Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Venus in Virgo

September 25, Monday: Venus entered Virgo (Sidereal Zodiac). Venus is considered Debilitated in the sign Virgo, meaning that its significations are weakened. Debilitation brings out the worst of a planet. Although Venus is primarily a benevolent planet, it does have some negative qualities such as Vainity, Selfishness, Indulgence in Pleasures and Sensuality, etc.
These negative qualities tend to be exhibited when Venus is in the sign Virgo.
Venus is now less than 10 degrees away from the Sun, a condition known as Combust. Venus'energy is burnt up by the Sun, making the planet even more powerless. Combustion of Venus continues into November.
Venus is one of the planets of Guidance. It is also the planet of Value (financial worth). For the next several weeks we will be without Venus' guidance and the determination of the Worth of things will be more difficult.
For more on Venus, see the Sept/Oct issue of the Newsletter.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Solar Eclipse

September 22, Friday morning, there will be a Solar Eclipse at 5 degrees Virgo (sidereal zodiac; tropical zodiac is 29 deg. Virgo). The eclipse will not be visible in the USA. Eclipses signify change. Anyone with a planet or significant point in their Vedic Astrology chart coinciding with 5 deg. Virgo, or the opposite point 5 deg. Pisces, will likely be personally affected, the area of life being affected shown by the House in your chart that Virgo occupies.
Eclipses create events especially when a planet transit through the eclipse point subsequent to the eclipse. Venus will arrive at 5 deg. of Virgo on September 29.
Significations of Venus are likely to be affected. Since Venus is debilitated, i.e., weakened, in Virgo, the result is likely to be a weakening of what Venus represents.
Value, what something is worth, is likely lost. Watch out for financial investments.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mercury conjunct Mars

Mercury and Mars are transiting in Virgo (sidereal zodiac) and will come together at 10 degrees of Virgo on Saturday, September 15. Mercury, the planet of thinking, communication, business transactions, etc will combine with Mars, the planet of aggression, impulse, haste, conflict, etc. , making for rash speech, hasty criticism of others, aggressive behaviours, etc.
This energy pattern continues to a lesser degree after the exact conjunction until Mercury leaves Virgo on September 27.
People with a Virgo emphasis in their Vedic Birth Charts will be more affected.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Eclipse of the Moon

September 7, Thursday, there will be an Eclipse of the Moon in the sign Aquarius at 21 degrees. This is a Partial Eclipse, and will not be visible in the U.S. ( it occurs in the late morning, Pacific Coast Time).
Eclipses are considered 'malific', i.e., problematical, in Astrology, because one of the 'lights' (Sun or Moon) is being obscured by a mysterious energy. Generally, they portend changes. This particular eclipse occurs within 3 degrees of the planet Uranus, which itself signifies change (often radical and unexpected).
The point in the Heavens where the eclipse occurs remains sensitive for months to come. Consequently, planets passing through the eclipse point in the future can trigger events. The point opposite, i.e., 21 degrees Leo, is also sensitized.
In your own Vedic Birth Chart, if you have any planets or sensitive points within a degree of Aquarius 21 or Leo 21, you are suseptible to events concerning those parts of your chart over the next few months.