Monday, March 26, 2007

Mars Changes Signs

Thursday, March 29, Mars will move from Capricorn into Aquarius. Since Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign, it is both stubborn and intellectual. Aquarius is attached to its own ideas and opinions.
Mars is the planet of Action, Aggression, and Combat. Mars wants fast results.
The combination of Mars' energy with Aquarius is quite in line with Fundamentalists who want to actively promote their ideals. For the next six weeks the energy pattern is not inclined to be cooperative.
As usual, the general energy pattern would be either enhanced or blunted depending on how it interacts with your own personal birthchart. If you have an emphasis on Aquarius in your chart, you are likely to be more active, irritable, and/ or combative.
While in Aquarius, Mars will encounter Rahu and Uranus, both of which are currently transiting in the later part of the sign. Both of these, when combined with Mars, signify unexpected, even explosive, events. This energy pattern gets stronger towards the second half of April. (more on this in April's postings).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mars opposite Saturn

Saturn has been retrograde (moving backward against the backdrop of the Heavens) in the sign Cancer since January. It is now at 25 degrees of Cancer. Mars, moving a bit less than one degree per day in the sign Capricorn, will come into exact oppostion with Saturn on Thursday, March 22.
Saturn is the energy of Stability, Structure, the Status quo. It also indicates restriction, obligations, difficulty and suffering. Saturn is the planet of 'the common people'.
Mars is the planet of Action, Aggression, Arguement. Mars likes fast results, and represents Haste and Impatience.
The energy of Saturn influencing Mars can be good: Saturn provides focus and helps to contain and direct Mars' 'do-it' energy. Saturn, on the other hand, doesn't really appreciate the influence of Mars; the planet of Status Quo gets irritated by Mars' insistence on Action Now.
Saturn in retrograde motion is even more inclined to dig in its heels. Mars in Capricorn is strong for action because this is its sign of exaltation. (best, most powerful effects)
This week the energy of holding back vs. moving forward is strongly agitated. Watch out for frustration and consequently the impulse to go to extremes. The beneficial use of the energy is to have some project to concentrate and focus Saturn's energy on, but which promises fairly quick payoff to satisfy Mars.
The Moon in Aries (Mars' sign) from Tuesday-Thursday provides additional 'kick' for Mars and inclines towards haste and combat.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Venus enters Aries, Solar Eclipse

Monday afternoon, March 12, starting at 4:30pm, Venus moves into the first degree of Aries. There's an esoteric secret that when a planet enters the first degree of the zodiac (first degree of Aries) it is a good time for doing pujas; to propitiate the diety that is that planet, and to ask for a 'boon', a gift, from that planet's diety.
From Venus we can ask for Abundance, Money, Romance, Creative Inspiration, and Guidance. Or we can just ask for Venus' blessing during this coming journey of her planet through the zodiac. The Hindu diety that is usually propitiated is Lakshmi. One common mantra to repeat for Venus is "Om,Shreem,Maha,Lakshmiyei,Swaha"
On Sunday, March 18, there will be a New Moon at 4 degrees of Pisces. This month's new Moon will also be a Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is not total, nor will it be visible in the USA. The point of the eclipse, 4 deg Pisces, will be sensitized to any planets transiting throught it over the next few months. On May 12-13, Mars will be at this point along with the Moon. There is probability of a Mars-type event, i.e., violence, on that day.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mercury goes Direct

On Thursday, March 8th, Mercury will end its retrograde period and resume its normal direct motion amongst the stars. Although the retrograde period will officially be over, it takes several days for the planet to 'get back up to speed', i.e., the forward motion through the zodiac begins slowly at first. Some of the retrograde effects will linger through the coming week. Therefore, still take precautions with communications, business transactions, watch out for meanings being misconstrued, etc. Mercury is 'turning around' at the 1st degree of Aquarius. If you have a planet or sensitive point at that degree or opposite to it (1 deg Leo) in your Vedic Astrology birth chart, beware of communications 'standing still' over the next couple of days.
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