Monday, November 27, 2006

Mars enters Scorpio

As of 6am P.S.T.on Monday Nov. 27,Mars went into Scorpio. Because Mars is now in a sign that it owns, we can expect more Mars-type energy and activities over the coming weeks. Initially, however, Mars will be inhibited by an exact square aspect from Saturn, which is still hanging out in the first degree of Leo. The square (90 degree) aspect between these two planets creates a lot of tension and frustration. Things will start to improve in a week when Mars moves away from the exact square, and as Mercury (planet of reason) moves into Scorpio.

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Moon in Scorpio

Monday November 20 at approx. 2:15 pm p.s.t., is the New Moon, 4 degrees of Scorpio.
This New Moon is within one degree of Jupiter, and 6 degrees from Venus. The coming Lunar Month combines with it the energy of Venus and Jupiter, the two Brahmin planets: Guidance and Wisdom. Jupiter is optimistic, Venus is money. But, since they are Combust the Sun (too close) we can't expect much on the real, tangible, material results level. Thus, the stock market goes up, but the tangible worth (what you can buy with it) of money goes down.
Mars is the owner of the sign Scorpio, and it is lagging behind, still in Libra. When Mars joins the other planets in Scorpio next week, on Nov. 27, the Scorpio quality will become highly energized, leading to more of what Scorpio represents: secret activities, investigations, intrigues and cover-up, focus on Death and Death-rate (i.e., more counting of bodies in Iraq), Nuclear Energy (Iran, N. Korea), etc.
Mercury is no longer retrograde, so it is safe to proceed with transactions, signing things; communications are better, etc.
Saturn is still in an awkward position at the first degree of Leo, therefore institutions, the 'established order', etc, are still weak and vulnerable.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Planets Moving to Scorpio

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a major shifting of planets from Libra to Scorpio.
Jupiter is already in Scorpio (since end of October).
Venus entered Scorpio Sunday Nov.12,
Sun goes into Scorpio Thurs.Nov 16, and there will be a
New Moon in Scorpio Nov.20
Mars enters Scorpio Nov.27
Mercury enters Scorpio Dec. 3
Lots of Scorpio energy is in store for us. Scorpio is a Power Sign: it likes to accumulate and use power. Scorpio also has a talent for Secrets, as in having secrets and uncovering others' secrets, thus: Research, Investigation, Detective work, etc. Scorpio is known for holding onto negative energy, not forgiving past wrongs: the Grudge Factor.
Now that the election is over, it's Open Season on the Republicans, who will of course be striving to hold onto their secrets.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Elections Forecast

November 7...what kind of day is it and what does it portend?
There are four planets in Libra: Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Libra is also the sign rising in the East when dawn breaks over Washington D.C. Thus, Libra is important. Libra is a Chara, meaning moveable sign, which implies movement, i.e., change. The impulse for change is further enhanced by Uranus, the planet of radical changes, being in a square (90 deg.) aspect to the Moon. The Public Mind is represented by the Moon. The aspect from Uranus creates anxiety, upset, and rebelliousness in the mind of the public.
Mercury is the planet of Communications, and rules computers. Mercury is retrograde, going backwards amongst the stars. So the significations of Mercury are delayed. Further, Mercury is being squared (90 deg. aspect) by Neptune, planet of illusions, fraud, and deceit. Undoubtably there will be some problem with the transmission of information, and even outright distortion of the recordings from the new voter machines.
The planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Sun are in the Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) known as Vishaka. This lunar sign is symbolized by "A Fork in the Road". Thus a path must be chosen in this Election.
Saaturn is in a very vulnerable position at the first degree of Leo. Saturn is in square aspect to Jupiter. Saturn represents the establishment, the existing structure or order. Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom and Law. Saturn seeks to control Jupiter: the established order wishes to control the knowledge and the law.
What is the outcome? a Lot of confusion, rebelliousness, and, ultimately change.
Much of the resolution occurs in December, as the planets group together in the sign Scorpio, the sign of secrets and investigation.