Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturn opposite Neptune, Total Eclipse of the Moon

On Wednesday, February 28, Saturn will be exactly opposite to Neptune up in the Heavens. This situation has been building over the last couple of months; Wednesday it will be exact. On Thursday, March 1, a nearly full Moon will align with Saturn, creating more activation for events, similar to the alignment of the Moon with Saturn four weeks ago. For more details on possible results, see previous posts of January 29 and Feb 05.
Saturday, March 3, will be the Full Moon at 19 degrees Leo. The Full Moon is actually an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. This one will produce a Lunar Eclipse due to being in close proximity with the Lunar Nodes, called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology. This eclipse is also notable due to having Uranus closely conjunct the Sun, and thus opposite to the Moon. Due to the significations of Uranus, this eclipse has the potential of producing some Unexpected Events.
Eclipses have been observed to sensitize the point in the Heavens where they occur, and when a planet then passes through, or opposite the eclipse point, an event is likely to occur. Such is the case with this eclipse point: Mars will transit opposite on April 24.
On an individual basis, there is usually not much to worry about unless you have a planet or sensitive point in your Vedic Astrology birth chart at 19-Leo or 19-Aquarius.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mars and Venus Exalted

On Friday, February 16, Venus entered Pisces. On Saturday, February 17, Mars entered Capricorn. Both of these planets are now in their signs of 'Exaltation', meaning, that their highest qualities can be expressed.
Mars, the planet of Action and Goals, likes being in the practical, goal oriented, active sign Capricorn. The energy pattern created makes this Mars transit a good time for Initiating Projects that need to be completed in the next several weeks. Mars will be in Capricorn until March 29.
Venus, the planet of Love, Art, and Beauty, likes being in the sensitive, humanitarian sign Pisces. The energy pattern created is excellent for expressing Concern for Others and Compassion for the Deserving. Venus will be in Pisces until March 12.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mercury goes Retrograde, New Moon

Wednesday,Frebruary 14, Mercury begins its retrograde phase in the middle of Aquarius(retrograde: the apparent backwards motion of a planet viewed from the Earth due to the Earth moving 'ahead' of the planet). Mercury will be retrograde until March 8.
While the planet of Communications is moving backwards in the Heavens we have to check that messages get through, that what was heard was what was intended, that our meaning does not get misinterpreted. Mercury is the planet of Rationality, and so we get some 'backwards' thinking, either our own or the other person's.
Mercury is also the planet of Business Transactions, so be especially careful of any buying or selling; even bank deposits can get screwed up.
Mercury retrograde periods are Favorable for dealing with the Past: finishing up old business, paying off past bills, and for any communications connected with the past. Since it is Valentines Day, it would be appropriate to call those who you have loved who you have been meaning to call in the past.
The New Moon will be on Saturday, February 17, in Aquarius. This New Moon shares the same sign as Mercury, and will carry with it the energy of the retrograde communications planet, making the effect of Mercury more noticeable through the coming lunar month. Aquarius is a sign of Principles, Societal Change, and a Humanitarian. The coming Lunar month has Aquarian Ideals, combined with the liklihood of Misunderstanding due to Mercury Retrograde.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Reality Check from Saturn

Although last week's Full Moon on Thursday didn't create any large scale suffering when it aligned with the Saturn-Neptune opposition (see last week's post) it did activate another type of Saturn-Neptune phenomena: the Reality Check planet Saturn countering Neptune's Dreams, Exaggerated Hopes, and Illusions.
Evidence of this showed up in two ways:
1. the report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Paris issued its sobering conclusion that not only is Global Warming a Reality, but that it is nearly certain that the cause is Human Activity. And furthermore, even if all nations were to immediately reduce emissions, the process of the warming of the atmosphere would continue for decades, with its attendant undesireable effects.
2. the report issued by the National Intelligence Estimate, predicting that the Iraq situation would continue to deteriorate in '07, and that "calling it a Civil War does not adequately address the complexity of the situation."