Monday, January 29, 2007

Full Moon on Thursday

February 1st, Thursday, will be the Full Moon, in the sign Cancer. The Moon is an activator in Vedic Astrology, capable of triggering events when it aligns with planetary patterns already in position in the Heavens. The Full Moon is particularly powerful for setting off such events. The opposition of Saturn and Neptune which is forming in Cancer will be activated by the Moon this coming Thursday and Friday (see previous blog entry).
Since Saturn is considered a malific planet, and malifics are especially strong when retrograde (moving backwards amongst the stars), it is likely that there will be suffering associated with the coming events.
Of course, not everyone in the world is to suffer, it depends on how much your own Vedic Birth Chart is affected. But anyone with prominent planetary positions in the later degrees of Sidereal Cancer and Capricorn should be careful.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturn opposite Neptune

Saturn, now retrograde (going backwards amongst the stars) in Cancer, will be slowly over the next several weeks coming into exact opposition to Neptune, which is in Capricorn. This opposition pits the planet of Dreams (Neptune) against the planet of Harsh Reality (Saturn).
The general theme will be one of having to surrender our 'false views of reality'; i.e., illusions will be shattered. Saturn is a malific planet in Vedic Astrology, and the rule is that malifics when retrograde are especially difficult to deal with. Thus, the shattering of Neptune's dreams will be attended with some suffering.
Although the two planets won't be exactly opposite until February 28, the energy pattern is already funtioning, and will continue until Saturn leaves Cancer in mid-July, with the worst effects likely while Saturn remains retrograde, until April 19.
In the chart of the USA (Sagittarius rising), this opposition takes place from the 2nd house (finances, stock market) where Neptune has been transiting since 1995, and the 8th house (involvement with other countries' money, i.e., foreign held bonds, etc.) and signals the potential for problems in the USA's global financial arrangements.
In your own Birthchart, the subject of the house where Cancer is located will show where the 'reality check' comes from, the meanings of the house where Capricorn is located will show where the 'illusion' has to be confronted.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mars in Mula, New Moon in Capricorn

The first section of Sagittarius is the Nakshatra (lunar sign) called Mula. This lunar sign is noted for the quality of persausive speech; saying whatever is necessary to get the desired result; being clever and manipulative as well as arrogant and willful. Mars, the planet of Results, transiting through Mula serves to emphasize the characteristics of this part of Sagittarius. The words coming out of the politicians' mouths this past week provide an excellent example of the current Mars in Mula transit. Mars will be in Mula until January 26.
Thursday, January 18, will be the New Moon. This lunar month starts out in practical Capricorn, and carries with it the energy of Mercury and Venus which are currently transiting in Capricorn. The energy of the Capricorn Moon will help to tone down the saber rattling of the politicians as they realize the consequences of their Sagittarian posturing.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Mars enters Sagittarius

Today Monday, January 8th, Mars entered Sagittarius. The quallities of Mars and Sagittarius mix readily. Sagittarius is Forthright, even blunt, and likes to be a champion for Justice and Morality (Sagittarius is the Rising Sign of the chart of the USA in Vedic Astrology). Mars is Assertive and also likes to Fight for a Cause. The two together make for a Self-righteous point of view.
Meanwhile, back in Scorpio, Jupiter is now alone. No longer contaminated by the influence of Mars, Jupiter is free to pursue Truth and Wisdom through Scorpio-type Investigations. In fact, Mars and Jupiter are in each others' signs, creating a mutual reinforcement type of energy pattern called a Parivatana Yoga.
In world events there will be plenty of Righteous Attitude, saber rattling etc., for the next six weeks. In your own world similarly watch out for believing that truth is on your side and justifies challenging others' truth when it doesn't agree.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Vedic Astrology Newsletter

The January/ February issue of "Living Your Life Skillfully with Vedic Astrology" is now available and will be sent out to subscribers via email this week. If you would like to be on the subscriber list, Sign Up.
I'll be back next week with the regular weekly Astro-updates.