks, and getting spread too thin with activities.
In the chart of the USA (Sagittarius Rising), Mars will be transiting opposite to Saturn. Saturn is Structure: everything from structures like buildings to the structure of our government, i.e., Intitutions of Democracy. Mars opposite Saturn is problematic: the structures of the government feel threatened. More specifically, Saturn in the USA chart is in the 10th house, the part of the chart that represents the Ruling Party, and since Saturn also signifies Control, it is the control by the ruling party that feels threatened by Mars.
The G-8 summit in Germany will thus reflect a combination of Optimism shown by the beneficial Mars-Jupiter pattern along with the USA's ruling party responding to its being threatened by the Actions of the Other Countries. Since the Jupiter transit is in the 12th house of the USA chart, the action takes place in a Foreign Land (12th house signification), Germany.
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