Monday, October 30, 2006

Mercury goes Retrograde; Jupiter in Scorpio

As of Saturday, Oct.28, Mercury begins its retrograde phase, at the first degree of Scorpio, and immediately 'backs' into Libra. (retrograde: the apparent backwards motion of a planet, as seen from Earth, due to the concentric orbits of Earth and the other planets in the solar system). The retrograde phase of Mercury lasts until Friday, November 17.
The effects of Mercury retrograde is that Communications, Logic, Rational Thought, Business Transactions, and other significations of Mercury, don't work as well during this time. Thus,it is important to be careful when communicating with others: check to make sure the message got through, that what you said was what got heard, careful with the math of any transactions, and avoid signing things. Any projects begun while Mercury is retrograde tend to run into problems. In your own Vedic Astrology chart, activities connected to the House where Libra is situated will be most strongly affected.
On Oct.27, Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Jupiter is more at home in Mars' sign Scorpio than Venus' sign Libra. Thus, significations of Jupiter are more favorable for the coming year, particularly in the House where the sign Scorpio appears in your Vedic Astrology chart.
Meanwhile, Saturn enters Leo on Tuesday, Oct.31. The significations of Saturn are particularly challenged in this part of the zodiac, which will cause problems for everyone. Saturn will also be in 90 degree aspect ('square') to Jupiter and Mercury, adding to the potential for problems in Libra.
Meanwhile, Mars and Venus, now in the middle of Libra, are still combust the Sun (see Oct 16 post). For more details, check Oct.09 post, "Saturn in Trouble" or get the Nov./Dec. Newsletter.

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon on October 21, Saturday night, at 10 pm (Pacific Time) is in Libra. Sun, Mars, Venus, and Moon will all be conjunct at that time at the beginning of Libra. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct at the end of Libra.
The Libra New Moon will pick up the energy of all of these planets and carry it all through the coming Lunar month. Libra is a sign of Idealism, including Social Ideals. Libra is an Active Sign, and works actively to see its social ideals implemented. But different groups of people have different ideals. Mars and Sun in Libra are not conducive to the compromise that Libra ordinarily is open to. Venus, planet of Guidance, Love, and Peace, as well as being planetary ruler of Libra, is unavailable due to being combust (too close to the Sun). Result: clashing of different ideals.
This New Moon begins the Hindu Lunar Month of Kartik, named for the Nakshatra (Moon sign) Krittika. Krittika is a lunar sign ruled by the Sun, therefore, associated with kings and governments.
Krittika is a sign that likes Radical Change. Teamed up with all of the Libra planets' idealistic energy, the coming Lunar Month (Oct.21-Nov.20) is likely to be quite contentious.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mars Sun and Venus enter Libra

Mars, Sun, and Venus are all traveling together in a tight pack, that enters Libra with Mars starting on Oct.14 and ends with Venus entering on Oct.19. Thus, the energy of critical, analytical Virgo is being left behind and exchanged for the idealistic, fair-minded, and compromising energy of Libra. However, all is not well, because the ruler of Libra, Venus, is combust the Sun, i.e., burnt up, useless: its benevolent and loving energy is unavailable to us.
These three Celestials are all coming closer and closer together, until they will be right on top of each other Oct.23, at almost 6 degrees of Libra. The New Moon becomes a likely trigger for events when it hits Oct.21
Meanwhile, both Jupiter and Mercury are already in Libra, making for a log jam in this sign until Oct.24, when Mercury moves on to Scorpio, with Jupiter entering Scorpio Oct.27
A predominant Libra force in the Heavens, especially with Mars, Sun, and Venus combined, makes for unreasonable idealism: very passionate, argumentative, trying to convince others, etc.
On the world stage, we will see it all playing out on the nightly news, with the politicians' arguments getting to fever pitch. In your own Vedic Astrology birthchart, watch out for too much energy in the house that Libra occupies, and potential conflicts with others especially with regards to ideals and beliefs.
Special note:
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Saturn in Trouble

Saturn has been moving through Cancer and is going to enter Leo on November 1. The border between a Water Sign (Cancer) and a Fire Sign (Leo), called gandanta, is considered especially problematic in Vedic Astrology. Saturn is now entering this 'no-man's land' in the Zodiac. Saturn also doesn't like being in the sign Leo because the Sun, Saturn's bitter enemy, owns Leo. Additionally, the first few degrees of Leo are what is called Aries Navamsa, and Saturn is particularly unhappy here. Thus, Saturn will be especially 'stressed out' over the next few months, with things getting noticeably worse in November.
Saturn is the planet of Structure: our personal reality structure, the structure of society, of governments, etc. Saturn, representing the common people, also signifies the government of the commoners: i.e.,Democracy. When a planet feels weak and threatened, it tries to protect itself. Saturn, representing the current reality structure, will be trying to protect the status quo, by whatever means necessary, over the next few months. The common people, as well as the institutions of Democracy, are likely to suffer.
In your own life, find the part of your Vedic Astrology Chart where Leo is placed. The significations of this House will be threatened.
For more details on Saturn's transit, get the most recent issue of the Newsletter.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mars And Venus

Mars, Sun and Venus are getting closer and closer together. As of Wednesday, October 4, there will be 6 degrees of separation between these three celestial bodies. As it happens, Mars is 6 degrees 'behind' the Sun in the Zodiac (i.e., Mars rises before the Sun) while Venus is 6 degrees 'ahead' of the Sun (rising after the Sun). As the month progresses, Mars and Venus will be coming closer to each other and the Sun until they are virtually on top of each other on October 23, at 5 degrees of Libra (in the Sidereal Zodiac).
Sun and Mars are both considered fiery and forceful, and their energies reinforce each other. Venus is a much more 'mild' energy. The coarser energy of Mars overwhelms Venus, bringing out the lower qualities of Venus, such as indulgence, selfishness, deception, false values, etc. The Sun outshines Venus and 'eclipses' the power of Venus.
The overall energy pattern has Venus loosing out, so cooperation, compromise, unconditional love are harder to come by over the next several weeks.