Monday, April 30, 2007

Venus enters Gemini, Full Moon in Libra

Last Week's Mars transit over Rahu and Uranus and opposite March's Lunar Eclipse point gave a week full of unexpected events (check this week's Podcast for Details). The Mars energy pattern will continue this week until Mars leaves Aquarius on Monday, May 7.
Venus is still opposite Jupiter, expanding prices, until Venus leaves Taurus on Wednesday, May 2, and enters Gemini. Venus will no longer be under the influence of Jupiter and will be in a sign regarded as much more unstable than Taurus: stock market starts to fluctuate.
Wednesday morning, at 3:30 AM Pacific Time, is the Full Moon in Libra, a sign known for Idealism and the quest for Harmony. But since Libra's idealism is also for society, it gets associated with Fanatics and Martyrs: potential for more Terrorist activities.
Moon will transit through Scorpio on Thursday and Friday, stimulating Jupiter-in-Scorpio's appetite for Investigations and Uncovering the Truth, particularly as regards the Dark Side of past doings....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mars Connects with Eclipse Point, Rahu, & Uranus

This week, starting April 23, Mars will conjunct three significators in the Heavens known to cause potential trouble. This energy pattern has been slowly forming for the last few weeks, and has given rise to malific events already. This week the energy gets even stronger.
Monday, April 23: Mars transits opposite the March 3rd Lunar Eclipse point. Eclipses sensitize the spot in the Zodiac where they occur, as well as the point opposite.
Mars will hit 19 deg. Aquarius on Monday, opposite Leo 19 deg., where the total luar eclipse occured last March. Since Leo is a sign representing Kings and Governments, there is a likelihood of a change within or of government. Anyone with a birthchart that has a planet or sensitive point close to 19 Leo or Aquarius should be cautious.
Wednesday, April 25: Mars transits over Rahu at 21 degrees Aquarius. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon, one of the two crossover points of the apparent path of the Sun intersecting with that of the Moon (as seen from Earth)and known in Vedic Astrology to cause trouble. With Mars, there is the energy of powerful action, potentially violent.
Saturday, April 28: Mars will be exactly conjunct Uranus in the Heavens. Uranus, the planet of Sudden and Unexpected Changes gets a solid kick from Mars: also likely to manifest as violence.
The Moon, which acts as a sort of 'Seconds Hand' for timing, will be opposite the Mars/Uranus/Rahu conjunction on Friday, April 27, making this day very strong for events.
While all the above is happening, Venus and Jupiter will become exactly opposite each other at 24 degrees Taurus and Scorpio respectively. Venus= value; Jupiter= expansion. The Venus-Jupiter opposition is what has been causing the stock market to go up despite other events. Since the Venus-Jupiter opposition is exactly squared by the Mars-Uranus conjunction, we will likely see a sudden 'correction' this week, stimulated by sudden unexpected events.
Announcement: The Weekly KZSC Radio Astrology Interview, with yours' truly, is now available as a Podcast at every Monday at approx. 4 pm PDT.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Aries New Moon, Saturn goes Direct

Tuesday, April 17, at 4:30 a.m. PDT, will be the New Moon. This one is at 3 degrees of Aries. The Aries New Moon is a great time to ask for the Moon's blessings on any new project you have scheduled for this year. Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, it has a lot of significations connected with beginning things, as does the New Moon.The next two weeks, while the Moon is waxing, are likewise beneficial for initiating new endeavors.
Since the Moon is exactly conjunct the Sun, you can do a puja (ceremony) requesting the help of the Heavens at Dawn on Tuesday. An appropriate mantra for the Moon would be: "Om, Som, Shri Somaye Namaha, Om" intoned the traditional 108 times, while keeping in mind the project you would like to get started on.
On the 19th of April, Saturn will turn Direct. Saturn has been Retrograde (the apparent backwards motion of the planet with respect to the stars as seen from Earth) since early last December. Many things have been 'stuck' while the planet of Structure has been in reverse in the Heavens.
Now projects which have been going nowhere will begin to see positive movement. Other significations of Saturn will likewise benefit. But remember that slow-moving Saturn takes several weeks to get back up to normal speed, so don't expect the logjam to get out of the way in just a few days.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Mercury Debilitated, Sun Exalted

Mercury entered the sign Pisces on Saturday,April 7. Pisces is Mercury's sign of debilitation, meaning that Mercury's significations do not do so well in this sector of the Zodiac. This is because Pisces is a water sign, centered on Emotion and thus not conducive to the planet of rationality, Mercury.
Until April 24, when Mercury will leave Pisces, we have to be careful of 'fuzzy logic', of not thinking clearly. Jupiter's trine aspect from Scorpio helps some: it sets up an energy pattern that is good for intuition, but also gives Mercury unreasonable faith in its irrational thinking.
Ths Sun enters the sign Aries this Friday, April 13. Sun is considered exalted in Aries, meaning that its significations get strong positive reinforcement from this sector of the Zodiac.
The Sun's entry into the 1st degree of Aries is also considered the beginning of the Solar Year in Vedic Astrology: the beginning of the Sun's next trip through the signs. Thus, Friday is an appropriate time to do prayers and propitiations for a beneficial and prosperous coming year.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Jupiter Retrograde, Venus Enters Taurus

On Friday, April 6, Jupiter will turn retrograde at 25 degrees Scorpio. As seen from the Earth, Jupiter will appear to be going backwards amongst the stars for the next four months, until August 7. When in retrograde motion a planet is close to the Earth, therefore considered strong, but its energy is not being expressed in its normal way.
Jupiter, the planet of Opportunity and Prosperity, will be retracing its recent path in the zodiac, which suggests giving past opportunities a second look. Thus it is appropriate to go back and cultivate past contacts which did not initially prove fruitful; to seek potentials in areas which were overlooked. Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom and Truth looking over the past suggests gaining wisdom from past experiences. In your own Vedic Birth Chart, find the house that Scorpio occupies. That area of life will be the one to investigate for opportunities from the past.
On the same day that Jupiter goes retrograde, Venus will leave Aries and enter Taurus. Taurus is one of the signs that Venus rules, so the planet is strong here and its significations are enhanced for the next four weeks, until May 2. The sign Taurus is concerned with Value; it is the materialistic side of Venus.
Scorpio and Taurus are opposite to each other in the Zodiac. Thus the planets Jupiter and Venus will be influencing each other over the coming weeks. Jupiter is the energy of Expansion. Venus likes Art, Luxuries, and Indulgence. This creates an optimistic energy pattern particularly as applied to what things are valued at. The stock market tends to go up. But watch out for inflated prices, false optimism, and promises that are too good to be true.