Monday, July 31, 2006

Saturn Energy this Month

The Sun is currently in Cancer along with Saturn, and Mercury and Venus are to arrive shortly (Aug. 5 and 7). This puts a lot of energy into the sign Cancer.
Cancer is the sign of the Moon, and has much to do with the General Public. The Sun is the symbol of the Ruler, i.e., government. Saturn symbolozes Control, Venus is one of the planets of Guidance, and Mercury is Communications. Putting all of this together gives us Controlled Guidance of the Public's Knowledge. We need to look no further than the reportage of current events in the Middle East to see the results of this. Watch for more 'spin' as the month continues.
Four Heavenly bodies transiting in one sign adds a lot of energy to this part of the Zodiac. In your personal birth chart, the house where Cancer is located is strongly activated this month.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mars Enters Leo

On July 12 Mars will leave Cancer and enter Leo in the Sidereal Zodiac (actual, observable zodiac). The planet of Action and Aggression is more comfortable transiting in the sign of the Sun than its previous transit in Cancer. Thus Mars-type activities like initiating new projects are favored. Mars in Leo also escapes the influence of Saturn which has been holding Mars back for the past 6 weeks.
Mars will stay in Leo until August 29.
In your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart, find the house that Leo is placed in. The part of Life which that house represents will see an upsurge in activity over the next several weeks.