Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mercury Retrograde

On July 4 Mercury will turn Retrograde for 24 days, until July 28. The apparent backwards motion of a planet amongst the stars is caused by us looking out across the solar system at that planet moving in an orbit concentric with our own. Although it is an illusion (the planet is not actually going backwards) there are effects on Life on Earth that are not illusory.
Be aware that the basic significations of Mercury will not be behaving in the normal manner for the duration of this time period. Mercury is the messenger: thus, messages don't go through the first time, or get misinterpreted. Mercury is the planet of Logic: thus, reasoning can be faulty. Mercury as the planet of communications means that what was said is not what gets heard. Mercury governs business and financial transactions, so these should be carefully scrutinized for errors.
The planet begins going backwards in the sign Cancer, and then backs into Gemini July 20. The houses of your Vedic Birth Chart which contain these signs will be the areas most likely to be effected.
(more on Mercury Retrograde in the July-August issue of the newsletter)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Activation of Mars-Saturn Conjunction

As the Moon moves through the Heavens it acts like the seconds hand of the Giant Cosmic Clock. From Tues.morning,June 20 to Thursday morning June 22 the Moon will be in the constellation Aries. This position will add energy to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer because Moon and Mars are in each others' signs. This reinforces the emotions, acting like a Moon-Mars conjunction.
Additionally, Mercury has moved into Cancer as of Tuesday, June 20. Mercury, the planet of Reason and Logic, does not like being in the emotional sign of Cancer. Thus, there is more liklihood over the next few days for impatience and bad judgment.
Next week, from Monday evening, June 26 to Thursday Morning, June 29, the Moon will be in Cancer, joining with Mars,Saturn, and Mercury, making next week a poor time for making decisions.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Venus Opposite Jupiter

As of May 25, Venus entered the sign Aries, and is exactly opposite Jupiter in Libra, on June 7. Both Venus and Jupiter are considered 'Benefics' in Vedic Astrology, i.e., giving good results. Venus amongst its many meanings, is the planet of Pleasures. Jupiter, amongst its many meanings, is the planet of Indulgence. Thus these two planets influencing each other can lead to too much of a good thing. In general, we should be careful of too much optimism, lazy thinking, and good times, especially as Mars and Saturn, in the sign Cancer, are coming closer and closer to their conjunction, which has ominous potential. (see previous post or get the newsletter for an article on Mars conjunct Saturn)