Monday, December 25, 2006

Planets leaving Scorpio

Mercury entered Sagittarius Dec. 23, adding its energy to Venus and Sun already in Sagittarius. The log-jam of planets in Scorpio is now broken up; planets are moving apart from each other, thus expressing their individual natures more clearly. Only Mars and Jupiter remain in Scorpio until Jan.8, when Mars leaves.
Sagittarius is a postive, enthusiastic sign, so the energy for the holidays is more optimistic, but Saturn is still in a vulnerable spot (see previous posts), and with Mars and Jupiter influencing and encouraging each other, beware of a false sense that there is nothing to worry about and that everything will be ok.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturn Retrograde/ New Moon

Saturn is in its retrograde phase from Dec.5 until April 19 (retrograde: because we are on a planet traveling in a concentric orbit with another planet, the other planet at times appears to be going backwards).
The planet is 'going back over' its recent path amongst the stars: the energy of the planet is expressed as revisiting past events. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and obligations. Therefore this is a time (now until mid-April) when we have to deal with responsibilities incurred from past actions. In other words: payback time.
It is not a good time to begin new projects which bring on new responsibilities, because we are going to be dealing with past ones. Also: any projects begun during this time period will have Saturn retrograde in their 'birth chart', which gives such a project the quality of taking a long time to complete as well as having endurance, i.e., a lasting quality, whether or not you want such to be the case.
In the chart of the USA (assuming Sagittarius-rising), Saturn will be 'backing into' the 8th house, the house of Financial Involvements with others. This will highlight the US's global financial setup, and likely result in further problems for the US dollar.
Saturn will back into Cancer on January 10. The house of your natal chart containing the sign Cancer will indicate in what area of life the past obligations will show up. (this is according to the real, observable, Sidereal Zodiac. For tropical zodiac, i.e.,Western Astrology, look for house containing Leo)
On Wednesday, Dec.20, there will be a New Moon in Sagittarius. The coming Lunar Month will carry the energy of Venus with it, since Venus is currently in Sagittarius. There will be sociability (appropriate during holiday season) and a Sagittarian tendency towards optimism and indulgence.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Planetary War

Sunday, Dec.10, has Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter all in the 10th degree of Scorpio.
When planets share the same degree, it is known as 'planetary war'. The energy of the planets involved becomes so mixed up that it is hard for any one of them to express itself adequately. The strongest planet wins. In this case, Mars wins, since it is strong in its own sign and is at an earlier part of the zodiac than Jupiter. Mercury can't win because it is a mutable planet, it takes on the attributes of whatever it is associated with.
Although Mercury, since it moves fast, will only participate in the 'war' for a day, Mars and Jupiter will continue to be involved until Thursday.
This is not a good time to initiate or try to move forward on any important projects. Although the overall energy is forceful, being driven by Mars, the planets of Reason (Mercury) and Wisdom (Jupiter) are overwhelmed by the need to DO SOMETHING (Mars).
Watch out for Argument (Mercury: Speech,+ Mars: Aggression)
Watch out for Over-optimism (Jupiter: Faith+ Mars: Impatience)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Planets in Scorpio

December 3: Mercury enters Scorpio, joining with Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter already in Scorpio. This creates an imbalance of planetary energy in one sign, and emphasizes Scopionic energy for the coming weeks. Scorpio is the sign of Secrets and Investigations. Scorpio is very goal-oriented, especially goals that are accomplished through alliances with others. These are Scorpio types of goals and alliances: actions and cooperation with the aim of achieving a goal by whatever means necessary, often 'under-handed'.
So we get 'unholy alliances', such as the proposed cooperation of the USA with Syria and Iran for the U.S. administrations' hoped for goals.
December 3 is also a Full Moon, in Taurus. Taurus is a practical Earth sign. The energy pattern of Taurus goes along with Mars in Scorpio wanting tangible results.
In your own Vedic Astrology chart, the house where the sign Scorpio lies is strongly activated for the rest of December due to Mars, planet of action, passing through.
Watch out of an excess in optimism, since Jupiter's energy will enlarge any of Mars' desire for results, as well as a lack of sense, since Mercury, planet of Reason, will be overwhelmed by Mars' desire for Action.
Meanwhile: Saturn is about to turn Retrograde: its night-to-night progress amongst the stars (as seen from Earth) is at a standstill and it will begin to go backwards on December 5. Since Saturn is the significator of Democracy (government of the common man) this planetary situation is problematic, especially as it is in a square aspect (90 degrees) to the Scorpio planets, making for a rather tense atmosphere, as current events in Mexico and Lebanon suggest.